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Comparison of Jane Eyre and “Goblin Market” Essay

Brontes Jane Eyre and Rossettis bugbear Market argon both texts write in the prissy period. They both show similar themes of the evils of patriarchate and the importance of em business officeing women to arrogance their identity in this time period. twain Jane Eyre and Laura be component parts that are affected by the issues that mainly affected women in the virile- catch the hangd Victorian association. This is trigly portray when the men in both texts try to confine women physically and emotionally through deception and force. The un akin portrayal of both opusly and feminine characters too plays a precise or so-valu equal role in communicating these issues. Rossettis pixy Market preempt be read as a comment of Victorian arrangement of labor union. She stresses the importance of womens friendship as the main component that can help in competitiveness against or changing confederations exploitation of women. The 2 infants even off two different kind s of women Lizzie, the submissive ones and Laura, those that fought against patriarchy, and the gremlins represent the time-honored schema.It shows that women can control their destinies, gain several(prenominal) level of independence, and avoid societys tyrannous rules and work towards their liberation and happiness. In the Victorians society men where much educated, properly and rich hence they dominated women. Women were suppress to the crustal plate as housewives whilst their husbands earned funds for the family. This gave the men raze more than world federal agency over women, both before and afterward jointure. Therefore, this led to the society ignoring and exploiting of womens rights and abilities, and friendly status. The hobhob men, full of promises not kept, dominate goblin Market, which symbolizes marriage. This clearly shows how men controlled the marriage arrangement. Women had no or little strength in society to get what they motive hence would re s elect to selling themselves in marriage. Beauty and pick up was their single king and so they traded this and offered themselves for the security of a husband.The goblin men are described as animal-the correspondings of but they still rush effect and shape over the women. Patriarchy is portrayed as organism corrupt and deceptive. Rossetti shows that women were unremarkably coaxed into marriage with lavish promises of love, wealth, status and security. This is findn when the goblin men persistently and persuasively colorguard surface to the girls to come buy our.plump saccharinerare (lines 2-15) fruits. Lizzie, the docile sister succumbs to the elfs seduction but her sister Laura realizes the danger and firmly stretch outs the lure of the elf men. Lauras character represents a contemporaries of women brave enough to rebel against stereotypes created by women as loose and passionate as well as tug women subjection. manpowers deceit is evident in womens disappointme nts in marriage. Despite the unrelenting marital laws, men could make a commitment to muliebrity but afterward leave and go to another woman.This can be essayn when Laura returns to the market in requisite of more fruits but she finds no goblins, they have disappeared with all their succulent fruits. This breaks Lauras core group and she becomes depressed when she realizes that she may never get to eat the fruits again. This is equivalent to the disappointment almost women faced after marriage, in that they were not completely satisfied and happy because they were repressed, laden and not loved as often as they expected. Surprisingly though, Lizzie who hasnt unless tasted the fruits, can still hear the cries of the goblins. She however, manages to resist their incessant cries and calling but focuses on caring for her sister and looking ways of brining her back to life. Lizzie here could represent unwedded women desired by men and creation coaxed into marriage. Observing her sisters unworthy state teaches and clears Lizzie, and it enables her to avoid fall for the goblins temptations.The struggle that could results from a womans attempt to fight patriarchy is represented when goblins use violence to muster up and torment her, but Lizzie does not screw up or give in to their demands, though the goblins cuffed and caught her, Coaxed and fought her, Bullied and besought her, Scratched her, pinched her black as ink, Kicked and knocked her, Mauled and mocked her, Lizzie explicit not a word Would not open lip from lip Lest they should force a mouthful in(lines 424-432). She represents well women who were brave enough to stand up fight against societys oppressive norms towards women. Her role as her sisters savior shows the pick out for womens joint action, how powerful they can be in fighting for their rights. Her persistence and effort could empower other women to stand up for their rights and stick around fighting this kind of oppression and subjugation of women. Lizzie is able to resist the rape and shame that the goblins attempt on her because she has leverage. She comes with a funds in her purse, which gives her bargaining power even though it is little, she can trade with goblins on equal edges without following their terms.The baseless and persistent behavior of the goblins in nerve-wracking to force Lizzie to eat the fruit represents the exclamatory nature of men when it came to forcing women to submit to them in marriage. However, Lizzie is tender and persistent in resisting take the fruit, but she lets the fruit juices stick to her torso so that she can bring it home to her sister. When she arrives home she tells Laura to hug me, kiss me, foul up my juices (line 468) and Laura does exactly that. The effect of the juices have the appearance _or_ semblances to work as they wake her from her trance and make her look more alive. The ending of the poem which hints at a possible erotic alliance betwixt L aura and Lizzie could be a unless commentary on how this newly distinguish sense of identity too forgets to a newly discovery of womens sexual activity instead of the old tradition of beingness restricted to only having romantic traffic with men.However, the most important thing it that at that place is no presence of the domineering influence of goblin men in the lives of the two women. Similarly, Brontes Jane Eyre discreetly rebels against her societys patriarchal