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Human Nature in The Great Gatsby Essay

Human nature refers to the general psychological char beareristics, feelings, and behavioral traits of humankind, regarded as shared by every humans. F. Scott Fitzgerald with the use of selection of detail, selective diction, and imagery, portrays some(prenominal) condescending and bona fide aspects of human nature. Death brings denial, memories, remorse, and perspective. To nick Carraway, who is utterly incredulous and lachrymose over Gatsbys destruction, the passing-away of a dear friend is a fulfilment of reflection.Denial is the most prominent psychological aspect following peerlesss death. Gatsbys signal was still empty when I left. Fitzgerald implies that Nick is waiting upon Gatsbys return the return to normalcy. But the period of doldrums lingers and Nick endures to reminisce on the past. Fitzgerald invokes imagery by appealing to the 5 senses. Nick is trying to relive the condition of Gatsbys infamous house parties by spending his Saturday nights in New York. The gleaming, dazzling parties draw discover the visuals of a celebratory scene. The music and the laughter, faint and incessant excites the aural senses and characterizes the biliousness of the party. Nick begins to notice the most dismissive and discreet details.He acknowledges the space of the Gatsbys unmanaged lawn as compared to his, in which he posed little to no interest prior to the death. Juxtaposing his brief observation is one far to a greater extent conspicuous. One of the taxi drivers in the village never took a nutrition fast the entrance gate without stopping for a minute and pointing at bottomperhaps he had made a story about it all his own. Nick takes to mind the change in attitude and persona of those who were acquaintances of Gatsby. His death brings a cessation to lively parties and expansive gifts. Therefore, they who once lauded and idolized Gatsby, act as if one has never heard of him.The cruel and selfish organization of human nature proves to be nothing less than pathetic. Nick concludes Gatsbys story by paying attention to the green light and reminiscing Gatsbys extraordinary spirit and pursuit to come as far as he did. Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that grade by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but thats no matter to-morrow we exit run faster, stretch out our arms fartherso we criterion on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. Gatsbys spirit and passion will continue on in those who remember him most.

Political Disputes by 1860 Essay

During the 1800s, Americans in the North and conspiracy often had conflict but could no endless resolve their policy-making disputes through agree by the year 1860. In this time period, compromise was not an option because slavery and states rights caused political disputes amongst the north and south.The two political parties in the north and south deep in thought(p) their ability to cooperate and by the mid 1800s increased the ignore of the division of the states.The political view on slavery and states rights grew as compromise between the north and south political parties began to collapse during the mid nineteenth century. Henry Clay stated that it is impossible for South Carolina to become an fissiparous state. (Doc A) A report of the American Anti-Slavery Society was opposed to slavery duty assignment slave owners as man stealers and believed that slaves should be free. (Doc B) Political compromise was not greatly effected by their belief but the Compromise of 1850 re sulted in the fugitive from justice Slave Law being passed which caused the collapse in the political parties.The issue of slavery continued to increase as compromise easily disintegrated. Abolitionism increased by the encouragement of Frederick Douglass, a leader, who promoted freedom for all slaves. Also, Uncle Toms cabin published by Harriet Beecher started up abolitionism in the North while the South to oppose against abolitinists. Senator Daniel Webster who is opposed to secession stated that the North is not complied with the Fugitive Slave Law. (Doc D) In addition, a New York Tribune comparing working categorise men in the north to southern gentlemen (Doc F) caused more conflict between the states over the issue of slavery. The division of the states over the issue of slavery raise the collapse of compromise between the North and South political parties.

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Impacts of the Current Economic and Financial Crisis on Trade Essay

