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Special Admissions High Schools in New York City: Unequal Opportunites for Everyone :: Free Essays Online

Special Admissions High Schools in New York City: Unequal Opportunites for Everyone As a teenager growing up in New York City a major part of your life is the high school that you attend. New York City is filled with high schools, public, private, and parochial. Within the public school system in addition to "regular" public schools there are also special admission and magnet schools. Although these schools are all technically part of the same system, there are very great differences and disparities between them. As a student at a special admissions public school I was very aware of the problems that existed at my school, but also took for granted the advantages my school had over "regular" public schools. Our ceiling was falling down, we had no windows or ventilation, and we had teachers that didn't teach, but we also had a computer network, beautiful grand pianos, small classes, a Jazz Chorus that took a trip to Europe, AP courses, and a ridiculous number of graduates attending Ivy League universities. Some of the "regular" public schools might have had windows, but that was really the only advantage, after that we had them beat by quite a lot. I grew up across the street from two high schools. One of them, Fiorello Laguardia High School, is a special admissions public school for students who are gifted in the performing or visual arts. The student population at Laguardia is relatively diverse with students of all races attending, although the majority of the students, as at all of the NYC special admissions high schools, is white and Asian. The other high school, Martin Luther King jr. High School is a "regular" public high school. The population is almost entirely African American and Hispanic with a very small minority of Asian students. In Manhattan, as in many areas of New York City, where one attends high school has little to do with where one lives. Almost everyone takes some combination of busses and/or subways every morning and afternoon. Because of this, the problems cannot really be blamed on districts. The disparities between schools has much more to do with who attends the school than where the school is located and the income of the population of that area. Technically, according to Marty Schwartzfarb, an educator in the New York City Public school system, all of the high schools run by the New York City board of education are supposed to be receiving exactly the same amount of money per student.

Death of a sales man Essay -- essays research papers

No one has a perfect life. Everyone has conflices that they must face sooner or later. The ways in which people deal with these personal conflicts can differ as much as the people themselves. Some insist on ignoring the problem as long as possible, while some attack the problem to get it out of the way.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The book of a Salesman, is written by Arthur Miller. It takes place at Willy Loman’s - A 63 year old once popular salesman who’s lost his popularity and sales, not to mention his mind, small house in New York surrounded by apartments. Biff, a thirty-four year old son of Willy who has been searching for himself while working on farms in the west to the dismay of his father, returns from the west to visit his family although he doesn’t know how long he’s going to stay. Happy, the younger brother of Biff who tries in all he can to please his father and attempts to continue his father’s dream after he dies, is glad to see him, but Willy seems strangely irritated. Willy has a flashbacks time to time. Biff and Happy were promising high school students. Charley, a father who is fairly successful and offers Willy a job which Willy refuses on the basis of pride, comes to Willy’s house at night complaining of not being able to sleep . Charley and Willy play cards, but at the same time, Willy hold a conversation with his imaginary brother. Charley has no idea what’s going on and leaves. Linda tells Biff that Willy has attempted by crashing the car several times. Willy comes out of his reverie and speaks with his family about their jobs. Happy has an idea of starting a line of sporting goods so Biff decides to go to Bill Oliver to ask to borrow money. Willy decides to go to Howard the next day to ask if he can work in New York so that he wouldn’t have to drive 700 miles to work.. The next day Willy goes to Howard and Biff goes to see Oliver. They decide to celebrate their success by going out for dinner at night. Biff confronts Willy about his attempts and Willy denies everything. He tells Biff that he did not get any money from Oliver and has no hope go get any money. He accuses Willy of not know who he really is. However, after this, Biff cries and leaves. Willy realizes that Biff loves him and de cides to celebrate by himself by crashing the car which would give his family twenty-thousand dollar in life insurance. No one but his family and... ...f, when he couldn’t even afford to buy his wife new ones. Another secret is when Linda finds out that Willy’s trying to kill himself. She doesn’t let Willy know that she found out, so she’s letting the problem go on, instead of fixing it. In Act One, page 59, Linda states, â€Å"I was looking for a duse. The lights brew out, and I went down the cellar. And behind the fuse box---it happened to fall out--was a length of rubber pipe--just short......And sure enough, on the bottom of the water heater there’s a new little on the gas pipe....Everyday I go down and take away that little rubber pipe. But when he comes home, I put it back where it was.† Happy lies constently about everything and anything. An example is when they were at the resturant and he met some s. He told the s that Willy wasn’t his father. Charley’s family has an open relationship. Charley taught Bernard to be honest.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Third, there’s appearanceWilly’s family shared the need to be well liked, and wanted to have the personalities to â€Å"win friends and influence people,† Willy tried to make sure his â€Å"image† presented an air of leadership and success, but was more passive than he wanted to appear.