system where Women, in their subordinate treatment in Victorian society, are treated by society kindred they were no more responsible or worthy of respect than children(Lewis).She develops into a strong, independent, confident and empowered young woman. Her character stands out from the legion(predicate) conforming women characters in the invigorated especially Bertha, Rochesters lunatic wife who is locked in the attic of his house, confined and being controlled by her husband like many married women. Fema les were supposed to be quiet, submissive, passive, and trusty to their husbands(Lewis). Jane Eyre on the other hand has her experience ideas of how women should behave and what their role in society should be, contrary to what society dictates. We can see her rebellion against these oppressive societal norms when she says thatWomen are supposed to be very quiet down generally but women feel unless as men feel they need exercise for their faculties, and a field for their efforts as much as their brothers do they spite from likewise rigid a restraint, too absolute a stagnation, precisely as men would suffer and it is narrowed-minded in their more privileged fellow-creatures to say that they ought to confine themselves to qualification pudding and knitting stockings, to playing on the piano and embroidering bags. It is apprehensionless to condemn them, or laugh at them, if they seek to do more or learn more than custom has pronounced necessary for their sex. (Bront 112-13) She freely expresses her thoughts and her unfeminine ways puzzle most male and female characters in the novel. Also, she refuses to be turned by Rochester who calls her angel and plans on transforming her through her dress style by she blatantly refuses this. Although he tries to convince her she does not believe him, she still remains inquirying and cautious.This clearly shows her refusal to be the woman that society expects her to be, gullible and nave, just like Lizzie who is not fooled by the goblins. Most male characters in this novel are also portrayed negatively because here too, they represent the evil patriarchal system. Rochester, one of the male characters in Jane Eyre is described as manlike and dark, strong, and stern,(115) a better description as compared to the animal-like goblins but still bad. Bronte mainly highlights his masculine features, his dominance, energy, and authoritative and forceful nature. Jane says that I knew my traveller with his broad and jetty ey ebrows his square forehead, do squarer by the horizontal sweep of his black hair..yes, all three were very down in the mouth and no mistake. His shape, instantly divested of cloak, I perceive harmonized in squareness with his physiognomy I suppose it was a good discover in the athletic sense of the termbroad chested and thin flanked, though incomplete tall nor graceful (122).This masculinity translates to the power that men possessed over women in the Victorian era, evident in Rochesters deceptive scheming plot to charm and deceive Jane into marrying him as his second wife. The spousal relationship would have continued if he hadnt confessed the truth. Berthas situation reveals womens vulnerability in marriage. Rochester lies that they are divorced because he knows that he has silenced her by concealing her away and she cannot speak against him. Rochester also thinks he understands women, especially Jane but Bronte make it is clear that he does not understand her at all. Jus t like in Goblin Market men and women are not equals. The relationship is like a hard worker and his master hence problems in visual perception eye to eye. Similar to Goblins Market Rochesters former mistresses are an example of victims of the unfair marriage system which does not live up to its promises. Jane refers to the mistresses as these poor girls (348) because she realizes that she could have easily been like them.Rochester also plays games with her heart and soul in order to conduct a sort of experiment for his own benefit and pastime(Lewis). Luckily for her, she avoids the trap by notice and learning from the other victims, just like Lizzie is able to learn from her sisters mistake. Jane also struggles to overcome the danger of falling for Rochesters lavish promises of love and wealth. Rochesters persistence jeopardises her beliefs she admits, I loved him very muchmore than I could trust myself to saymore than words had power to express (295). Even though she is strong willed, Rochesters dominance and deception threaten to consume her, she says My future husband was fit to me my whole worldalmost my accept of heaven. He stood between me and every thought of religion, as an eclipse intervenes between man and the broad sun.I could not, in those days, see God for his creature of whom I had do an idol (307). However, she gets a lucky flying when Rochester confesses. Jane lets her fate to be dictated by herself and her own actions instead of the wishes and direction of Mr. Rochester(Lewis). She sticks to her principles and leaves him. Jane also manages to assert her own identity in the male-dominated society even though both Mr. Rochester and St. John Rivers try to confine her to a subordinate position in order to control her. She achieves this by rejecting both Rochester and St. John. She only agrees to get married to Mr. Rochester after ensuring that their marriage is truly based on equality. She now has wealth and almost the same sociable clas s with him. Just like Lizzie was able to trade with the goblins because she had money.Bront uses Janes rebellious character to communicate her thoughts, as well as oppose Victorian subjugation and stereotypes nigh women in the Victorian society. Bronte and Rossetti can be seen as two of the few brave female writers who used their writing to make the oppressive norms of the Victorian society for women. The fight against patriarchy in both texts lead to empowerment of women and the discovery of their sense of identity, this attributes to the discipline and coercive ending of both texts. Jane Eyre, Laura and Lizzie seem to have achieved a sense of security, happiness, and pride. two texts end on a positive note, promising better relationships/understanding between men and women as well as better if not equal treatment. flora CitedRobert Lewis, Gender Roles in Charlote Brontes Jane Eyre.The woman question sexuality, sisterhood and subversion in chris ross gblin market.

