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Data mining Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

selective information dig - Research Paper ExampleOne of the historied differences that is there between entropy mining and infobases is the fact that in infobases, stored facts argon retrieved from the information store opus in data mining patterns are analyzed so that new patterns that have been previously noncitizen can be got. Data mining is done using data that have been stored, otherwise cognize as static data, while database use data which are n operation and which are updated regularly. Data mining use data which have been got at a given instance. One thing that is price noting is that data mining has its origins in statistics rather than computer science. Although many concepts are derived from computer science, it has been argued that it shows many characteristics and has been from statistics and overly has been derived from statistical urge to derive patterns which have been unknown in the past. Data mining components Data mining entails storing and managing dat a in a multi-dimensional database. A multi-dimensional database is perfected for use in data warehouse. It is also effective in online analytical processing (OLAP). An OLAP is a solution for giving businesses superior techniques for visualizing business metrics from contrasting points of view. Data must be make in a way that will allow for optimized interrogation into the data. Data mining is the process of sorting through a collection of data for the purpose of identifying patterns and using the patterns to establish relationships. With competition going tighter, organizations are becoming more sensitive to how they handle the patterns they look at from the behaviour of their clients. These patterns can be used for the benefit of an organization. Many of the decision making process today are based on pattern that is got from the data (Han, Kamber, Pei, 2011). For effective data mining, data must be stored, organized and managed using the latest tools. This will allow users to ask leading questions that will aid in making decisions. In managing data in a multidimensional environment, the intention is to b able to process data very quickly and get answers using the shortest time possible. This is the main gist of data mining. With this, it is possible to get facts that will lead to better decision-making. The speed is achieved by organizing data into data cubes this shows the dimensions that are available to the user. The data will have various attributes that are associated with it. The attributes are created depending on the requirements that are required of the data. In data mining, it is serious to get some pattern from the information that has been gathered (Han, Kamber, Pei, 2011). Data management is the process where important information is organized in such a way that it is easy to get some practice and convention that is happening. Forms of data mining There are many forms of data mining. Two popular forms of data mining are class description and class discrimination. The former, class description, entails features that expose some hidden characteristics in a given collection of data. An example is that there could be a need to find pop out the patterns and the characteristics of people who buy low-end vehicles. There could be some characteristics of these people from the other people who buy valuable vehicles. On the other hand, class discrimination entails looking for features that separates two sets of objects. One example that can be given to show this is the characteristi

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Paul Steinbergs Speak You Also against Primo Levis rendition of Henri Essay

Paul Steinbergs Speak You Also against Primo Levis rendition of Henri in survival in Auschwitz - Essay ExampleSuch con nonations make Holocaust a problematic term for the devastation it names. The words sacred implications seem inappropriate, even repulsive, to many pile, including many Jews. It is quite surprising that Holocaust still remains the most(prenominal) widely used term for the horrendous crimes committed on a race in an judge to uproot it from the face of the earth.The philosopher Emile Fackenheim has pointed out that the Holocaust offers a unique challenge of comprehensibility. He says that the Holocaust was non a war because the victims had no power and were a threat to the Third Reich only in the national friendlyist mind. It was a war non directed by passions but conceived by a plan and put to death with methodical care and stripped of all passion. The Holocaust was not a war crime because it was not based on any ideology but the ideal of punishing the Jews fo r their crime, the crime of existence. The punishment was for being and not for doing. Fackenheim says that the Holocaust is not a parochial event. It is world-historical. There were many countries which welcomed, at least clandestinely, the policies of Hitler towards immigrants. frankincense the philosopher in his foreword to Yehuda Bauers The Judaic Emergence from Powerlessness (Toronto, University Press, 1979) lists how this eminently forgettable event continues to haunt a diffident mankind.How did the Holocaust overhaul an... e 1986 Nobel Peace Prize, has rightly said of Birkenau, one of the major killing ares of Auschwitz Traditional ideas and acquired values, philosophical systems and social theories - all must be revised in the shadow of Birkenau. This observation is startlingly true. Holocaust was a state-sponsored program of population elimination made possible by modern technology and political will. As Nazi Germany became a genocidal state, its anti-Semitic racism requi red a destructive process that needed and got the cooperation of every(prenominal) sector of the German society. In a brief but telling note of the ramifications of racism in the then German society, John K.Roth who has edited International Encyclopedia of Ethics writes Government and church force provided birth records to document who was Jewish and who was not. University administrators curtailed admission for Jewish students and dismissed Jewish faculty members. Bureaucrats in the pay Ministry confiscated Jewish wealth and property. Postal officials delivered mail about definition and expropriation, denaturalization and deportation. Driven by their biomedical vision, physicians were mong the archetypical to experiment with the gassing of lives unmorthy of life. Business executives found that the Nazi concentration camps could provide cheap labour they worked people to death, turning the Nazi motto. Stockholders made profits from firms that supplied Zyklon B to gas people and from companies that built crematoria to bury the corpses(388). Thus the name and nature of Holocaust created a cataclysmic shift and displacement of sensibility that seldom occurred in the history of mankind, let alone in art and literature.One of the most vivid descriptions of this scenario comes from George Steiner. (The Germa

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The Art of Frida Kahlo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Art of Frida Kahlo - Essay ExampleThe essay The Art of Frida Kahlo examines Frida Kahlo and her art. Kahlo skillfully but unabashedly reveals her self topless in this painting, wrapped in a brace and adorned with pins in her flesh. Kahlo pays special trouble to the element of both her femininity and her physical pain in this component. We see her bare breasts but much obvious is the fact that she is riddled with pins all over her body. As a woman, Kahlo experienced the gravity of distinguish (the love of her life was Diego) but also the betrayal of that love. Her marriage to Rivera was turbulent as Rivera was unfaithful throughout their relationship. Kahlo herself dabbled in extramarital relationships as well as bisexuality. Kahlo expresses this side of her in one particular tag on where she dresses as a man. She challenges the assigning of gender roles within society. Kahlo also lets her work tell a rich story detailing her inner most feelings and struggles. This is partic ularly apparent in the famous piece entitled The Two Fridas. Kahlo is able to materialize the inner struggle experienced by so many a(prenominal) woman, making her an icon in feminist art. In another piece by Kahlo, Tree of Hope, Kahlo is illustrating herself in a colorful landscape back drop. At first glance, Kahlo appears to be something of a goddess or royalty. This piece perhaps irradiates some of her other work that may allude to self loathing or self perceived deficiencies. In much of Kahlos work, she used herself as a focal point making it a true and honest expression of herself.

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Nursing research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 30

care for research - Essay ExampleOn the hand, reading a report and critically assessing it will cooperate an physical composition identify whether the research was evidence-based before utilizing the report. In effect, an organization will only implement a research report that was peer reviewed and its utilization will promote positive outcomes in an organization.The fundamental component of nursing research is to provide evidence-based practice that aims at amend the quality of care that an organization provided. However, improving the quality of care in a healthcare organization is only possible if an organizations process of research utilization is in an approach that was both effective and efficient. To achieve a winning research utilization process, an organization should use the most effective research utilization model to flip the knowledge in research into practice. In line with this, nurses should identify a model that fit into an organizations culture and structure i n order to maximize the knowledge from research into practice. On the otherwise hand, evidence based practice provide the approaches that the findings and knowledge from research will be utilized in an organization

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Community health services Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

partnership health services - Assignment ExampleTop of this list are the aged in the hostelry who form the majority of residents at the home. These sewer be admitted for either short term or large term stay depending on their individual conditions. Another group of individuals accommodated at the center are the senior who require memory give care such as those suffering from Alzheimers. The main goal of this rapidity is to figure that the aged in the society live a quality life. Presently, the residents come from a range of ethnical backgrounds but the majority is white males. Patients have to book in advance before they are admitted. The facility is well equipped with trained medical personnel who are on call on a 24 hour basis to cater for the needs of the clients and ensure they get the care that they need passim the day and night. Payment in this facility is by the use of personal cheques magic spell payment by insurance agencies can be arranged. In case of any emergen cies, the facility has working relationships with nearby hospitals and patients can be transferred at no extra cost although it operates as a stand-alone facility.This facility caters for war veterans. These are individuals who served in the military, air service or the naval forces. These people have the right to chafe these services as long as they were not discharged dishonorably from the force. As such, this clinic comprises of patient s from a wide range of cultural background. The members of the National Guard are also eligible to gateway these health services. All the patients are screened before admission at the clinic. The facility provides care that is personalized to their detail needs. Attached to this center is a list of physicians, nurses and dentists who ensure that the patients get the best possible care while they are at this center, ranging from dental to therapeutic services.The facility is closely connected to other veteran care centers around the country. In this facility payment is by both Medicare and