The current scotchal and fiscal crisis is the least the knowledge base expects and wishes to happen at this time. Considering the policy-making, social and environmental upheavals happening in almost any unblemished around the world, concourse have to face yet a nonher pass water of crisis that hits them right in the pocket and through their stomachs.Everyone hopes that the economic and financial crisis decline out soon because of the myriad of other problems and issues the world is confronting. These problems already wreaking slaughter in many parts of the world include climate commute and the adverse forge it is slowly creating in many risk atomic number 18as, the political turmoil in the Middle East towards Western Asia where extremism, the oil crisis and combativeness atomic number 18 depriving the people their right to peaceful life and goodd future. In addition, the curse of nuclear proliferation is again showing its ugly head in countries non exactly kn cau se for its civil discretion record and democratic estimation to governance.Henceforth, the global financial crisis is hitting its toll hard on the economy of some(prenominal) the genuine and the developing areas. Whatever caused the crisis is something for people of all nations to consider and give solutions to. There is no other time that a crisis of this order and potential toxic effect on everyone has happened since the great depression in the United States back in the 1930s.Because no one in every positive and developing countries forget be spared by this financial and economic tsunami, there is a need for every nation, organization, private heavens and every concerned citizen of this world to talk to each other, discard their differences and find enduring solution to a turmoil whose long term effects is not so such(prenominal) kn take in let alone the consequences of every possible solutions each economic unit adopts to avoid, control, face or even hump it.Drivers of the economic and financial crisisThe financial crisis is believed to be caused by several factors that helped trigger off the wave of the meltdown causing more than problems and issues to mount creating more havoc along the way.May sectors point to simple greed and irresponsibility in overreaching corporal goals and objectives at the expenses of good governance and ethical accept? Key corporate executives were known to have concocted various schemes to make money, expanding honorable mention to dangerous limits, creating financial derivatives that are not backed by secure assets giving to market place balloons waiting to burst at the prick of the restrictive pin by the government.Banks knew that the symptoms of the crisis appeared when collections on subprime mortgages developed to slowdown pinning down the fluidity positions of banks and financial institutions that rely on prompt payments for that all-important shareholder hold dear which banks have to deliver to the s tockholders.Such drive for shareholder value gets harden by the grand compensations and benefits enjoyed by the key executives of Wall Street financial firms. Credit cards transactions substituted for the liquidity that consumers have started to omit. People started to lose homes through foreclosures exiting in more defaults. Borrowers in the market managewise defaulted as sanitary creating a vacuum of bad debts and worthless assets.Accountants and auditors started downgrading, depreciating, and impairing their assets to match the current deterioration in the values of financial resources. While assets were being alter for overvaluation, liabilities were being litigated for non-payments and defaults. Stockholders and depositor, fearing the loss of their money to provisions for loan losses and solicitude withdrawals, withdrew their enthronisations as vigorous and kept them under their pillows until the market conditions stabilize and start to recover.In the meantime, the general sentiments in the market were gloomy, further eroding investor impudence stalling the normal black market of credit money to the business sector. incarnate managers, facing the impact of bankruptcy and tight liquidity, sought government interventions and protection from the economic slide.A number of cunning executives even would create deceitful transactions to cover up their inability to create profits. Financial scams were observe along the way, worsening further the already dampened moods in the market. Here, globalization, once taunted as a phenomenon carrying a bunch of opportunities for countries which have erased their boundaries to gain headway in the borderless economies, started to carry the tentacles of the crisis and carried the waves of defaults, unemployment, depression and recession, slackening demand for consumer goods, investments drying up to other countries express than ever.Immediate and subsequent impacts created by the economic and financial cr isisThe immediate impacts created by the financial and economic crisis are the loss of investor confidence in a market haunted by bad debts and slow collections, deteriorating values of properties, illiquidity in the market, mergers, consolidations and buyouts, credit squeeze, downsizing of corporate structures, and ultimately bankruptcies for those unable to find possible solutions to the financial mess. Derivative instruments burst creating a market vacuum that troubled related derivatives.Money stopped flowing into the credit-hungry manufacturing sector threatening more unemployment and job cuts. Credit card defaults started to create more defaults and payment moratorium and debt restructuring, place laid off employees in desperate positions for more defaults.Impacts on the developed countries were small. Luxury and semi-luxury goods suffered a steep slide in demand caused by dampened market outlook and wait-and-see stance. People kept their money while those without started to bet about more drastic financial solutions that reflected despair and chaos.Industries such as the automotive, electronics and other luxury players in the market faced an empty market not much buyers. In the meantime, borrowed funds to sustain the manufacturing sector ballooned to huge levels triggering rush for bailouts from the government. Liquidity has to go back to the economy, but many corporate investments were earlier brought to the developing countries to take advantage of higher returns and assurance of stableness in certain self-contained developing markets like China, Malaysia. India, Philippines and Indonesia. These countries were likewise jump to face the scenery of huge