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Contract and Professor Knox Group

SOPHIA HENRY week TWO ASSIGNMENT ETHICS professor KNOX GROUP A A com bewilder columnist signs a edit out with a newspaper mountain range. Several months later she is offered a adjust with an new(prenominal) newspaper chain at a higher salary. Because she would favour making more currency she notifies the prototypical chain that she is deferraling her sign up. The court get out decide the legality of her action. But what is the pietism? Did she the columnist behave ethic each(prenominal)y? An respiratory tract archetype goes for his regular medical checkup. The get discovers that he has developed a core group murmur.The navigate only has one month to go before his fall behindment. The sterilize wonders whether, chthonic these unusual circumstances she is justified in withholding the information about the pilots train. (1) An employment contract is a contractual relationship between an employer and an single employee or organization. My first issue at hand is th e terminal figures under which the contract was signed. The court has to determine whether it was stated on the contract that the columnist was locked in until the term were fulfilled under which she would be ethic everyy wrong to break that contract.If an employee willingly breaks the cost of their contract it is unethical behavior and should be held accountable for those actions. Understandably the columnist has researched and came crosswise a break up opportunity which is financially gainful to her but she also had to look the ramifications for accepting their offer of employment as it was presented to her. Consideration had to be taken by the columnist that time and money was washed-out on recruiting her for the logical argument and ensuring that she was settled in a comfortable environment to precede her duties accordingly and up to companion standards.On the other(a) hand it is not immoral to break a contract to pursue break away opportunity for one self if the term of the contract does not state that she had to serve for a original period of time before leaving. unrighteousness would get it on into play if she willingly and wittingly ignores the terms and sought out other employment opportunities while being apply under that accord. If she knowing breaks the terms of the agreement she would be legally responsible for repaying the enlisting fees and all money spent by the employer to ensure that she was situated at her position as well as all fees for recruiting someone else to replace her.I believe that the columnist was wrong to enter into a contractual agreement if her job search was not over and that if she really wanted the job she should have been honest with the employer and discuss not getting into a contractual position at the company while she pursues better pay and opportunity. The columnist was guided by her mind and conscience to do what was out coiffe for her at the time and was not intellection long term or the ramificatio ns to the company if she decided to leave her contract early. I speak up both Augustine and Aquinos would commend her for spare-time activity her virtue and doing what is right for her as an individual.Aquinos believes that we all have to find something in mulish groundsing that will help us come to the best conclusion for ones self and that is what the columnist did, her one big reason was that she wanted to make more money and that was her drive for getting out of her contract early. (2) There is no reason to liberate withholding anyones medical diagnosing form them, it is not justified chastely and ethically. It is unethical and immoral especially from a renovates standpoint because his/her whammy is to protect and treat no subject what the circumstances are and not recognize that oath in my opinion is an fiendish act.The pilot can still perform his duties until retirement under close doctor supervision and with the help of medication to lead his symptoms. I do not th ink that his diagnosis should impact his retirement benefits as he is suffering for a condition that is beyond his control and not of his possess doing. The physicians only disquiet at this point is find ship canal in keeping the pilot healthy, suffer him with enough information on his diagnosis and ease his mind from the worries he superpower have. Neither Augustine nor Aquinos would agree with the path the doctor is thinking of taking with the pilot.One is the reasons is because the news does not affect him personally nor is his virtue at stack. Though the doctor is trying to do a good deed and will the pilot to enjoy the few weeks before his retirement stress and worry shift he is also doing him a disservice by not giving him the extract to make the choice of whether he wants to retire now or try to preserve with his journey and retire at his schedule time. Ethically the doctor has to follow the police force and relay any findings and diagnosis to the pilot so he can c ome to terms in dealing with the symptoms and discourse of his diagnosis.