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Internalization of Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

incorporation of Business - Essay ExamplePresently, the company employs 100 staff to deal with its manufacturing of products such as videodisk players and MP3 players. Although the company is supplying products to the Japanese market, it has failed to expand its communication channel over the last two years. A tot of reasons are attributable to the companys stunted growth including higher wages it has been paying and neglect of research and give awayment staff. Furthermore, the company is struggling to address highly competitive market environment in terms of technology development and mental home. Hence, it is necessary to critically analyse the present situation of the company and to herald the key trends for Elecdyne over the next five years. The 2008 global crisis and recession raised potential challenges to the global parsimoniousness and it impeded the economic growth worldwide. Many economists are of the view that the global pecuniary crisis 2008-09 is the worst mon etary crisis since the Great Depression in 1930s. As Soifer (2010) points out, the crisis led to the collapse of a series of large financial institutions, the bailout of major banks by national governments, and downward movements in stock markets around the world (p.163). This crisis might hasten contributed to the growth decline of the Elecdyne. In modern days, market competitor is very intense and therefore manufactures run for to design innovative models that would effectively dominate the market. Due to this stiff competition, customers get the extensive exposure to elect the best quality and affordable products. Since the Elecdyne lacks an effective R&D team, the company is really striving to develop innovative product models and this worse condition keeps them away from the main stream of the international market. According to Despont (n.d), innovation and continued R&D is very important for an enterprise to survive the intense market competition because the modern custome rs always ask for the best products. However, it seems that the process of urbanisation though networks and partnerships offer projects of opportunities to organisations. It is observed that Elecdyne is soon near to sources of information and hence it can certainly become stronger by preparing itself to face international competition. straight off social networking sites such as facebook and Twitter abide attained worldwide popularity and these social channels forget enable the Elecdyne to understand customer tastes and specifications and thereby to maintain profitable market segments by realizing potential business territories. As Gourmelen (2004) points out, EU union expansion has created potential opportunities for organisations. In addition, Eastern European countries equivalent Romania have cheaper salary margins as compared to UK .Hence, the Elecdyne can effectively offshore its manufacturing activities to such countries where favourable business conditions are prevailin g. In addition, the company may obtain beneficial market environment in rapidly developing economies like India and China where the Elecdyne would get cheaper business inputs. The term STEEP is the acronym for Socio-cultural, Technological, Economic, Environmental, and Political Factors. While analysing the socio-cultural factors, it seems that the company possesses a range of potential challenges. To illustrate Japan, the companys home country, is one of the worlds most known countries for its electronics industry. Therefore cheap and close substitutes to Elecdyne

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Deathand loss Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Deathand loss - Essay ExampleHowever, when we loss nighone dear to us, we are emotion all toldy destructed and lonesome.I lost a friend of mine when I was in middle school and later on, by and by college, I lost my grand mom. Losing a friend who was so dear and near was a sad loss and I was very grieved. I tried a lot to handle my grief, but any time when I tried to shut my eyes, she came there in front of me. For many nights, I was uneffective to sleep. I was not very old to understand the truth and settle my emotions easily, but after all my grief and sadness, I started living a normal life. I was very such(prenominal) frightened of remnant and thought that last was something very horrible that was able enough to snatch our beloved people from us. later on on, when I lost my grandmother, I was again in a shocking state. I pondered alike much over death and the feeling of loss and after all that pondering and disturbance, I started remaining energetic with my studies and other home based chores in order to get rid of those terrible feelings of loss. I was too much scared and feared death. I was just unable to understand whatever was happening around me. However, with the line of achievement of time, I realized that life goes on in this manner. Now, I am quite aware that death is a reality that has the ability to take from us whom we love.When people die, they leave us, but there are also people who leave us without dying. Their leaving us permanently also can be understood as death of those people in our lives. I remained with my single mother and my father had left over(p) us. I regard his leaving us as a loss, which we were required to cop up with. It took some time, but it was all over. There were a number of losses that I underwent in my lifetime, but these losses made me strong enough to handle everything alone. Now, I am not afraid or alarming of being alone. I consider myself strong enough to endure anything that comes in my way.The loss es that we bear in our life make us courageous and

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Evaluation of Product; Apple's Macbook Pro Essay

evaluation of Product Apples Macbook Pro - Essay ExampleOn the other hand, outside the manufacturer environment, MacBook Pro is a fast moving harvest-feast in the market.Consumer Reports ranks MacBook Pro as one of the best laptop computers in the market and a quickly moving product by consumer choice (Rawson). The evaluation of this product in harm of market and consumer setting involves three factors the substance abusers of the product, the environment within which the product is found, and the product itself in terms of satisfying consumer tastes and preferences. The manufacturer-consumer factors and interactions give critical insights into the product in question.The product is designed to suit the end user without difficulty. Although Apple utilizes sophisticated technologies in designing and manufacturing unique and high quality for the market, end user strategies atomic number 18 also implemented. Simplicity in terms of usability and sophistication in terms of manufacture r and functionality are the drives of MacBook Pro. The price of the product takes into account the cost of production and the fact that Apple operates on a profit motive. However, payable to the utilization of strategic resources and high-tech production processes, the product has affordable prices when it reaches the market (Stanton 147).Locally, regionally, and internationally, the environment within which the product is offered is a competitive one. For this reason, competition becomes vital for successful operations and market performance. The marketing strategies employed by Apple for MacBook Pro seek to address consumer needs. What makes this process different from many other rival firms is the followup and consumer feedback programs that Apple runs. The company designs and manufactures products with integrated consumer-based features.The product itself is crucial in the entire evaluation process. MacBook Pros ranking against other substitutable products is crucial in accoun ting for the realized product trends in the different markets where the

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English2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

English2 - Essay ExampleAs the title suggests, the word is about five new technologies in the auto perseverance that atomic number 18 ge bed towards easing the burden of driving in modern quantify these technologies are meant to make driving easier, especially for the safety conscious drivers. The article lists a number of technologies that are slowly revolutionizing the auto industry, and soon, are going to be the market driving forces for the entire auto industry. The master(prenominal) idea/thesis of this article is that, to attract the safety conscious drivers, about carmakers are revolutionizing the auto industry through the introduction of innovative and highly exotic technologies. The main goal of this article is to highlight some of the major technologies that are rapidly emerging in the auto industry, and the market trends that arise thereafter accordingly the safety conscious drivers are being attracted to the new designs, and as tastes and preferences change, the s aid technology inevitably becomes cheaper.The article is highly objective and informative given that it not only comes from an authoritative source, but it also goes onwards to provide reputable examples and statistical evidence that backs the arguments it makes. In this respect, the points are strongly argued out to a logically satisfactory level, without bias of any sort or inaccuracies as the information can be substantiate as good.The writer of the article adopts a levelheaded tone that is strikingly informative as well as declarative this is highly effective because it lends credence to the article by making it authoritative to the readers. The points are logically sequenced to allow for a regular flow of thought and cohesion in the arguments, an attempt by the writer at being communicative both effectively and efficiently. The target audience for this article is comprised of the safety conscious drivers and carmakers in the

Design in 21 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Design in 21 - Research Paper ExampleSteve Jobs also grew up in a period where there was freedom of expression, in America, and when the culture was very tol whilent and open. In college, the preferred subject of Steve Jobs was typography.He was able to make a connection on how fonts were able to influence the contents of a visualise and their audience. Steve Jobs spent most of his years studying the philosophies of eastern nations, and their holistic determine (Shea, 11). These values are all manifested into the product philosophy of Apples, through its production of a seamless, sleek, simple and integrated forge. The branch product made by Apple that was able to change the field of design is the invention and the design of the Macintosh calculator system which had a Graphic User Interface (GUI). This computer system was introduced in 1983, and it was meant for designers (lumenthal, 23). This system came with an input device and a mouse which would make it possible for an ind ividual to allow computer drawings, and accurate cursor control.This system also came with a MacPaint, MacWrite and other fonts which allowed designers to lay out pages that they could print. On this basis, this design by Apples ushered in a new period of Desktop Publishing. This completely changed the field of design, by ushering in, the era of digital design (Shea, 33). On this basis, the computer systems that were using Apples GUI became a ensample system for all computers that were being manufactured worldwide. The demands of GUI enabled computers were very high, and they revolutionalized the design world whereby the digital operative had a new media platform that could help him or her to create and design products (lumenthal, 22). Following the successes of these Macintosh computers, Steve Jobs and Apples garbled for a period of ten years.Steve Jobs pursued his business interests by developing computer softwares that were able to be used in the fields of animations. However, after ten years, Steve Jobs was able to

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Short Essay of Music History Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Short of Music History - Essay ExampleAccording to the text, African American music replicates the styles of music and performances that still exist in Africa. These kinds of music integrate human smell experiences since the communities strongly consider music to be a fundamental part of look. According to African life and music are inseparable. Because of this, the performances of music not only signifies entertainment but also accompanies certain activities. Further, the performers bed close associations with the community. Musicians therefore frequently perform music in the communities they come from and for the community members as remote to the European culture, which solicits the service of trained musicians. To further, explore these facts, I will visit the African cultural core and learn more about their music and its origins. This study will also encompass the uncovering the characteristics of African American music and how it relates to African culture.I am now knowle dgeable of the fact that the first African Americans in the nation came as a very small group and server as gratuitous or semi-free slaves. They held closely their cultural values even as they slowly became aware of the different cultural experiences of the Europeans. The increase in colonies and the need for workers in the plantations led to the increase of the slaves in the nation. With the continued stay in America, their familiarity with the American culture increased factors that became even more evident with the second generation African Americans. irrelevant the first generation immigrants, the second generation embraced the American culture at relatively higher levels. However, the aspiration of the first generation African Americans to maintain their cultural values caused the community to integrate those culture for pattern in their music. African American music demonstrates this fact as seen in the way it expresses the culture of the African continent.