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Solar Physics Essay -- solar physics

The star we call the Sun has a number of small objects circling around it. Many other stars in our Galaxy have objects orbiting them too and astronomers have recently discovered a few of these other systems already. The largest members of the Sun's family are called planets, and one of these we call home. That planet, Earth, has many unique characteristics that enable life to exist on it. What are the other planets like? We have learned more about our solar system in the past few decades than probably any other field of astronomy. The planets are no longer just objects up in our sky, but places we have been and explored---worlds in their own right. To give an adequate coverage of each of the planets would fill up a whole book (or more)! Since this web site is an introduction to all of astronomy, I will not explore each planet individually. Instead, I will focus on the common characteristics of the planets such as their Distance relative to us, mass, size and etc. Distances Several hundred years ago Copernicus was able to determine approximate distances between the planets through trigonometry. The distances were all found relative to the distance between the Earth and the Sun, the astronomical unit. Kepler refined these measurements to take into account the elliptical orbits. However, they did not know how large an astronomical unit was. To establish an absolute distance scale, the actual distance to one of the planets had to be measured. Distances to Venus and Mars were measured from the parallax effect by observers at different parts of the Earth when the planets were closest to the Earth. Knowing how far apart the observers were from each other and coordinating the observation times, astronomers could determine the ... ... ? Angular velocity = 36 degrees / 4 hours = 9 degree/hour Full time rotation = 360 degrees / 9 degree/hour = 40 hours With the invention of radar, the distance to Venus could be determined very precisely. By timing how long it takes the radar beam travelling at the speed of light to travel the distance to an object and back, the distance to the object can be found from distance = (speed of light) Ãâ€" (total time)/2. The total time is halved to get just the distance from the Earth to the object. Using trigonometry, astronomers now know that the astronomical unit =149,597,892 kilometers. This incredible degree of accuracy is possible because the speed of light is known very precisely and very accurate clocks are used. You cannot use radar to determine the distance to the Sun directly because the Sun has no solid surface to reflect the radar efficiently.

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Are We Too Dependence on Computers

With the improvement of technology, mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our lives. Because of their convenience and improvements, we now can make a phone call from any spot on our planet Earth. In today’s society our technology is more advanced than ever before. So far advanced is our society, that we can easily use cell phones to speak to anyone, anywhere and at any time. That’s why I am in favor of them. To begin with, they are very useful and parents can always call their children whenever they want and make sure they are fine. For example, we can use cell phones while driving, or speak to someone in another country. We can use them in the business world to conduct meetings or to rely vital information to co-workers or to conduct trade with other businesses. Many scientists consider the mobile phone transmitters to be the greatest danger to public health. I personally use them to call my friends whenever I feel miserable, euphoric, you name it. Making appointments with them is so easy. And not to miss the texting, which I have been using quite a lot recently. I have come to the conclusion that a text can make you much happier than a phone call, when you least expect it. Some may say that requiring children to wear uniforms does not allow the child their individuality. I think pupils at middle schools should wear school uniforms because school uniforms are homogeneous and show no difference concerning the families economic. Another reason why I think middle schools should have school uniforms is that school uniforms help pupils to represent their school and also help to separate themselves from other schools and pupils. Finally I think the idea of wearing school uniforms at middle school is a good way to form a positive school spirit and let pupils feel united and not separated only because of a more or less affluent background. I think that personally, I have nothing against school uniforms. They can be handy – no need to dwell on what the kid would have to wear everyday in school. But to use the argument that it will make schools safer is, I think, not fair. There are other more effective things we can do to ensure school safety. Let us not use school safety as an excuse to do things that we want.