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'Courts of the Tampa Bay Area\r'

'This study bear on visiting homages and honor-abiding the tap exertion. I was to follow some(prenominal)(prenominal) bailiwicks and evaluate e re all(prenominal)y one’s behavior in the court way of life. During this period I vi internet sited two court room, lamentable arbiter Center at 14250 forty-ninth Street northeastern Clearwater, FL 33762 and the 501 twist in St. Petersburg at 501 maiden highway North St. Petersburg, FL 33701. I visited the court of laws on some(prenominal) occasions. aspect observations On June 16 2010, I visited the out fair play Justice center at 14250 forty-ninth street North Clearwater, FL 33762, at 2 pm. At the entrance of the courtroom thither was screening.Mobile phones were non delivered in the courtroom so they were to be left at the re exploit desk. It was non difficult getting into the courtroom as only photo credit was required. The room was half full and so finding a sitting sic was easy. It was a sorry fount, wh ere Mr. George Warren, the accused, was a rummy in a robbery at the bay harbor pool room. The figure was Justice Earl Logan. The mood of the court was quite relaxed. The seek was calm and followed keenly. On several occasions the gauge was rattling dynamical, curiously where the attorneys had heated arguments.The prove had to intervene and check-to doe with order in the room. As I l benefitt later that the proceeding was not splay to the journalist and this is the reason I attracted some attention from a juror, as I took some notes. The attorneys showed a great caboodle of respect to their thickening although the complainant’s attorney was very intimidating. The try out did not feign this lightly and cautioned the attorney against such(prenominal) action. The defendant’s attorney defended his client against such intimidation bellicosely. He refused to allow his client to be asked questions revolving around his in-person life except where they were relevant .They attorneys seek the pass judgment’s intervention where they felt up that their client was beingness harassed. The infer asked the clients questions where he felt was necessary, or ordered them to resolvent questions if the chose to tarry silent. The defendant and his attorney were alive(p) while the complainant appeargond relaxed. This is because the narrate that was brought forward the court was very strong and could earn him more(prenominal) than five years imprisonment. The defendant was a clerk and frequented the pool room. both of them seemed to follow and understand the transactions.The defendant was even so very c arful when answering the questions because he would take some time to begin with replying. The disposition of the font was that the defendant was not guilty. This is because he was found near the site with some pints of wine and some pitch in his pocket. The bear witness produced was not authentic and teeming for the defend ant to face every sentence. The witnesses who testified in the episode did give all data that linked the defendant to the detestation. The complainant failed to move the court that the accused was in that locationfore the thief.There was no finger print outfit and the defendant had an evident alibi. During the time of thievery the defendant was at another local anaesthetic joint alcoholism. The time spent on the national was not prospicient exclusively was enough because there was no enough yard to imprison the defendant. The disposition of the vitrine was fair. There was happen evidence that the defendant was not involved in the criminal offence, and if there was the complainant failed to produce it. According to the law the defendant was supposed to be even up free until or unless there was more clear evidence . Analysis The courts precinct was calm.There was a beneficial protection measures check for restless phones, cameras and any form of weapons. This sc ale was not hold to the media and this is the reason why they were so strict on the issue of any cameras or recording material. This was similarly a security department to ensure the safety of everyone in the courtroom. Being an afternoon during a operate ons day most volume were at their places of work and so most of those in the room were close to the clients. The mood was relaxed. The topic had little tension and this is the reason why the judge appeared calm although he was very attentive.In some instances the clients chose not to answer questions and the judge had to intervene and force them to answer the questions. This is because the evidence tabled was not enough and any information that the judge felt was relevant had to be given . The attorneys were however very aggressive, distri only ifively trying to defend the evidence produced by their clients. The plaintiff showed no signs of providing more evidence against the defendant and relied solely on the occurrence th at the defendant was found close to the crime scene when the police were called.The defendant claimed that he had precisely left another drinking joint and was on his way home. This field was very sensitive and the judge had to take note of all the important flesh out and ask questions where clarification was needed, failure to which a wrong judgment would have been make . He was able to move up his claims to the court. The fingerprints from the crime scene did not match his, clear evidence that he was just a eggshell of mistaken identity. This made the transactions very quick and the consultation and the proceeding did not take a long duration.The evidence produced by the plaintiff did not link directly to the defendant. The could only prove that he was a suspect because he had some pints of wine and also being near the pool room however no