repatriation of capital investments back to their home countries already facing the brunt of the category 5 financial storms.On the other hand, the government of the developed countries commenced bailouts and hoped to sustain market demand by creating a gamut of stimulant drug packages to keep co nsumer spending going. This was thought to at least confront the cast down market for imported and even local anesthetic goods. Importers reviewed their orders with many stopping their get spree from foreign markets, mostly the developing ones. Here, the effects and impact of the crisis started to exude into the doorsteps of the developing countries.On one hand, the repatriation of capital back to the developed countries failed to happen in the volume as expected due to restrictions and time to ware and repatriate. Bankruptcies in the developed countries resulted to more lay offs and retrenchments. Purchasing power for this sector alone dropped significantly and social security and unemployment benefits helped provide buffer to those who anomic their jobs. The luckier ones just suffered pay cuts and salary freezes.In the meantime, exports from the developing countries trickled to low levels, suppress as well the manufacturing sector in their areas. Job cuts and lay offs simil arly plagued the labor market with already low wages and salaries overtaken by inflationary pressures from the economy. At the social front, workers started to troop to foreign markets not so much implyed by the crisis with the hope of repatriating dollar remittances to their families in the developing countries. The confuse for few jobs and the overall dismay employment sector is threatening to prodding the rise in criminalities and social unrest. The tourism industry on both sides of the political divide similarly suffered a setback.The maturity of the developed countries think their efforts on the stimulus packages and bailouts which their governments can very well afford to do so even for the long run crisis that may still affect them.The developing countries, however, already saddled by inflation, poor manufacturing sector, social unrest, insurgencies and the like had to look for new courses of development financial from the IMF, World Bank, the Asian outgrowth Bank and e ven the Euro market for dole outs, grants and soft loans to soften the critical impact of the slowdown. In some countries, corruption aggravated the already depressed government budgets creating more social and political problems and totally compounding the prospect of early solutions to their issues.Barack Obama, the US President assured the market that bailouts and stimulus packages will be deployed by the government despite branding the crisis as the result of the greet and irresponsibility in the market, his remark given substance by the discovery of huge compensation packages given to Wall Street executives of firms that benefitted from the bailout packages. This exasperate the president who continues to crack the whip to impose discipline and order in the market. While this is being done in the United States, other developed and developing countries have started to address certain cultural solutions to prepare their people on the long-term effects of the scenario.How and to w hat extent the crisis has resulted in adverse consequences to the make do and business is staggering and difficult to quantify at this point considering the polar impacts and the magnitude that these impacts have on the other aspects of the socio-political and environmental issues. Already, the effects and impacts enumerated are being felt and its end not seen in the immediate future.Economists and everyone else are looking for the signs of recovery that will more or less apologize the apprehension over the uncertainties looming ahead. Solutions such as the bailouts and stimulus packages are reasoned concerns but have limited utility to address the big problem. take down trade liberalization can begin to help smoothen the flow to recovery through abolition of restriction and protectionism. But these are not enough. Trade blocks and protectionism might only aggravate the situation.Certain solutions from the economic and financial sectors might not help much. In fact, they caused the crisis but definitely, the holistic approach path to the measures that will prevent and control the resurgence of another crisis should come from a value-based approach that will address all the impacts created from the perspective of those impacts as well which means a social approach can solve the economic issue, etc. Those in control and have the power and influence to do so should move and talk their way out of the crisis. The ordinary citizen of the world can only do as much at his own level. The gravity of the crisis demands an equally big solution and the willpower to implement it. expiryWith the economic and financial crisis continuing to create and change the social, political, technological and environmental configuration of the entire world, the civilized world has the responsibility to stabilize the painful effects and consequences of these events. The trade and business sector has borne the brunt of the crisis both at the local and international fronts.Much of th e responsibility to mitigate and reverse the disastrous effects of the crisis rests on the heads of states, their budget experts, the businessmen the private sectors and the general structure of the bureaucratism in response to the distinct kind of measures the market needs to fix discipline, order and sanity to the economy. Capitalism is at the center of this crisis henceforth, all components that make capitalist economy work must revisit their strategies, social values and responsibilities, their investment priorities, personal motivations and corporate groupthink syndrome that brought this crisis all along.The solutions will not be patrician because decisions will come from most people who helped instigate the crisis at the outset. Here, capitalism will have to reengineer itself, to protect itself from its own malevolence as well as help create a mechanism that will train the positive and beneficial aspects of its sustainability. Otherwise, capitalisms and the captains of the industrys inability to reconfigure and redeem themselves and reverse the adverse consequences that it failed to solve and the factors that were ignored to implement everywhere might just be the key to its own irrelevance in a new form of economy that might emerge from the ashes of its own demise.Reference list(No sources required. Just knowledge of the subject).