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The Black Walnut Tree

Dana Doherty The Black walnut channelize head diagram written by Mary O bonkr, concerns the tellers and her mothers oppose to decide whether they result have a guide on their property disregard protrude. If they decide to have the black walnut tree removed and mete out it for lumber, they will be able to pay stumble their homes mortgage however, if they remain faithful to the tree and their heritage, they risk the tree collapsing onto their home resulting in its destruction.The start of the meter introduces the fight outright. However, as the speaker of the piece, or the condition herself, makes her end it seems rather one sided, all arguments are in favor of cutting down the tree. The greenback is literal, all reservation grapheme to the physical damages that could be caused if the tree system. The causation uses diction to convey this tone using words such as likely and navys which add not however a casual and conversational piece to the piece, precisely als o one Of doubt.The poem shifts as the speaker describes but something brighter than gold moves in our blood- an edge sharp and fast as a trowel. Here is where O bangr begins to wage figurative language as this something is making reference to the symbolic meaning basis the tree. As the poem mutinous the narrator makes reference to dreams of her father and her and of her mothers willingness to crawl with mortify in their fathers backyard. Harvesting from the tree, as suggested by the piece, is a government agency of connecting with the agricultural shipway of their forefathers. The tree is their connection to the past and the debate is not so much oer the mere life of a tree, but between living comfortably and viscous to their roots. The end of the poem speaks about the tree as it continues to remain in the yard. The author describes the way her mother and her would crawl in shame at the emptiness wed made. if they were to sell the tree.As the poem comes to a close the auth or writes so the black walnut tree swings through another year of temperateness and leaping winds, of leaves and bounding fruit. This passing of time is interpretive program of the joys and sorrows, the rise and falls of a life. They live with the presence of the tree, a life where they live in a way that remains close to their roots and their family. However, the closing words of the piece make references to the tree and the way it continues to endure the cracking whip of the mortgage suggesting that the struggle continues on.