proof of his presence in it. The comparison The courtrooms I visited had some differences and similarities. For face in some courtroom s you were allowed to access the room with a mobile phone but it should remain switched off, while in others one was supposed to leave any electronic gadget or anything that could cause upon at the reception.This is especially in those cases that had restrictions to the media. calculate for weapons was inevitable for security reasons. The judges had contrary reactions and moods depending on the case. If the case had a ring of drag there were heated arguments and the judge and the judges were very active. They would ask questions in some instances. In other cases the rooms had a bored mood and the judge could even fall asleep. The judge would remain uninvolved in the case. I notice this in a civil case the 501 building in St. Petersburg at 501 1st Avenue North St.Petersburg, FL 33701 on June 11 2010. The suit was filed woman and her agent maintain and the dispute involved the sharing of the family berth. They had deep divorced and the husband decided the married woman could only get a triplet share of the property. Un alike the origin case where the judge was actively involved by asking question and seeking clarification, in this case the judge listened secretivenessly without intervention. The judge only took down a a couple of(prenominal) notes and the rest of the time he just watched and listened . The facts and evidence produced were so obvious.Those who followed the proceedings were also very bored. The disposition of this case was that the property in question was to be overlap equally between the couple. The disposition of this case was so obvious and thus the quiet mood in the room. The attorneys were also very calm and did not show a good deal aggressiveness like in the basic criminal case. The only client who appeared active was the plaintiff, who on several instances had to be warned by the judge about her explosive behavior. In other instances accessing a courtroom could be very difficult.Only those involved in the case are allowed to access them. On the seventeenth May 2010, I attended the 501 building in St. Petersburg at 501 1st Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL 33701, where the case involved a limited company and a former employee. Only those who were involved in this case were allowed in. I however managed to convince the security team that I was a law student conducting a research and was allowed in. The restrictions were in favor of the company’s human race image, which was a leading company globally and could not risk the integrity. The judge looked serious and very involved.The room had very some people and tension was high. The attorneys were very aggressive and the judge was actively involved. The Jury followed the proceedings very attentively. The defendant was accused of violating the rights of the plaintiff a former employee in it, where the plaintiff was forced to work for more hours and was open fire without any definite reason. Like in the first case, the judge listened attentively and asked questions during the proceedings. The questions were to crystalise the issues that could be relevant in ascertain the case .The reasons stated by the defendants for their action was that the plaintiff was unproductive at work and showed some negative spatial relation. The defendant managed to convince the court on the negative attitude of the plaintiff but failed to prove his unproductiveness. The defendant claimed that on particular occasion the plaintiff did not report to work and had no reason a claim refuted by the defendant. virtually records that showed the employees attendance were missing; they could have been some crucial evidence. The disposition of this case was that the defendant was guilty.They were to pay the plaintiff an nub that was to be discussed by their attorneys. Unlike the first two cases this case took one calendar month to be decided. The hearing was made on the 25th June 2010. I attended all the three proceedings. The second proceeding was on the 4th June 2010. The fourth case was at the criminal Justice center at 14250 49th street North Clearwater, FL 33762. In this case the plaintiff was a younker man who was assaulted by a security guard, the defendant, at a domain facility. The hearing was held on July 12 2010. This case proceeding was open to everyone and the courtroom was very crowded.There was the frequent security check but not many restrictions. Security checks are a must at all the court entrances but the restrictions depend on the case and those who are involved. The judge was active. Her name was Justice Rene Raymond. The attorneys were very active with instances of heated arguments like in the first and third case. The security guard claimed that the young man was impress the normal. The evidence brought before the court and from the witnesses showed that the plaintiff had actually caused commotion in the public facility.The issue in this case was the assault. The judge argued that the plaintiff had actual ly caused disturbance to the people and thus the reason for the assault. Therefore the plaintiff lost the suit. This disposition was fair. There were similarities in these cases in that in most of the criminal cases the judges were very active since the involved so many details that had to be unveiled and clarified so as to make a sound judgment. The herd of the courtrooms however varied. The dispositions were based on the evidence produced and not just mere claims.This is because in a law court everything verbalize should be proved and a judge should not base the decision on blank claims. Conclusion The research shows that every case proceeding has its own procedures although others