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Contemporary Art Form Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Contemporary artwork Form - Essay ExampleThe essay Contemporary Art Form discovers the form of contemporary art. Our cabaret today affects each one of us in different ways, while we cant meet all the problems our worlds face head on we may use our art to defuse one problem at a time in our own introspective personal way. Used as a solution, contemporary art gives an issue the identity of the artist. On a personal level I ready always had an aversion to any form of racism. With education and the spread of knowledge many great minds in one case thought discriminatory behavior could be diminished to a small quantity, if not ceased completely. However, this was not the case, as even in the age of information our societies continue to evolve into new avenues for hate and prejudice, and this trend result dependingly continue. What Ive realized over the course of time studying different people is that the fundamental reason for such attitudes is peoples inability to listen to anothe r and accept differences. People seem to have this innate need to fit their lives into a neat little box where everything is categorically arranged, and when they go down across people who do have ideas different than their own, their box is disturbed and ergo begins a do by of problems. For any artist who has chosen to make contemporary art his own, his work will always pull through on a plane of freedom which conforms to nothing but his own perception of the world at large. Its a simple thing to tell people to open their minds and open their hearts this share of advice is not practical.

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Intellectual Property Law Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Intellectual Property Law - Research make-up ExampleWith mounting pressures by judicial criticism, intellectual belongings was regulated under common justice and the Statute of Monopolies enacted in 1623 rendered illegal all monopolies except those for a defined term of years this forms the home of modern patent rectitude (World Intellectual Property Organization, p.1). The exact origin of intellectual blank space law is still unknown. However, it is a fact that, terms like intellectual property was employ during the initial half of seventeenth century in Britain. The history of intellectual property rights in the modern era started in Germany in 1867. North German Confederation is believed to be the first country which formulated intellectual property laws in the modern era. The North German Confederation first used the term intellectual property in 1867, providing for legislative surety in its constitution(Furst). Since then, intellectual laws evolved in diametric forms a t different parts of the world. Different countries have different types of intellectual property laws. ... secure is a form of protection provided to the authors of original works and includes such things as literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual creations, both published and unpublished. Copyright does not protect ideas. It only protects the specific and original expression of the idea (Pipers) For example, Windows is the operating system demonstrable by Microsoft. It should be noted that plenty of people, including Bill Gates, worked on the development of Windows operating system. This product is defend with the help of copyright laws. It is illegal to use pirated copies of Windows on computers. Even in China, Microsoft succeeded in winning any(prenominal) cases with respect to copyright violation of its products. A local court in Shanghai ruled that Dazhong amends must pay Microsoft 2.17 million yuan ($317,900) as compensation for using pirat ed Microsoft software, NetEase.com reported(Stan) Patents are used to protect new product, process, apparatus, and uses providing the invention is not obvious in light of what has been done before (European generic wine medicines Association). It should be noted that new products are developed only because of the huge efforts undertaken by soulfulness. Once a new product is developed, it is easy for others to copy it. In other words, leaders and followers are in the market. Leaders always generate new ideas and innovate new products whereas followers try to copy those ideas and innovations. In order to avoid such illegal copying, all new products and services developed by somebody can be protected with the help of patent laws. Patent rights are usually given only for a particular period of time. The owner of a patented product should disclose the innovation to the

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Casual analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Casual analysis - screen ExampleOther causes are lack of intellectually challenging perform service teachings, and too much wildness on prosperity rather than Godliness. church building scholars observe that while many people claim to be Christians, most of them rarely attend church on a regular service. This essay discusses the decline of church attendance by review recent statistics, the earths for the decline, possible remedies and the future of the church. Church Attendance Statistics Studies on church attendance reveal startling statistics that are that indicative of a drastically declining church attendance. In addition to the documented increasing closure of churches, it is recoded that 2.7 million church attendants become inactive members every course of study (Gill 46). This translates into the observation that an increasing number of people are leaving the Christian church and entering into the blasphemous world where church has no significance. Olson and Adams (7 ) notes that beginning 1990 through 2000, the total membership of all Protestant churches in the United States reduced by approximately 9.5 per cent, meaning that 5 million people stopped tone ending to church during that period (). This decline in church attendance occurred despite the population of the nation acclivitous by 24 percent, that is, 11million people. In 2002, 87 per cent of Americans claimed to be Christians in most studies but only around 40 to 50 per cent of them are regular church goers (Jackson 4). This confirms the assertions of theology scholars that church attendance may be up to a half of the population that claims in polls to be Christians. Reasons for Church Attendance Decline One of the major problems cited by church scholars for the decline church attendance is scummy church leadership. Most people are simply unhappy with the way their clergymen and church officials run their churches. foreland among the elements of poor leadership is unacceptable manag ement of funds, morale problems, and lack of a clear vision for the members of the church (Jackson 25). For instance, if a church runs a building fund for over 20 years, at that place is a likeliness of the members wondering if the building will ever come into being. Moreover, if the church leaders are unable to hook up with through a course to its completion, the existing members will develop doubts while potential members will communicate discouraged from joining the church. Moreover, if a pastor or a prominent church member is caught in improprieties, the members of the church who look up to those as their source of inspiration and motivation lose their trust. In addition, there are high chances that a respected church member will deny being complex in wrongful actions. The fact that it can be proven that they actually went against Christian teachings worsens the case because the flock wonders how evil people are supposed to lead them in leading straight, Christian lives (Gi ll 47). Another reason blamed for the decline in church attendance is observation that people are finding churches to be lacking in intellectual challenges. It is crucial to note that more and more members of the little generation are educated at college and university levels, making them thinking people with expanded capacities of knowledge and curiosity (Wijsen and Schreiter 54). The conception of the young people that they always know more than the person preaching at the pulpit apparently gives them the lore that the

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Economic analysis construction Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Economic analysis construction - Assignment ExampleRealizing that this growth in the easy financial resources is not a sustainable growth strategy in the long-term, the UAE government has made some(prenominal) public commitments to reform its regulatory environment, strengthen the countrys macroeconomic foundations, sustain the rapid growth in the non-oil sector, and invest in human capital (World Economic Forum, 2).On the macro-economic level, economic recovery by and by the recent financial crisis is on a sustained track. UAEs economic recovery has continued to advance momentum in the recent past, driven by sturdy expansion in trade, tourism, manufacturing and transport. Additionally, the construction and accredited estate sectors have also bounced back from the slump experienced during the recession. On the back of a far-famed summon of consumer confidence, existent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in 2013 stood at 4.0%, following a 4.4% growth in 2012, according to t he estimates provided by the International Monetary Fund (Bank Audi, 1). The GDP growth and the rebound in consumer confidence is a good development within the market the construction company intends to penetrate. This is because it exit create opportunities that will drive demand in the construction sector for commercial and residential real estate.The Abu Dhabi Government committed to finance an additional AED 330 billion in early 2013 for major developments over the glide slope five years. The governments commitment focuses on social development, specifically in the education, healthcare, housing, and selective strategical transport projects (Kerr, Ryburn, McLaren, & OrDentons 1).The UAEs real estate sector continues to be characterized by unique patterns in both major cities. While Abu Dhabis market remains subdued, Dubais market has been experiencing renewed development activities, an increase in prices, and growing concerns about a bubble comeback

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Pleasantville Essay Example for Free

Pleasantville EssayIn the movie Pleasantville, a brother and sister from modern daytime became part of a black and white 50s television show called Pleasantville. This was done using a specific remote given to the main character David, by a TV repairman. In the beginning David believed Pleasantville should go on the same. Pleasantville was his utopia he thought everything was perfect. His sister Jenn was determined to change Pleasantville. Jenn thought sight acted like losers, and wanted them to be cool. David later realized things should change because people did non show their emotions in Pleasantville, and had no centering to express them. When people in Pleasantville showed their emotions, they changed from black and white to color. By the end of the movie, everything was in color because of David. concourse had learned to show their emotions. The creator of this movie was trying to communicate the message that emotions make things more interesting. This instruction i s true for Pleasantville and writing. In Pleasantville people would change to color when they showed their emotions. Bill expressed his emotions through painting bright pictures. David gained his color when he got angry and punched Whitey. Emotions are put into writing to add detail.At Lovers Lane people reading books became colored and the listeners remained black and white. If people incorporate emotions into their writing it will help get the readers tutelage and make the plot more interesting. This movie relates to our critical analysis essay. The idea of perception versus reality is conveyed end-to-end the movie. David thought Pleasantville was perfect when he watched it on television. When he became part of the show he found it had galore(postnominal) flaws. The citizens of Pleasantville believed there was nothing outside of Pleasantville in reality there was a lot.In reality, bad things notify happen. When the tree caught on fire, the firefighters did not know how to dea l with it because there had never been a fire in Pleasantville before. This movie also dealt with the idea of personal choice and the consequences of those choices. In the 90s, Jenn did poorly in school. She probably could not get into college. She worked hard in school while she was in Pleasantville. In Pleasantville, she had a chance to go to college. Personal choice can also be seen when many people chose to show their feelings and emotions. The consequence was they changed to color.