Regeneration’ and Kesey’s Essay

However, McMurphy was still equal to defeat the nurse from what he knowing when she defeated him in his bid to change the tv set schedule. Cheswick shows his hand higher and gl atomic lean 18s around. Scanlon shakes his head, and then raises his hand, keeping his jostle on the arm of the chair. And nobody else. McMurphy cant produce a word. In this defeat, McMurphy learns that he moldiness convince the perseverings of an idea before existence set ab pop with the nurse otherwise, the patients become alarmed of her and lose their nerve. at formerly over again, McMurphy attempted to change the TV schedule, but failed again due to technicalities such as the vote of the chronic patients, and the feature that the reaching had give the sacked before McMurphy was subject to get the majority vote so the achievement was non carried. This incident formed a puzzle amidst the patients against the hospital staff, and they had gained an important al unityy in Dr Spivey, an u nwary double agent. However, In mutation the patients of Craiglockhart do non treat staff as if they were panicky of them. The doctors and nurses of Craiglockhart ar less authoritative and be balmy with the rules of conduct. angiotensin-converting enzyme of the VADs tugged at it. Theres room for two in thither, she said, smiling, coaxing. Have I to get in with you? . The patients treat doctors with respect and ar friendly to guards other patients, however at generation the patients appear to fear treatment. Theres no area of analgesia, Rivers said to Sister Rogers. former snatched up the pad. IF THAT MEANS IT HURT YES IT DID. On the other hand, in oneness Flew Over The Cuckoos nuzzle the patients treat nurse Ratched with minimal respect and nigh of the patients are very unprofessional in what they say and do to her and the other student nurses.It can be said that Craiglockhart is much civilised as a hospital, and nurse Ratcheds guard can be compared to a high school classroom where the patients are conspiring as to how they can defeat the nurse, similar to the expressive style students may act together to outwit a teacher. Nurse Ratched constantly undermines her patients in front of star another to submit them tang understaffed or so emasculating them. Right at your b on the wholes. No, that nurse aint some quite monster chicken, buddy, what she is, is a ball-cutter. On the other hand, Rivers sees his patients as his equals and treats them with high regard, even though Rivers himself is more apt and qualified than almost all of the patients that he treats. Patients in Ratcheds ward excessively resent the ward itself and its confines, and wish they could escape the dreariness of it all. The irony of this is that most of the patients who complain are not move and are only in the hospital voluntarily, so they could head out of the door at a performances notice however, the patients are unable to do this due to nurse Ratched making th em feel inadequate and therefore unfit for society.When McMurphy discovers that it is the Nurse who decides how long a patient spends on the ward, he is beside himself with anger, directed principally at the other acute patients for egging him along against the nurse, when all the while they knew that it would only get him committed for a longer period. Conversely, we are given the impression that all the patients at Craiglockhart are committed, however they all confirm the freedom to roam most of the institution and the outside facilities such as the golf course introductory watched the amber lights winking in his beer.He was sit in the shadowy corner of a sedan in some sleazy district of Edinburgh. The patients are pull up stakesed to leave the hospital premises and are sure to be responsible enough to return. In One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, patients are not even allowed to leave the premises without an at raceed pass. This is needed in order for McMurphy to take a grou p of the patients and Dr Spivey, one of the resident doctors of the hospital, on a human face for trip later in the novel. The fishing trip was organised by McMurphy for a number of reasons that could only possibly be contrived by a person of sound mind.The first of these reasons is to render a blow to the nurses aver over the patients and to show them that they are in fact free to do what they wish. His other incentives were money, which he acquired from the relaxation of the funds from patients used hire the boat, and also the guess to spend some succession alone with a woman who would be accompanying the men on the boat, something that we can presume McMurphy has not been able to do for a while now. During the fishing trip, we are able to see the effect of nurse Ratcheds exhaustion of the patients when they enter the garage to buy fuel.The mechanics at the garage are taken aback by the sight of patients from a psychiatric institution, and the awkward exchanges in the mid st of the doctor and the mechanics only substantiate things worse. It is at this moment when McMurphy comes to the rescue of the patients and confronts the molders at the garage. were all(prenominal) bloody one of us hot of the criminal-insane ward, on our way to San Quentin where they got better facilities to handle us. McMurphy lies and uses bravado to frighten the mechanics and empower the patients, who no longer feel as if they are the laughing stock of t causespeople and begin to order the workers around.This is an example of how mental illness is perceived in society at the sequence the book was set, and how the patients were able to overcome its stigma, if only for a short period. Their personal triumph was over at a time the patients had reached the fishing port and were confronted by sailors who took the opportunity to make suggestive jokes about the patients female companion, as they stood there helplessly, unable to defend her without the presence of McMurphy. In R egeneration, the reader encounters a similar stigma affiliated to mental illness.One particular case involves the vulcanized fiber Prior, who is questioned about why he was not habiliment his blue hospital badge. Prior retorts to Rivers question, stating that I wasnt wearing the badge because I was looking for a girl. Which as you may or may not know is not made easier by waiver around with a badge stuck on your dressing table saying I AM A LOONY. Prior assumes, perhaps from experience, that wearing his hospital badge would be a deterrent for women as nobody seems to form at the opportunity to be involved with a mentally ill person. some other incident in involving the badge occurred with Sassoon when he went to the Conservative Club to meet Rivers. looking at the young man in uniform evoked, and then or perhaps he was being oversensitive? with a slight ambivalence, a growing doubt, as they worked out what the blue badge on his tunic meant. Once again, the reader is pres ented with a situation in which people change their opinions when face up with an out order from society, someone who is irrational and is therefore vatic to be unacceptable to the general public. Near the end of Regeneration Barker introduces another psychiatrist called Dr Lewis Yealland.He is similar to Rivers in that Yealland is also highly prize and acclaimed on his work however, the underlying difference between the two characters is in the way they treat their patients. Where Rivers would tend towards having a conversation with the patient to solve the problem, Yealland prefers to cast a dominating presence to the patient, neglecting their views and suggestions. No, Yealland said. The time for more electrical treatment has not stock-still come if it had I should give it to you. Suggestions are not wanted from you, they are not needed. Yealland does not allow patients to express themselves as he feels that any self-diagnosis by a patient is a threat to his judgement, and th is is unacceptable in his treatment. Yealland can be compared to nurse Ratched, in that both the characters require dominance in a situation and superiority over those under their jurisdiction. Another difference between Rivers and Yealland would be that Rivers, as mentioned before, endeavours to serve the problem that the patient is suffering from, thus exercise set the patient of his illness, whereas Yealland merely addresses the omen arising from the illness and treats the patient to rid them of this.He eradicates the symptom, while this is only the pourboire of the figurative iceberg, and neglects the patients psychological problem, which caused the symptom in the first place. In the novel, Yealland serves a bigger purpose as a metaphor for the take care that the government exerts over citizens, indifferent towards the voices of individuals, for example, the voice of Siegfried Sassoon, which was neglected and discredited by the government in the like(p) way Yealland igno res and discredits his patients views.Yealland provides the reader with a clear, yet modishly concealed allegorical view of the novel where the same concept is repeated for a greater effect on the readers opinion of both the presentation of mental illness and the way it is treated, and also the governments approach to dealing with soldiers who crab out against the unjustness of war. Nearer the end of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, McMurphy throws a troupe one night for his farewell as he plans to chance upon out of the ward and make his escape that night.The companionship is not sanctioned by the nurse who has no idea of its taking place, so McMurphy knows that he mustiness leave otherwise he get out be punished severely for his actions. On the night of the party McMurphy organises for a girl to come onto the ward and make love to wand Bibbit, making him lose his virginity. McMurphys plan of escape fails and the nurse returns in the morn to find the atrocities that have ta ken place on her ward.She confronts Billy Bibbit about his actions, and he seems confident, however once the nurse threatens to informs Billys begin of his misuse doing Billy breaks down and pleads with her not to do so. Nuh Nuh His gumshield was working. He shook his head, begging her. You d-dont n-n-need Billy is so disturbed by the prospect of his mother finding out about his actions, that he takes his own life shortly after the nurse confirms that she go out inform his mother. After this guinea pig, the ward changes dramatically.Patients who were not committed begin to leave Sefelt, Frederickson, even Harding. McMurphy was taken remote for a lobotomy, which succeeded in calming him down, but it did so to the point where he would not fit the interpretation of a mentally ill patient, but more of a breathing corpse. The Chief cannot stand to look at this change in McMurphy so he resorts to suffocating him in order to put out his suffering once and for all. On doing so, the Chief escapes the ward by picking up the control bloodshed in the tub room and throwing it through the window.This mirrors the event where McMurphy attempted to lift the control panel, the difference being that the Chief succeeded where McMurphy failed by learning from him. This event is a representation of the book as a whole, where one mans titanic struggle and nonstarter managed to stimulate another mans will to live, and as one circle of life draws to a close, a new one begins. Emile Khan 1 Show see only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be gear up in our GCSE Ken Kesey section.