are similar. The issue of security is emphasized in all courts. In some cases members of the public are restricted, while others are open to everyone. The mood and involvement of the judge and the courtroom in general depends on the case. Some cases have so much pressure that the judge is very active a nd attentive. The decisions are based on the evidence produced before the court.REFERENCES Heumann, M. (1981). Plea Bargaining: The Experiences of Prosecutors, Judges, and Defense Attorneys. dough: University of Chicago press. Samuelson, P. (1984). Good Legal pen: of Orwell and Window Panes. University of Pittsburgh Law Review 149 retrieved on July 12 2010 from http://people. ischool. berkeley. edu/~pam/papers/goodwriting. html Mauk, D. & antiophthalmic factor; Oakland, J. (2005). American civilization: an introduction. New York, NY: Routledge. Carmen, R. V. (2009). outlaw Procedure: Law and Practice. . Florence: Wadsworth Publishing\r\n'

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'How to Write a Lab Report\r'

'How to hold open a lab report let’s take as an framework a free- pop off audition. You drop a gloomy vane ball from various high school and function an electronic quantifyr to whole step how long it takes the ball to hit the ground. From this you think the final revivify of the ball utilize v = 2x/t. You believe that the ball leave alone concur a constant quickening of â€Å"g,” 9. 8 m/s2. This leave behind be seen if you represent velocity vs. quantify and loll a straight person track with a slope of 9. 8. You end up with a table of information giving distances and fall times and a graph of v(t). audience Before you start writing, you have to do what audience you’re writing for.You ar writing for a fellow assimilator who has non done this lab. You leave behind acquire he has nigh the same association of physics as you do. You carry to cut hold of him enough in orderion to do the hobby: •Understand what you atomic number 18 trying to happen upon and how. • estimate how accurate and reliable your measurements atomic number 18. •Evaluate the results of the experiment. •Reproduce the experiment himself. Format like a shot you have to write the report. The report will always have the same format with four sectionalizations (for physics 111 and physics one hundred twenty/125) or five sections (for physics 185/280/285). each section should be labeled merely as shown below.A lab report should be as brief as accomplishable without leaving out whateverthing eventful. Use have it off sentences and the best spelling and grammar you can. segment 1: Theory Describe the purpose of the lab. This whitethorn be one or more of three things: •You are trying to try a opening. In our case we’re trying to show that the quickening of a body in free-fall is constant. •You are examining a relationship. This is what you do if you don’t have a theory. For warning if you measure the time it takes a pendulum to make one thrill as you vary the size of the swing, only if without having a theory or look that allows you to make a prediction in advance. You are beat a quantity, for recitation the acceleration of gravity. Also give the undermentioned: •Describe any simplifying assumptions you are making, much(prenominal) as no air granting immunity or no friction. •Give the equations you are using to analyze the selective information. For our experiment, we are measuring distance x and time t. From kinematics we earn the equation , from which we will get a. This section will usually be brief. particle 2: Procedure You will happen upon three things in this section: • whatever equipment you used to make measurements (meter sticks, stopwatches, etc. ).This is important so the reader can get an idea of how accurate your experiment is. For our experiment we used an electronic timer and a meter stick. •The procedures you u sed. Don’t go into too much detail. This section should be brief. A drawing may be useful here. •Any numbers you specify before starting. This could include weights, dimensions, temperature or any other fixed quantity. Here we power write that we used a steel ball about 1cm in diameter. •The black market of any independent variables. These are quantities you grant yourself. For example, for our experiment, you might say â€Å"The height strandd from 10 cm to 40 cm. Don’t put any values for the time or speed here, since these are quantities you thrifty experimentally: you didn’t know them in advance. portion 3: Results on that point are three things that are commonly put together in this section: •The range of heedful values. From our example of dropping a ball, you would identify the range of times speeds you mensurable in this section: â€Å"The fall time ranged from 0. 14s to 0. 27s. The mensurable speeds ranged from 1. 4 m/s to 3 . 0 m/s. ” •Descriptions of any trends in the info. Did the data see a straight line, or some other kind of trim down?Give the equations for any computer fit lines. If the data is supposed to be linear, use your eye to judge whether it really fits a straight line or if it curves. (Note: If the data fits a straight line and the line passes near the origin, you can say the quantities beingness graphed appear to be today likenessal. ) •Comparisons of measured values with expectations or supposititious values. For example â€Å"Our measured value for â€Å"a” was 7. 7 m/s2, compared with the book value g = 9. 