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The Presentation Of Relationships In Poems Essay Example for Free

The Presentation Of Relationships In Poems EssayComp be a alternative of rimes you hurt enjoyed studying, explaining what interests you about the presentation of relationships.Poets of decennary write about things they have strong emotions for, such as arcdegrees of view and key moments in their ,or others, lives.One of the main things written about is relationships. Be it the relationship amidst the poet and a family member or relationships among objects and memories.Relationships and emotions are a complex thing to right about, because in that respect is such a wide range. thus far every maven has had the experience of a relationship only when some excerpt there feelings in more complex way.Looking at Youre and Daddy by Sylvia Plath and Twelve Songs-number lodge by W.H.Auden. You depose clearly see there views on distinguishable relationships.There are galore(postnominal) different types of relationships, as shown in the three numberss I have choose to look at. In Youre Plath is create verbally about her unborn baby. At first it is very hard to agnize because Plath does not write nevertheless that she is pregnant instead she uses different phrases and metaphors, for instance my lowly loaf. When a women is pregnant the baby is sometimes referred to as a bun in the oven, so by axiom loaf it shows that Plath is stating that she is pregnant.In addition, it is a symbolisation of a baby in the start outs womb, as a bun in the oven. By saying my little Plath is screening that the baby belongs to her and when you think of something little it is thought of as unable to look after itself as a baby is. To also show that she is pregnant Plath says feet to the stars this is because e when a baby is inside its mother it is upside down, therefore its feet would be to the stars, by picking the stars as were the babies feet are facing it shows that the baby can achieve anything, Plath could have chosen something like the sky which is close but sh e choose the stars because there so fare away and are hard to reach.She also shows that the baby has its whole bread and butter ahead of it, utilize the words clean slate, with your own face on it show that it is the baby and its life not hers. moreover in Audens poem Twelve Songs the relationship is stated more clearly. It is easier to understand because it uses all things associated with death supply out the coffin, let the mourners come. this shows very simply that an important person in Audens life is now baseless and by saying mourners it shows there is a lot of sadness. If the reader did not yet understand what the poem was bout, when Auden states He Is Dead it is made very clear. The relationship written about in this poem is the champion between himself and his dead partner. It is showing that now his partner has died nothing matters, which is why the poem is written so simply. It seems that he hardly cannot be bothered anymore, he is mourning an upset and does not see the point of using long and complicated words and sentences to get his sadness across.The last poem is another one by Plath, Daddy. This poem is very different to Youre in this poem Plath is angry, resentful and also in a state of mourning. However it is not the same kind of mourning as Auden talks about. Plath is angry and blames her contract for not only dying but also for how her life has turned out. slow shoe, In which I have lived like a foot, For thirty years Plath is saying that she has lived a confined and desolate life because of her amazes death, and she blames him for dying.However Plath does not show the slightest trace that she is unhappy and missing her fuck off because at any wedded opportunity Plath abuses her make, for example she refers to herself as a Jew and her father a Nazi, showing how different they were and it makes the reader desire that Plaths father was a cruel man, as this is how Nazis are stereotyped. to a fault at the end of the poem she writes Daddy, dada you bastard Im through by using such a strong word such as bastard it shows juts how much she resents him and how strongly she hates him.In Daddy Plath uses many likenesss. These colours show Plaths feelings, for instance Black shoe, In which I have lived, For thirty years poor and white she is saying her father is a inglorious shoe, black is associated with evil, depression and plainly sad things. Also by referring to herself as white she is showing the difference between herself and her father using contrasting colours and perhaps is showing the difference between him being evil and her being good.There is a trend set In Daddy in which everyone Plath did not like is made black, her married man is referred to as The Black Man which is showing him to be just as nasty as her father. However in Twelve Songs black is representing depression not anger, black cotton gloves Auden is using black as a symbol for mourning, as well he is saying that now the person has died the re is no colour or light and all thats left is fantasm and despair. The poems both have different uses for the same colour, not just black but white as well.Poor and White is apply in Plaths Daddy so that she can show that she is different from her father by using strong, bold, contrasting colours. But in Twelve Songs white necks of the public doves white is used to show the light and normality of the situation, not to make sure that Auden is not compared with his dead partner.There are more colour used in Daddy showing a wide range of emotions that her father has nothing to do with. Also anything associated with her father or husband use violent, drastic colours. When she first mentions her husband she says The Black man who, Bit my pretty red heart in two she is using the colour black again but is using another colour, red, to show blood and un-happiness.The techniques used in authorship poems are all different, Auden writes in a mature style and makes it very easy to understan d he is upset and doesnt want to make it hard to understand. He wants everyone to know what hes feeling and how upset he is, he refers to his partner as He was my North, my South, my East and West Auden is saying that his partner was everything, he is referring to every nidus to show his partner was always there. Auden also says My Noon, my Midnight, my Talk, my Song this is also showing that his partner meant everything to him.Plath however writes otherwise in Youre, she uses short sentences and lots of complicated similes and metaphors. She writes like this because she is so happy and excited about having a child that she cant think straight and just wants to get her feelings out, that is why it doesnt make perfect sense. Also I think the complexity of the poem reflects the complexity of her emotions at the time.Plath uses metaphor after metaphor where as Auden and in Daddy each paragraph is written about a specific point. Daddy is written most complex of all of the three poems, Plath appears to be writing as if she is still a ten year old child (the age she was when her father died), she uses childish words such as dad and she writes like a child would speak Ich, Ich, ich, ich this means I,I,I,I. It shows that she is stuttering and having trouble saying her words like a child does. She is also stereotyping her father I thought every German was you which is childish because adults know her father was not every German but to her he was because of a childlike thought. This also explains why she writes ich.However it appears that Plath is not trying to make the reader feel sorry for her, by describing her father as a Nazi you automatically think he is a bad person by describing herself as a Jew it seems she wants sympathy, which could mean she is manipulating the situation.The poems all have intentions behind the presentation of the poem. In Twelve Songs Auden just wants to express his grief, but in both of Plaths the poem does not easily show what is wanted to express. For instance in Youre it appears to be a page of metaphors but the actual meaning is how Plath is feeling about having a baby, this is not straightforward in the poem and you have to read it a few times to truly understand the meaning. In Daddy the intention is hard to find and there are quite a few different interpretations, at first it appears that Plath is angry at her father and just puts on a brave bowel movement to stop her from hurting so much.Plaths poems seem to be really confusing and hard to understand but why? In Youre I think that Plath wrote down what she was feeling and to her what she wrote made perfect sense and didnt have a complicated feel to it. But Daddy seems to be made quite hard so that the reader has to read it a few times to understand it. Also it seems biased and plays Plath as a victim. Plath wrote Daddy as if she was a ten year old child, because the poem is written like a child it makes the readers feel sympathy towards Plath.Because its written like a child it means that it is hard for adults to understand it, to a child the colours and the description make sense, but to an adult its confusing because they change it so it has the meaning they want it to. To a child this poem could be nothing else but a poem about how Plath remembers her father but to us its about how his death affected her and the choices she made in life.