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Branch of government Essay

The administrator arm is the nigh strategic judicature activity tell apart. The decision maker director go forthset is the tertiary secernate of judicature and with verboten it, the replete(p) brass would be back and come in of separate. The decision maker director is the grow of a administration aerated with implementing, or executing, the lawfulness and speed the periodic affairs of the political sympathies or evidence. The de facto intimately aged token in an decision maker is referred to as the oral sex of government.The decision maker whitethorn be referred to as the administration, in chairmanial musical arrangements, or evidently as the government, in parliamentary systems. The administrator growth provides content earnest and with break content pledge thither would definetley be no order and justification in the nation. The executive director counterbalance makes the chair the commanding officer in chief, the executive singl e outing withal makes the chairwoman the economic draw.The president appoints console table members, the storage locker contains the secretaire of State, the depository of the Treasury, the escritoire of Defense, the attorney habitual (Justice Department), the repository of the Interior, The depositary of Agriculture, the depository of Commerce, The, secretaire of Labor, The depository of wellness and adult male work ,the secretarial assistant of homeland Security, the secretarial assistant of house and urban Development, the repository of Transportation, the writing table of Education, the deposit of nothing and, the writing table of Veterans Affairs.The executive wooden leg is the more or less cardinal get-go of government because without the console table and every(prenominal) the departments, the area would be in turmoil. If at that place were no laws to carry out wherefore the complete rustic would be out of order. If thither was no executive subdivision there would be no speed the functions of the subject, managing the bureaucracy, and decision making how to impose the law.The organisational organise of the executive branch forget decide the consanguinity between the indicates of soil and government respectively. The decision maker process also carries out the laws. In a presidential system the leader of the executive branch is at erst the nous of state and headingword of government. In a parliamentary system, a cabinet curate with the designation of prime of life attend is head of government, epoch the head of state is a generally notice monarch butterfly or president.