8 m/s2, a 22% difference. ” There shouldn’t be anything moot in this section.Anything that involves an interpretation or possibility should go in the next section. Section 4: Conclusions If you were trying to prove something, did you? How nearly does your data support the theory? There are three common answers responses to these ques tions: If your data matched the theory, the answer is yes. This means that you results matched the expected results within the limits of dubiety of the experiment. It means that any trends you discovered were as expected. Sometimes the data does not support the theory. If this is the case, be clear about how.For example, â€Å"The data showed a direct proportion between speed and time, but the acceleration value we obtained was 22% below the theoretical value. ” Finally, you may get data that supports your theory within a certain range of values but deviates from it outside this range. For example, â€Å"The graph of v vs. t was a straight line up to a speed of 250 cm/s but slew downwards for higher speeds. ” If your theory is not supported by your data, you may expect on why not. Keep in mind, though, that â€Å"human error” is usually a bad explanation unless you know specifically of something you did incorrectly that you couldn’t fix.Discuss any we aknesses in the experiment and how they might be improved. Section 5: Error Analysis (Physics 185 Only) In this section you discuss the accuracy and hardiness of your experiment. You will include the handout, which will be different for each set of labs. You deal to list any significant sources of dubiousness in the values you measured directly (the raw data). You need to give indecision values on the final results. You need to discuss how you might reduce your uncertainties or improve the experiment. For physics 120, there will be no section 5. diagnose any significant sources of experimental uncertainty in section 4.\r\n'

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'Eschools as Organisations Post 16 Options for Young People and Adults Essay\r'

'1. 2 Explain the domiciliate 16 extracts for young people and adults: †in oneness case a young person has reached grade 11 there argon a number of choices to make rough their future, this could be choosing a new course at school or college or go into employment and training. These options testament give them a toiletdid base on build a future c argoner. Post 16:- Continue in dependable magical spell education either sixth feel or at a local anesthetic college. Depending on their results they terminate choose from the key below:- Post 17:- If they deplete just holy a one-year course, following Year 12, they whitethorn squ ar up to continue their studies full time or look for affairs and training:-\r\nPost 18:- Following Year 13, they will excite a number of choices to make about their future. They may decide to continue their studies full time or look for jobs or training. List of options for post 16, 17 and 18. demarcation at entry direct- intro aim c ourses do non require either trial passes and normally take one or 2 years to complete, a course at this level is an †Entry aim Certificate. Course at take 1(foundation train) †Foundation level courses do not unremarkably require any exam passes.\r\nDepending on which course they do it commonly takes either one or two years to complete. Examples of courses at this level are: -Introductory Certificates/Diplomas - guinea pig First give (level 1) -National certificate/Award (level 1) -GCSEs -NVQ level 1 cheat bachelors degree aptitude (foundation Level) All foundation Level courses give notice lead to high level courses or hit and training. Courses at level 2 (intermediate level) †intercede Level courses may require two or one-third passes at grades Dâ€G and they usually take two years to complete.\r\nExamples of courses at this level are: †GCSEs †First Certificates/Diplomas †National Certificates/Awards (Level 2) †NVQ Level 2 à ¢â‚¬ Foundation Apprenticeship †welsh Baccalaureate Qualification (Intermediate) All Intermediate Level courses can lead to higher(prenominal) level course or jobs with training. (Providing they waste ones time at the grades required). Courses at level 3 (advanced level) quad or quintet GCSEs at grades A*- C or equivalents are usually required for entry. Depending on the type of course, they broadly speaking take either one or two years to complete.\r\nExamples of courses at this level are: †AS/A levels, including use A levels †National Diploma †multinational Baccalaureate †chisel Baccalaureate Qualification ( in advance(p)) • NVQ Level 3 †Apprenticeship. All Advanced Level courses can lead to higher education or jobs and training (providing they get the grades required in the appropriate resigns). Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification:- The Welsh Bac is straight off becoming available to more learners passim Wales in schools, colleges and work-based settings. It allows for more flexibility in their studies.\r\nThey will to a fault develop skills and encyclopaedism styles that prepare you for supercharge and higher education, as dear(p) as the world of work. The Welsh Bac consists of two parts: Core †consisting of five components: †An Individual Investigation (which is like a project) into a subject of their own choice. †Wales, atomic number 63 and the World †Key Skills †Work-related education †ad hominem and social education. Options †where they choose from course/programmes that are currently offered, for example: †GCSE †AS/A levels †VCE (Vocational A levels) †NVQ †BTEC †OCR-*- New Principal study and Project Qualification will likewise be available as option within the Welsh Bac.\r\nApprenticeships: Apprenticeships bring them lump devisings and highly specific work skills. They must be employed so they will be earning while they learn. They c an also use Apprenticeship as a stepping quarry to higher qualifications. As an Apprentice, their skills and role are respected, many top managers dispirited out by learning a trade and sagacity how the organisation works from the ground up.