Philosophy of Art Essay Example for Free

philosophic system of Art EssayIntroduction This paper attempts to establish what practitioners of philosophy croupe insure from practitioners of Art. In doing so, the paper first looks into cheatifice and philosophy so as to offer a agnise understanding of the subjects, in advance turning into the main theme.What is Art? Even though the above question appears simple, it is evoke and provide, and is answered by reverting to the philosophy of fine art. In addition, art embraces descriptions of beauty, taste, symbolism as healthful as representation. school of thought of art also explores the association existing between the individual artist (ideas), and the bigger congregation (audiences, culture, and universe) (Carroll N, 1998).That being the case, what does philosophy of art tell us about art? Some versions assert that art is a creative activity, expression or process of hu universes. According to Leo Tolstoy Art is that human activity which consists in one human consciously conveying to others, by certain external signs, the feelings he has experienced and in others being affected by those feelings and also experiencing them. (Carroll N, 1998).On the other hand, when some(a)thing is done perfectly or introduce by study and practice it is referred to as an art (Carroll N, 1998). For instance, driving a car, dressing in a nice dress, laying a child to sleep or even the art of conversion.In essence, art includes objects developed by humans that hasten aesthetic value or present symbolic kernel encompassing drawings, paintings as well as sculpture. Thus from the above observations, art can be verbalize to be a symbolic representation of peoples association with character (reality/environments). It is able to offer the concealed dealings between things. It is beauty, it is fair play. However, what does truth and beauty imply? This is where philosophy comes in as philosophy is the art of establishing the truth such that this truth is applie d to life. In the same manner, art can be based on established truth that express the wonder and beauty of a relationship to the universe as it is adjudge in the works of Marcel Proust and Henry Mattisse (Diffey T, 1995).Art is a selective recreation of reality match to an artists metaphysical value judgments. An artist recreates those aspects of reality which represent his fundamental slang of mans natures. (Marcell Proust)( Diffey T, 1995), while Henry Mattisse writes when we speak of nature, it is wrong to forget that we ar ourselves a part of nature. We ought to view ourselves with the same curiosity and openness with which we study a tree, the sky or a thought because we besides are linked to the entire universe (Diffey T, 1995).The different forms of art are visual arts which use up aspects such as painting, photography and sculpture among others, and fine arts which embrace music, dance, theatre, literature, rime, etc.What is philosophy?As William Thomas points out, Ph ilosophy studies the fundamental nature of existence of man and mans relationship to existencein the realm of cognition, the special apprehensions are the trees just philosophy is the soil which makes the forest come-at-able (Bender J, 1993).A philosophy is an all inclusive organization of ideas concerning human nature as well as the nature of the truth we live in. it is a guide of living since the subjects it deals with are crucial and enveloping, establishing the pass we take in life and how we treat other people.Among the most essential field that philosophers deal with fall into a number of separate fields. Among them, the most imperatives ones are metaphysics which deals with the theory of reality, epistemology that connotes the theory of intimacy, ethics which is theory of moral values, government which is theory of legal rights and government and aesthetics which refers to theory of nature of art (Carroll N, 1998).The vehicle for philosophical focussing is religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism as well as Islam. Religions vary from philosophers not in the issues they deal with merely in the ways they employ to address them. Religions are based on mythic stories that existed earlier before discovery of unequivocally cogent methods of inquiry (Bender J, 1993).The present day religion (majority of) appeal to mystical reliance as well as revelation multifariousness of belief that claim legitimacy independent of logic, and the scientific method, at least made for the biggest subjects. However, majority of religions are in their commencement pre-rational as opposed to anti-rational, a story tellers account of philosophic issues as opposed to scientists (Bender J, 1993).Philosophy in Grecian connotes love of wisdom. Philosophy is founded on rational arguments and appeal to facts (Bender J, 1993). Modern science history began with philosophical enquiries and the scientific method of research and proof is an aspect of the general approach that a philosopher attempts to bring to a question one that is coherent and vigorous.Philosophy is known to offer deep and wide questions presently. Dealing with the issues in each branch of philosophy calls for integration of everything one knows concerning reality (metaphysics) or humanity (epistemology, ethics, politics and aesthetics) recommending logical inclination in philosophy therefore is not a simple job. Frankly, philosophers more often than not disagree about principle subject some slipping their own positions in the mix as well (Diffey T, 1995). Thus, there is no incident philosophy land wide as is the case with physics, interpersonal chemistry among other disciplines. Having clearly distinguished the two disciplines, then we can embark on the issue of what a philosopher can learn from an artist. This calls us to explore the subfield of philosophy. It relates to nature of art, in addition to performing of arts as well as painting, sculpture and literature (Diffey T , 1995). Major concerns in aesthetic comprise of how artistic creations should be construed as well as assessed and how the arts are linked to one another, to natural beauty, morality, religious science as well as other crucial aspects of human life.The association between art and epistemology has been always tenuous and burdened with a lot of arguments (Diffey T, 1995). It is adjudge that there is something meaningful from experiences as well as interactions with works of arts. However, it is not considered as obvious that whether or not the experiences one has with art can sustain propositional understanding that is represented by true vindicated belief (Diffey T, 1995). Whereas engaging objects aesthetically is both insightness and randyly burdening practice, it is also essentially cognitive. Therefore, it can be said that aesthetic engagement is based on confused epistemological concerns (Carroll N, 1998). For instance, philosophers claim to know about art. People say that they believed the play was good or bad, but the emotions it produced were called for, justified, manipulative or suitable. In most cases, people allege that they learn from art, that art alters their view of the humanness and that art has influence on the way they view as well as make maven of the institution (Carroll N, 1998). It also widely ac noesisd that works of arts particularly good works of art, can cause view points about the world and can in turn offer knowledge concerning the world (Carroll N, 1998). However, what can exactly be known about art? Does art throw any sort of propositional content that resembles the context that philosophers claim to require for other sort of knowledge claim? The subject of whether philosophers have something to learn from artists revolves rear to the period of Plato. Plato warned about the perils of making a fuss of mimetic as well as narrative demonstrations of the world and human actions. A practitioner of philosophy by his engagement with art permits certain emotions or activities that are able to facilitate or produce knowledge. It should be acknowledged that some aspects of art work that are able to produce greater understanding of the surrounding world (Carroll N, 1998). In this case, art becomes a outset of insight as well as awareness, even though it cannot be put into propositional language. It can help people (philosophy practitioners) see the world in a in the altogether or different way (Carroll N, 1998). They are often those who view art as being incapable of offering knowledge primarily because it does not generate any truth they argue that since art cannot offer facts or produce arguments then there is nothing to learn from it (Diffey T, 1995). They further argue that art cannot be acknowledged as a source of knowledge as it is not productive of knowledge, construed in the convectional sense of unforgiving true belief.They assert that art is devoid of propositional content capable of being learn t the conventional way, whereas it has influences that promote knowledge and that can promote or weaken the development of understanding. Thus the net effect is to reject art as a source of knowledge as it does not offer true beliefs and furthermore because it does not as well as cannot vindicate the views that it does express (Diffey T, 1995). However, those who are for and those against concur that art is a source of knowledge, the only way that it can probably satisfy such a function be it that knowledge neglected something crucial to arts nature as well as value (Diffey T, 1995).Plato articulates that it is possible for an artist to make a representation of a thing without having advance knowledge of his presentation. For instance, painters represent cobblers when the painters have no idea how to make shoes, and poets write about virtue such as beauty and endurance without any clear knowledge of these attributes (Carroll N, 1998).To Plato, it is only philosophers and moreover, those who struggle to intuit (feel) the forms and employ abstract reasoning are able to have know-how of these virtues. To him, the same things exist even for the literary arts in particular. He asserts that the more one engages in emotions brought about by representations, the more likely one is to suffer the influences of an unstable disposition and finally the growth of bad attitude (Carroll N, 1998).Aristotle seems to have agreed with Plato that art influences the development of ones moral character. These two philosophers believed that people learn from art, however, Plato argued that the gained knowledge was harmful while Aristotle argued that it was beneficial (Carroll N, 1998).Going back to the period of renaissance and beyond it should be noted that the works of art such as poetry and fiction engages the emotions of a philosopher in a healthy way rather as opposed to pernicious manner (Bender J, 1993). Some philosophers point out that there are there crucial types of know ledge claims that can be made concerning arts which are distinguished by objects.The first is what philosophers claim to know or believe concerning the art object itself and anything unreal or fictional worlds might be linked to that object. The due south aspect of knowledge claim about art relates to what is known or believed to be appropriate emotional reaction to the art work. It is crucial to note at this point that works of art are correct, mum through having a certain kind of emotional response to them (Bender J, 1993).The only problem encountered in this course is that it is not possible to establish the kind of response that is appropriate in relation to a particular work of art (Bender J, 1993).The last kind of knowledge claim that is available as far as art is concerned relates to the nature of information art can offer about the whole world (Bender J, 1993). It is important to note that art affords imperative insight into the way philosophers order and understand the wo rld. Art gives a certain degree of meaning to the lives of philosophers. Art, particularly literature, draws out novel views (beliefs) as well as new knowledge concerning the world (Bender J, 1993).Conclusion From the above, it is noteworthy that philosophy practitioners have a lot to learn from practitioners of art. It is important to acknowledge what constitutes knowledge so as to be able to understand how art impacts the subject.Reference Bender, sewer (1993). Art as a Source of Knowledge Linking Analytic Aesthetics and Epistemology. In Contemporary Philosophy of Art, ed. John Bender and Gene Blocker. Englewood Cliffs, NJ Prentice Hall.Carroll, Noel (1998). Art, Narrative, and Moral Understanding. In Aesthetics and Ethics Essays at the Intersection, ed. Jerrold Levinson. Cambridge Cambridge University Press.Diffey, T .J (1995) What Can We Learn From Art? Australasian Journal of Philosophy 73 202-11.

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Polish People in UK Essay Example for Free

round down feather slew in UK EssayHow do English people in United Kingdom perceive Poles? What argon the stereotypes of lash out Workers? How the image is changing over the years? The subject is very controversial as Poland gives umpteen reasons to not be forgotten at the European stage. Poland is famed for John Paul the 2nd, mevery stunning women, Vodka and sausage. A general description is gravely to obtain, as there atomic number 18 many points of views and issues. The historical bet oncloth had a massive impact on cultural and economic education. Not so eagle-eyed ago Poland was a communist country, where human rights were highly oppressed.At this time Poland was a satellite state cosmos hold back by the Communist Soviet Union mend Western European development was progressing. Eventu eithery Poland achieved full democracy in 1989, and continues without communist influence to this day. The wise fundamentalism was doing very well. For years, the Catholic r adio, piano tuner Maria for example, gave voice to the hate priests and politicians that condemned everything that was foreign and is not inline with the narrow, xenophobic vision of parochial round outness.Regularly untested men throw stones at those who perk upm to them non-native. Taking out the rage on sexual minorities as there is no luck to find any immigrants. Galloping hate speech on the Internet is already pathological standard. In May 2004 Poland joined the European Union. United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden open labour market for close citizens and other new members of EU. The huge wave of Polish migrants entered the foreign markets.Base on GUS (Central Statistical spatial relation) interrogation in May 2002, 24,000 Polish Emigrants were living in United Kingdom. In 2008 the number was drastically multiply, by 27 times, the amount of Polish Immigrants in the UK reached the point of 650 thousands. It was the largest number of Polish migrants abroad in Europe. The af fable approach towards Eastern European Migrants was distinguished by those, who negatively responded to economic threats related with air losses, and those who were sure of their matter in the future development.Depending on where you stand, this phenomenal wave of immigration was either a remainder knell for British values and the tradition of the blue-collar British plougher, or a powerful foster to the British economy while others in Europe stagnate. spell industries in other EU countries befool been limited in their attempts to expand by an unavailability of high quality, reasonably-priced labour, many UK industries have been able to terminate their expansion and advances with hard working Poles, Slovaks, Lithuanians and Czechs.Demographic studies of those that have entered the UK reveal that over three quarters of immigrants glisten into the 18-34 age bracket. The popular estimate is that the average age of the Polish immigrant is 28. Following natural migration trend s, the large mass of these are single, with fewer responsibilities, resulting in an increased disposable income and a greater tendency to participate in the consumer culture that has been behind Britains economic growth over the past few years, at a time when virtually of Europe has been desperately trying to rein in escalating unemployment and avoid economic stagnation.While on other fronts increased immigration is a controversial topic, economically the British government dejection have little cause for complaint. Eastern Europeans have plugged holes in sectors brusque of labour, fate to custody inflation down, and in the relatively liberal open-market economy of the UK, the extra labour has been an easily absorbed asset. The negligible effect being had on unemployment as a result of immigration in the UK has disproved the theory that there are a finite number of jobs in the labour market and that the immigrants gain is the Brits loss.though registered unemployment has crep t up recently the government argues that this is not due to the economy failing to create jobs. Indeed, the number of job va shagcies remain high and the overall job market continues to expand. From an economic point of view, the fact remains that while almost all immigrant workers in the UK have open full-time employment, the non-migrant unemployment rate has remained steady proving that immigrants are helping to fuel economic growth rather than belowcut British workers in the labour market and distract their jobs.Whether it be reduced costs and waiting times for housing repairs in Lon wear thin as a result of Polish plumbers and builders, or new additions to the high street as a result of Polish demand for imported goods, many towns and cities are coming to appreciate the addition of yet another aspect to the bubbling concoction that is multi-ethnic Britain. Government and big double-deckeriness certainly appreciate the benefits brought by this fighting(a) new demographic g roup.According to the Ernst Young Item Club, Polish and other Eastern European immigrants are having a positive economic impact by making the UK workforce younger, more malleable and economical, moderation the pensions burden and keeping interest rates subvert. In the past few years Poland muddled her best human capital ever people, who travelled the world, higher educated, fluent with foreign languages, and familiar with new technologies. In the precedent waves of emigration the dominant were people with primary or vocational education. Polish is the most commonly spoken non-native language in England and Wales.More than half a million people in Britain now speak Polish as their eldest language, placing it ahead of Punjabi and Urdu and behind only English and Welsh. The data, extracted from the 2011 census, affirm the staggering numbers of Polish migrants who are now living, working and putting down roots in the UK. Some 521,000 Polish-born people have make their homes he re, a figure that has increased seven-fold since 2003, when just 75,000 were listed in the census. In many parts of Britain, such statistics leave come as no surprise.The influx of Poles to this country has long been evident in the swathes of Polish supermarkets, grocers, churches and cultural centres that have appeared across the country particularly since 2004, when Poland joined the European Union, opening up borders for free movement of workers. In addition to long-established Polish communities in west London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham and molt smaller hubs have established themselves in rural areas, such as Carlisle in Cumbria (twinned with the Polish urban center of Slupsk) and the Scottish Highlands.During the past decade, Polish culture has ingrained itself in British society. Most major supermarkets, including Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose, now stock Polish food and drink. There are 10 Polish churches in London alone, in locations such as Balham and Ealing, and road signs are translated into Polish in villages around Cheshire. There are hundreds of Polish-owned clubs, pubs and bars, a hugely popular newspaper (founded in 1940) and cultural centres that regularly host sell-out Polish plays and exhibitions.According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, Poland is the most common country of birth for non-UK born mothers in Britain, with 20,495 babies born to Polish mothers in 2011. Marriages between Poles and Brits, too, have multiplied. Poles have become British homeowners, business owners and taxpayers. So how have they, un like any other nationality before them, achieved such full-scale integration into our society and in such a short time? The ability of Poles to integrate seems to be linked to the reason many of them come to Britain in the first place. Work, explains Robert Szaniawski of the Polish Embassy in London, is the main gene that draws Poles to the UK. Most of them are young theyre from small towns they see it as a chance to get out and have an adventure, so they come to Britain. Theyre flexible and they move with the demands of the labour market. Its this willingness to go where the work is that helps them to ingratiate themselves. Polands GDP is significantly lower than Britains ($514. 5 billion, compared to the UKs $2. 43 trillion) there is high unemployment (averaging 12 per cent since 2008) and the minimum periodical wage is less than half that paid in Britain.As Polands economic growth slows down it halved to 2 per cent in 2012 still more skilled workers are lured to the UK. In 2011, 45,000 Poles settled here, soft touch the biggest rise in migrants since the financial crash. Poles have a reputation for being hard workers, especially in the manual labour sector. Adam Zamoyski, a British historian descended from a Polish noble family, says Poles are brilliant workers. When theyre abroad, they put their best foot forward and act as ambassadors for their country.They have a bet ter experience in England than they do in Germany or France. Theyre treated as menial in other countries in England, theyre treated with kindness. But with such mass immigration comes indispensable tension. Many British workers blame the steady flow of cheap, cash-in-hand Polish labourers for keeping them out of jobs. And not all Poles who settle in Britain come here for gainful employment. Of the 371,000 non-UK nationals claiming unemployment benefit, 13,940 are Polish making it the only previous EU accession state to appear in the top 20.In 2010, 6,777 Poles were convicted of crimes in Britain, and there are currently more than 700 Polish migrants in UK prisons (ranking in the top five nationalities of the 10,592 foreign nationals behind bars). As with every large group of migrants, you do get an underbelly, Zamoyski says. There are huge scams going on with benefits, whereby Poles come over to work, bring their families, sign them all up for child benefits and then go back hom e again with the money. And I have heard of older Poles accosting younger ones on their way to the bus stop and fleecing them for all their money. It was the Second World War that really formed the roots of Britains Polish community. The Poles made an important contribution to the Allied war effort, providing troops, intelligence and vital equipment. After the fall of France in 1940, the exiled Polish Prime Minister and his government set up office in London, bringing with them 20,000 soldiers and airmen. Poles made up the largest non-British group in the RAF during the Battle of Britain and, by July 1945, more than 150,000 Polish troops were serving under the command of the British Army.When the war ended, Churchill vowed that the British would never forget the debt they owe to the Polish and pledged citizenship and immunity of the British empire for all. Fleeing the Communist government in Poland, many refused to return home, leading to the passing of the Polish Resettlement Act 1947, the UKs first mass immigration law. This first generation of Polish migrants hardened the foundations for recent immigration. Nicola Werenowska, a playwright from Colchester, is married to Leszek, a second-generation Polish migrant whose parents moved to Reading later the war.While researching for her play Tu i Teraz (Here and Now), staged recently at the Hampstead Theatre in London, she interviewed 50 young Poles in Britain about their experiences of moving here. They come over for the jobs, but the history of migration helps them olfaction connected, she says. There are generally positive attitudes towards the UK in Poland. Szaniawski agrees Its a friendly, welcoming country and theres a huge tradition of our parents and grandparents coming here. The willingness and ability of Poles to learn English is another factor that has been crucial to their integration. According to the Polish Central Statistical Office, 40 per cent of Poles aged 25-64 speak at least one foreig n language, most commonly English or German. Joanna Pietrzykowska, 27, a trainee accountant from a small town in eastern Poland, came to the UK seven years ago to learn English. I initially came for a year, but I liked it so much that I am still here, she says. You can get anything you want over here now Polish food, movies, books from the library.Wherever I go, I butt at least one Polish person. I have an English boyfriend, and Ive always found it very welcoming. There are more career opportunities than in Poland so why would I go back? But not all Poles have such positive experiences of Britain. Some, says Adam Zamoyski, simply dont want to integrate. They dont ever have to learn the language they stay in their own communities, where you can go all the way from the obstetrician to the grave without ever having to speak English. Others, like Sofia Pekala, 54, a cleaner who moved to the UK from Poland in 2002, have had bad experiences at the hands of British employers. When I fi rst came I worked on a farm in Penzance, says Pekala, who used to own her own uniform shop. I was treated very poorly and paid just ? 2. 75 an hour for very hard work in poor conditions. Rafal Zbikowski, 34, who moved to Boston, Lincolnshire where 3,006 out of 62,243 residents are Polish eight years ago from Krakow, says he has experienced some tension, but adds It has been a great place to work.I came here to work in a food production factory and have had a job ever since. So what does the future hold for Britains Polish migrants? Werenowska believes that the roots many Poles have put down will last. Of the Polish migrants I interviewed, there were broadly two types, she says. The first are those who want to earn as much money as they can, as fast as they can, and then go home to their families. The second are those who have come to Britain because they love it, who genuinely want to be a part of British society. Like it or not, theyre definitely here to stay.

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Buddhist Traditions Essay Example for Free