\r\nTo make believe regain to an apprenticeship applicants would need: †Four or five GCSEs at grade C or above are usually needed. †They’d be paid while they learn the skills that employers are looking for. †They’d gain an NVQ Level 3 qualification as an Apprentice or a Level 2 qualification as a foundation Apprentice. Higher Apprenticeships are also available at a Level 4 or above. Traineeships: If the educatee was leaving school or college a Traineeship could garter them get the skills needed to get a job or get on with to further learning at a higher level, for example Apprenticeships or further education.\r\nIn most cases they can start on a Traineeship at any point during the year and they don’t ne ed any formal qualifications to access the programme. There are different levels of Traineeship. (Post 18) • involvement: If they are get a lineing it difficult to find the right job, get into work or develop their skills and learning, this level will religious service prepare them for the world of work or full time learning. This level can include work placements, community projects or training.\r\nLevel 1: If they know what course they want to follow and are establish for full-time learning at Level 1, this level will allow them to gain their skills further in their chosen subject and can also include work placements and community projects. If they have successfully completed a Level 1 and are still out of work, they maybe eligible to start learning at Level 2. Voluntary work: As well as doing something worthwhile and rewarding in its own right, voluntary work can also be a good way of gaining skills and experience, especially if they don’t find a job or trainin g right away.\r\nIt also looks good on a CV. Youth gate: If they need some extra help and support before applying for a course, job or training, Youth Gateway is a short programme run by Careers Wales to help them with identifying and developing skills, job search, making applications and choosing suitable courses. Information on this can found at the local Careers Wales Centre. Direct. Gov [15 April 2012] www. education. gov. uk [1 April 2012 wales. gov. uk [ 1 April 2012].\r\n'

'Balance Sheet and Income Statement Analysis\r'

'BALANCE SHEET AND INCOME STATEMENT- place the assorted financial instructions (BS*, IS, Statement of shareholders’ candour, and related notes) - trace the distinguishable components of the BS (Assets: catamenia and long name; Liabilities: current and long term; stockholders’ justness: preferred stock, common stock, PIC, treasury stock) - determine the contrastive component of the IS (Gross profit, earnings before vex and taxes, care put down, income tax expense, income from continuing operations, quit activities, extraordinary items) - come across within the IS, BS and Stockholders uprightness dictation: comprehensive income,OCI and accumulated OCIPPE- severalise the assorted components of PPE (property, plant, equipment) and related accumulation disparagement. station the derogation methods and estimates used for the calculations. -Identify valuation basis (market nourish or historical costs) and describe the damage testing procedure for PPE. -Ide ntify the come of depreciation expense in the IS (or the notes) bet positivity ratios and provide a concise analytic thinking (see exercise 10-26B).INTANGIBLES-Identify the different components of Intangible assets (marketing, customer, contractual, technological, goodwill) and related accumulation amortisation (if available). Locate the amortization methods and estimates used for the calculations. -Identify if they have definite or indefinite life†Describe the impairment testing procedure for PPE. -Identify the amount of amortization expense in the IS (or the notes)LIABILITIES†Identify current liabilities (including contingencies) in the BS †Identify the LT liabilities (nature and the tot amount) in the BS †Identify the amount of interest expense in the IS †What geek contingencies are disclosed, their probability of occurrence and their disgorge of estimate. †Determine the number of LT debts (loans, bonds etc…), related maturity date d ate and rate of interest (coupon for bonds) and amount. †Compute solvency and liquidity ratios and provide a short analysis.STOCKOLDERS’ EQUITY†Identify the types of shares, the number of shares authorized, issued and great (if every, treasury stock) and PIC. For PS, identify the stated rate, covenants/characteristics. †Locate Dividends in the BS and SE (2schedules) and IS.†Identify which types of dividends have been issued (Cash? Stock, Split? Other?) †Identify Accumulated OCI in 2 schedules (BS and statement of stockholders Equity). †Explain briefly the different of Stockholders Equity Statement †Apply ratios related to chapter 13 (end of ppt presentation) and provide a short analysis.CHAPTER 14 †INVESTMENTS†Identify the different investments in the BS and related notes (Debt and Equity), then by categorization (Held to Maturity, Trading or Available for sale) †Identify in SE section of the BS the accumulated OCI, then loc ate in Stockholders Equity Statement, the different movement of OCI (BB +/- changes). †Identify in the IS the OCI component (if any) and comprehensive income. †take for for investment between 20-50% that use the paleness method (see notes) †Check for impairment testing for investmentsCHAPTER 17 †LEASING†Identify the capital assume assets and liabilities in the BS and related interest expense plus depreciation expense in the IS. †Identify if there is any operating look at. †What is the nature of every lease (sales-type or direct-financing) and related financial conditions. †Identify the lease payments for the next 5 age and the different categories of leased assets.*BS = oddment Sheet IS = Income Statement SE = Stockholder’s Equity statement (or statement of changes in equity)\r\n'