Buddhist Traditions EssayBuddhism is an Eastern worship sufficed in most Asiatic countries. The religion was prep ared by Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) in the late 6th century B.C.E. Even though Buddhism is pr stand foriced in many focal points, a commonality among these ways is a drawing from the life experiences of the Buddha and his teachings. The spirit or pump of his teachings also referred to as dhamma or dharma, serve as models for the religious life. Some of the teachings of insight that lose been an fascinate of the disciples of Buddha are in regard to having an understanding of suffering and finding the end to all(a) suffering, and on having correlative esteem by having obligation mindfulness and right meditation and the principle of ataman. The beliefs and practice of both Karma and Dharma accommodate an private to avoid ignorance and allow for mutual esteem, which in return grants the psyche peace and happiness.Buddha set the stage for future Buddhi st with his teachings on The Noble Eightfold passage and The Principles of Mutual measure, which many in the origination base relate to and use today. What is known about the Noble Eightfold Path? What is Mutual Respect? How can Buddhism be used and understood today?History of BuddhaThe many teachings of Buddha were not discovered until the maiden or 2nd century C.E. until the writings of Buaciha Charija (life of the Buddha) by Ashvaghosa gave an account of Buddhas life. The Buddha who was born in ca. 563 B.C.E. in Lumbini, a place in North India near the Himalayan foothills, began his teachings around Benares (at Sarnath). His era in common was angiotensin converting enzyme of spiritual, intellectual, and social ferment. This was the age when the Hindu imagel of renunciation of family and social life by saintly soulfulnesss pursuit Truth showtime became widespread. (Vail, 1982).SufferingBuddha had attained enlightenment while sitting under a Bodhi manoeuvre (The Buddha The Bodhi Tree, n.d). He sought to understand suffering, its cause, its end, and the agency that led to its end. By the third night he found his answer which is known as the foursome noble truths. The first noble truth is the life elbow room suffering (Kniermin, 2009). Human nature and the world is not perfect, therefore, inevitably those in the physical life result suffer from sickness, injury, pain, tiredness, old age, and eventually death. Humans also suffer psychologically such as sadness, fear, disappointment, frustration, and depression.The sulphur truth is that theorigin of suffering is attachment. Desire causes suffering as does the pursuit of wealth and prestige. Those that strive for fame and popularity go out also suffer. The third truth is ceasing suffering through nirodha. Nirodha is to not study sensual craving and abstract attachment. To cease suffering means to remove all cause of suffering through is actions. To attain saint in ridding all passions and a ttachments one would come across Nirvana. To take for Nirvana means one no semipermanent worries or has trouble. The fourth truth is that is a gradual path of self- improvement will end all suffering and this can be attained through the following of the Eightfold Path.The Noble Eightfold Path describes the end of suffering through the practice of mental development which was described by Siddhartha Gautama (Kniermin, 2009b). The goal is to discharge the individual from attachments and delusions, leading one to understand the truth of all things. The beginning and the end of the path is to have the right view. The right view is to cop things as they unfeignedly are and understand karma. The first step is to know that all beings suffer and to realize that the view of the world is through thoughts and the right view yields right thoughts and actions.Actions are usually expressed through ones attention. Having the right intentions is having a commitment to ethical and mental self -improvement. The troika types of right intentions are 1. to resist desire, 2. strive to avoid feelings of anger, and 3. not think or act in a violent, cruel, or aggressive manner. Although one can have the right intentions one must make an effort. One can have the right effort by preventing unwholesome states. To attain right efforts one must have the right mindfulness. To have a clear consciousness and perceive things as they truly are.The way one conducts oneself is to have the right speech, for lyric poem can break or save a person, make enemies or friend, create peace or start a war. Right speech is the practice of not telling lies, abstaining from slanderous speech, abstaining from harsh words, and abstaining from conversation that has no point. Not only is having the right words important, only when having the right action. The right actions is to not take life even oneself and to abstain from robbery, fraud, deceitfulness, dishonesty, and sexualmisconduct.The way earns on es living is to have the right livelihood. One should gain wealth legally and peacefully. Some occupations that are not con boldnessr to the right livelihood would be prostitution, selling or buying of weapons, raising animals for slaughter or pass awaying in a butchery, and selling intoxicants.The eighth principle of the path is to have right absorption. To have right meanness is to establish the mind rightly, which involves all the paths of the noble eightfold (Bhikkhu, 2001 -2009). To establish the right concentration one would use meditation. Tranquil meditation quiets the mind. To enter into right concentration one has to be restless for it can not arise on its own. Once one is able to enter into right concentration one will experience stillness, rapture, and pleasure.Mutual RespectBuddhism teaches one to be mutually respectful of one some other(a) since it can lead one down a road of tolerance and acceptance. Mutual respect corresponds to the fantasy of treat others the way an individual would like to be treated in return. Mutual respect ensures that leave is present in all interactions. Mutual respect operates within the domain of practical reason out and assists individuals seeking knowledge of what to do and how one should do it, when one wants to build or sustain democracy. However, practical reasoning principles differ from rules. The journey one follows towards understanding, respecting and trusting others winds through hills and valleys. It can be difficult to find the path and even more difficult to stay on the right path. The belief is that it takes true humility, willingness to first listen, a sober look at ones own shortcomings, and commitment over time, however, this approach will not work for everyone.A common thread in world religions are that the teachings are to improve humanity and improve populates ethical behavior thereby improving life on earth. An important leason is for people to learn not to be consumed with material thin gs but to strive to have a balance surrounded by material andspiritual progress. All religions need to work together to make the world a fall apart place. The world needs not only material progress, but also spiritual progress as well. If humans only develop spiritually and do not take care of the material side then people go hungry, and that is not very good either. There needs to be a balance. One does not have to agree with or even necessarily like a person or a religion, but it does ensure that interactions run smoothly.Mutual respect implies recognition that all individuals are human beings together, that in fact, all beings are one. Humans are one and the same, of the same source, each reflecting other aspect of oneself. Instead of looking at differences between groups of people, or indeed between religions, a spiritually oriented person focuses upon similarities. If everyone were to do this, there would be no violence, no wars, no lack of respect for others, and no lack of self-respect.Mutual respect is important because it transforms counterpoint into peace, compromise, and production. Respect creates an atmosphere that allows for progress to be made. An individual can not expect to receive respect if he or she does not first offer respect. A person is more willing to take part in understanding something if the individual believes that his or her thoughts, opinions, and feelings will be taken into consideration and respected.Mutual respect is created when people treat others as they want to be treated. As mentioned The Golden Rule, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you brings forth the supposition that all things are connected and in relationship to one another. Mutual respect can mature from its own process and dynamics. Be the first to accord respect, and with time, it will develop amongst all he opposed parties (Beyond Intractability, 2005). If one person is giving respect but not receiving it in return from the other person, co nflict is likely to result and could have consequences for both sides. A balance and compromise will result in peace.Buddhism strongly focuses on the anatman, the inner-self, and obtaining thebalance of peace with both the inner-self and outer-self. Therefore, mutual respect greatly relates to the beliefs of the Buddhist religion in respect to eliminating negative energy. Conflicts and not respecting other individuals would only defeat the purpose of what one is onerous to accomplish with Ataman. Buddhists also believes in karma, the consequences of ones actions. This means that if a Buddhist were to deny respect then in return he or she would suffer the consequences of those actions. This would delay his or her progress towards drop off inner and outer peace.The Buddhist religion also discourages ignorance, or lack of knowledge, which can be a result of ignoring mutual respect. All the problems we experience during daily life originate from ignorance and the method for eliminatin g ignorance is to practice Dharma (About Buddha, 2007). Dharma is the act of protecting oneself from suffering and from problems. By practicing mutual respect an individual can avoid any unessential conflict or problems that would get in the way obtaining peace and happiness. Practicing Dharma is the supreme method for improving the caliber of our human life (About Buddha, 2007). By granting mutual respect in all subject matters, an individual improves the graphic symbol of his or her life.Buddhist SectsMutual respect is realized in many Buddhist sects. Buddhas teachings get ated far beyond the area in which he began and formed two primary divisions. The original teachings of Buddha are the Southern schooldays, called Theravada or better known as Way of the Elders. Theravada is mainly taught in the Southeast Asian countries. The northern School is referred to as Mahayana or The Greater Vehicle, and is comprised of countries in the North (Fisher, 2002 p. 157).Many writings came from these sects. Those who follow the teachings of Theravada studied fourth-year writings called the Pali Canon. A exhibition of Buddhas teachings, the Pali Canon was compiled after Buddhas death by a council of five hundred monks who had studied under him. From the Southern School is the Triple Gem which is a collection of Buddha, dharma and sangha. These were used in order for one to convert to Buddhism. Meditations were also very important. One of the techniques was Vipassana meditation. Theword Vipassana can be translated to mean insight. This was important because by developing insight helps to calm, focus and watch the mind (Fisher, 2002, p. 161).From the Northern School, Mahayana teachings were referred to as the path of compassion and metaphysics. Though they had the respect of the Southern School, these were teachings that reached beyond those of the Pali Canon. The Mahayanists claimed these scriptures were given only to those kind and tiro beings. Those scriptures ca lled the Mahayana sutras told of the significance of spiritual understanding. To the Mahayanists, the dharma is not only a term used in writings, but the actual source of a conversion event that makes one realize the need for enlightenment as the absolute significance of life (Fisher, 2002, p. 164).Through the years, Buddha made his teachings in reference to the interview in which he spoke. Buddha in effect, had taught in different levels depending on the willingness of the audience to pay attention to the truth. As time proceeded, the audience changed, and the Mahayanists looked past the Pali Canon which was a teaching to help those with lower capacities to the sutra which would teach the true meaning of the dharma. youthful Mahayana communities were formed. They called themselves Bodhisattvas.Bodhisattvas were dedicated to attaining enlightenment. These were teachings that expanded on those taught in the sutra. Bodhisattvas believed that not only were there special people who cou ld gain spiritual growth it could be obtained by the masses of people also. The goal was to achieve the enlightenment and to see in that enlightenment what you have not seen before, which is the divinity of the world (Loverade, n.d.).In accordance with these teachings, Bodhisattvas should become enlightened and return to help others to obtain the same goal. Those go would not experience the suffering in which others were exposed. The idea is not only to become enlightened, but also to become like Buddha himself and be an enlightened one who returns to the world.ConclusionBuddha, born in 563 B.C.E brought teaching of enlightenment to the world. He taught that desiring brings suffering. He also taught his followers to respect other religions through an open mind and tolerance. Throughout Buddhisms teachings and beliefs runs the undercurrent of mutual respect and enlightenment. In essence, one cannot reach enlightenment without mutual respect. By integrating the four noble truths and the eight fold path an individual will reach an understanding of anatman and the impermanence that exists in life. Illusions will end and self-centeredness will grate and an individual will eventually be free from attachments and understand the truth of all things. Once enlightenment is reached by an individual, the individual is to become like Buddha and return to the world to help others.ReferencesAbout Buddha (2007). About Buddha. Retrieved July 31, 2009 from http//www.aboutbuddha.orgBerzin, Alexander, (1988). The Berzin Archives. Retrieved July 31, 2009 fromhttp//www.berzinarchives.com/ meshing/en/archives/approaching_buddhism/world_today/buddhist_view_other_religions.htmlBeyond Intractability (2005). A free knowledge base on more structural approaches todestructive conflict. Retrieved July 30, 2009 from http//www.beyondintractability.org/essay/respect/?nid=6573Bhikkhu, T. (2001- 2009). Right concentration. Retrieved August 3, 2009 fromhttp//www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/thai/su wat/concentration.htmlFail,L.F. (1982). Focus. Retrieved July 31, 2009 fromhttp//afe.easia.columbia.edu/japan/japanworkbook/religion/origins.htmlFisher, M.P. (2003). Living religions (5th ed.). Retrieved August 1, 2009 from UOPrEsource REL133Knierim, T. (2009a). The four noble truths. Retrieved August 2, 2009 fromhttp//www.thebigview.com/buddhism/fourtruths.htmlKnierim,T. (2009b). The noble eightfold path. Retrieved August 2, 2009 fromhttp//www.thebigview.com/buddhism/eightfoldpath.htmlLoverade, L. (n.d.). Five stages of consciousness in religion and the returning buddha.

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Budgeting Process Is a Waste of Time and Valuable Resources Essay Example for Free

Budgeting Process Is a Waste of Time and Valuable Resources EssayA budget is a plan for financing an enterprise or government during a definite period, which is hustling and submitted by a responsible executive to a representative body (or other duly make up agent) whose approval and authorization are obligatory before the plan may be executed. In the guinea pig of Uganda, it is a financing plan for one year prepared by the president and approved by Parliament. Some scholars have argued that budgets are a thieve of time and valuable resources. scarce this statement is non entirely true as the budget form has some very useful mappings in commonplace administration as shown below- Financial master. governance needs to be able to exercise control over the ministries and departs i. e. to make veritable that the ministries are keeping to plan and that necessary actions can be taken to put them back on track when needed. Government needs to have control tools to make sur e that financial plans and targets are being achieved, and the best tool is the budget.The budget is a plan set disclose in numbers, which enables the government to exercise control. The difference between what is budgeted to happen and what actually happens is termed a variance. A companionable variance means that ministry or department is doing well while an adverse variance shows those that are not. apportionment of scarce resources. One of the biggest tasks of government is the tryst of scare resources. This is often done through the budget. Resource allocation refers to the distribution of resources, and in particular finance, from the center to peripheral levels.Because the budgetary process is often participatory, it enable the motley ministries and local governments to identify their needs and present them to the centre. Programme Coordination. The budget process serves very well to prepare government departments and ministries. It is at this budget process that the go vernment can get to know who is doing what and at what cost. Government can for example be able to tell that water for irrigation has been covered under the Ministry of Agriculture and should accordingly be omitted from the Ministry of Water and Environment.Communication. The public budget serves as a communication tool to a compartmentalization of audiences. The general public, civil society, and legislators all receive information from the budget process. Once the budget has been approved by the legislature and signed into law, the ministries and other agencies become the information recipients. Importantly, each of these actors perceives the budget differently. Budget also communicates upwards. Ministries and mixed agencies must(prenominal) prepare a budget that persuades the president that they support him and his manifesto.At this level of the process, the information in the budget document must explain why a program deserves continued support, how it meets the presidents po licy priorities, and how well it is using the resources it has been given. After a ministry budget has been incorporated into the national budget the primary winding audience for communicating information shifts from the executive to the legislative branch of government. The primary goal at this order is to provide information to legislature with the recommendations and analysis that serve as the basis for their decisions.Perhaps the approximately eventful purpose for public budgeting is to communicate a ministrys intentions and performance to the citizens. The media also plays a major role in presenting budgets to the citizens. The key events in the budget processes and budget documents must serve to support a aggregated communication task. Successful communication helps to build legitimacy for the government and its programs. Budgeting as a Governing Tool. in the public eye(predicate) budgeting has become an increasingly central galvanizing force for both the administrative and policy side of governance.This process begins with the preparation of program-level, agency-level, and then ministry-level requests for the coming fiscal year. This budget process presents a political platform for the plectron of policy choices and for the allocation of resources to support those choices. The development of a national budget provides the foundation from which to organize a coordinated response to these complex problems and needs. Financial Accountability. Reflecting its roots, the budget process provides the tools to ensure financial accountability.Legislative inadvertency and audit functions are important activities that provide an opportunity for ministries to demonstrate that they have complied with legislative directives. This compliance provides assurances to both elected officials and to the public that the ministry and its programs are serving the public interest. Influence on the Economy . The spending and tax revenue policies of the central governmen t and local governments have frugal intrusion. Of course, the central government, with its sh11 trillion for 2012/2013 has far more impact on the economy than billions the local governments spend.From an economists point of view, the budget serves the following combination of economic objectives * currency social service programs for those in need, thus increasing the demand for private sector goods and function * reflects tax policy that affects business and individuals * reflects and funds the enforcement of commercial, transportation, land use and environmental regulations that affect the business humour * funds education and other training programs that enhance the countrys human and economic resources * funds routine purchases (like stationary) and capital projects (like Bujagali dam) that stimulate economic activity * serves to redistribute wealth across the countrys residents and * Supports the government as the largest single employer. Public Budgeting as Political tool . The budget process presents a serial publication of opportunities for elected officials and interest groups. The perspectives and needs of elected officials and interest groups may frequently contrast with the values and hopes of most public administrators.Understanding these contrasting needs is a useful key to understanding the budget process. elect officials must respond to their constituents needs and demonstrate a record of leadership. MPs must demonstrate an ability to use government to solve problems in their constituencies. Survival of an MP rests on this ability. In contrast, civil servants often rely on public service and professional values to guide their aesthesis of action and accomplishment. For example, at the ministry of finance, the minister (who is not elected) and budget analysts are primarily committed to acquiring the resources necessary to maintain the efficient and effective delivery of programs, not delivering on promises to constituents.The budget proces s provides leadership opportunities to link and reconcile these competing perspectives. The promises of an election campaign must be quickly translated into policies and programs. Campaign goals and visions must be translated into code and directives that can reform and reorient the ministries. The budget also provides an opportunity for the executive to engage with the legislature. When executive and legislative branches are divided, compromise is usually necessary to meet the constitutional duty shared by the decision maker and legislative branches i. e the president must present a budget to the legislature and the parliament is constitutionally required to enact a budget. Waste of time.On many instances, however, budgets may appear of a waste of time when they are not adhered too. In Uganda for example, The Monitor newspaper reported that the budget for Sate stick out had jumped from Shs66. 1 billion approved in September last year to Shs204. 4 billion. On the daylight to da y running, there always unforeseen consequences that governments have to cater for and often need extra resources beyond what is budgeted for. An example in Uganda was the Bududa landslides, In the US we have seen incidences such Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans in 2005. But that is only a perception. Budgets play a very big role in public focus and administration.

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Role as an English Teacher Essay Example for Free

Role as an position teacher EssayAnalyzing Ryans go to bed for edition and indite, it can be understood that his literature and ordering outline work in Year 6 and Year 7 was not only non stimulating save also quite below the standard of the works that Ryan could produce on his own with out any help from his teachers and parents. There are several types of activities that are performed during class in order to ready the students love for literature and in allow them to go through several texts, both(prenominal) fictional and non-fictional, in order to build their character and minds. Some of these activities involve RIBIT (Read in Bed, its Terrific) activity, where six categories of books form been formed and the student can require any book from each category, to read and then fill prescribed activity sheets accordingly. Other activities complicate Miscue Analysis which involved prior reading and then retelling of the same story, writing, copying and similar early (a) activities to build the students reading and writing habits.However, it is quite understandable to note that some students have a best(p) dullard and grasp of reading and literature than others since each student has a different psyche and all activities whitethorn not be equivalentd or understood by all students. Some students may be better at following all the activities and performing just as prescribed as they would not like to deviate from the prescribed pattern. On the other hand, other students show more caliber towards being flexible and would like varying and different texts and literature to read and evaluate.Ryan is one such theoretical account in this class as he would like to be more flexible in his reading and read different texts and literatures rather than the prescribed ones. There are a few reasons for this deviation. One of the aboriginal reasons for this deviation from the prescribed syllabus is his love for reading as he has been reading and writing for the yesteryear few years. Secondly, Ryan has a different mind frame from other students in his class in which exercise his likes and dislikes in reading are also different.Basically, he would like to read on his own than have a set routine and pattern through which as an English Teacher, I would route his towards reading. Therefore, his readings in class bore him and his mind is distracted. It can be understood as to why his behavior has been slip from reading and writing towards making more friends and creating distractions in class. His basic aim in Year 6 was to read and write pieces of fiction and non fiction. However, in Year 7, there is hardly any time later on completing all homework, for reading and writing that he previously used to enjoy.In this case, his reading and writing got affected and he would get bored by the readings prescribed in the English Syllabus as well, which leaves him distracted and a bit disturbed since his hobby and love for reading and writing is not get fulfilled. Therefore, in my opinion, he shifted towards creating mischief in class, and began to make more friends amongst his class and school mates, which is the time that he used to spend in brushing up his writing skills in fiction and non-fiction.During class, in both Year 6 and Year 7, writing was a generalized activity which involved few things like Copying, Question/Answer Activities, Fill-in-the-Gap Activities and Labeling. For a person like Ryan, these activities hold little meaning in English Language and Literature since he has been far-off ahead in his reading and Literature than his friends due to his self-motivation and read and write.In this case, the activities done in class hold less value, and coupled with exceptional amounts of homework disposed to children in the years, it actually has become distracting for Ryan to actually study and complete any substantial readings of his own. Ryans passing from primary to secondary had been a time of difficulty du e to the several reasons which are highlighted above, if his and other students introduce had been taken in this regard, to understand and evaluate what they would like to read and study during the year, it would have become far more easier for Ryan, and other students to cope with activities and studies during Year 7.