Red Bull Case Study Essay

1. What is the result all about?2. What created fierce pig beds triumph? Where is the nub franchise and benefit? Has the reapings positioning changed over vox populi of conviction? What is the role of alcohol mixing to expiration shites success?3. What is violent Bulls success formula? For which kind of product/beverage categories will this formula work? How does loss Bull go through when to turn on the advertising? What metrics would you use to make this judgment?4. Why did the first U.K launch go awry?5. What changes were made for the U.S grocery? Should other changes be considered?6. Assume tough competition is coming. How can Red Bull protect its franchise? What actions would you recommend?7. What should Red Bulls competitors do? Coke? Pepsi? Anheuser-Busch?8. If you were an investor in Red Bull, would you take your money and put up or stay for the desire haul?Needless to say, the brand has substantial an image for power, speed, and recklessness1, and dominates the push button throw market all across the globe. As can be seen in Pricing Strategies, the energy drink is marketed as a premium product. Special ingredients like taurine and alpine jet water in addition to a high concentration of caffeine in a can half the size of other energy drinks are used to differentiate Red Bull from competitors Red Bull is known primarily for its dominating position in the energy drink business, selling its Red Bull Energy Drink. In Austria, the company has besides started its own TV channel, called Servus.TV, and a cell phone service called Red Bull Mobile2 Red Bull sponsors not wholly many extreme sports athletes3, but also a Formula 1 racing team that won both the constructors and drivers championship in 2010 and 20114 Red Bull CEO Dietrich Mateschitz has also created the foundation Wings for Life, which seeks to support people suffering from paraplegia. The ultimate goal of the foundation is to make paraplegia curable5. Red Bull product was positi oned not for specific occasions, but rather for a range of occasions. With the flexible brand positioning Revitalizes Body and Mind, Red Bull touted itself as suitable for such occasions such as when a long day is over, and a long night starts. On long sleep inducing motorways. During intensive working days when thedate planner is filling up, and your energy reserves are emptying out.

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Psychological Therapies For Depression Essay

PIT was first developed by Robert Hobson (1985) as an set closely to move away from the traditional psychoanalytic approach of a bleached family between therapist and client. It was originally called the conversational model to stress the fact that the mutual task of therapist and client was to engage in a therapeutic conversation. In this conversation problems are non only talked about as past events, but are too active agently relived in the present and resolved within the therapeutic relationship. Hobson believed that the symptoms of picture arise from disturbances in the interpersonal relationships. These disturbances can only be explored and modify effectively from within another relationship the therapeutic one. The quality of the relationship is therefore crucial.Components of PIT-Exploratory rationale- interpersonal difficulties in the individuals life history are identified, and the therapist tries to find a rationale for the individual that bonds their underw ay symptoms with these difficulties. Shared Understanding- the therapist tries to understand what the individual is really experiencing or feeling. Focus on difficult feelings- the individual may express an perception (i.e. anger) of which they are unaware, or may not display appropriate emotion. Gaining insight- the therapist points out patterns in different types of relationship Sequencing of Interventions- different aspects of the model must(prenominal) be used in a coherent manner. Change- the therapist acknowledges and encourages changes make during therapy.Effectiveness of PITPaley et al (2008) stool shown that as a word for depression, outcomes for PIT are at least equivalent to those achieved with CBT. However, they acknowledge that changes in significant life-events were not monitored during the study, therefore any observable clinical gains (or omit of them) could not be attributed solely to the therapeutic intervention. NHSpsychotherapy patients were randomly allocat ed to pick up 12 weeks PIT or to remain as a delay list controls for that period. 54 patients entered the study, of which 33 completed. Significant improvement was observed in patients that completed the therapy, suggesting that even a brief treatment by raw therapists can be effective in alleviating the symptoms of depression.The Cognitive behavioural TherapyCBT emphasises the fictitious character of maladaptive thoughts and beliefs in the origins and maintenance of depression. When people think negatively about themselves and their lives, they become depressed. The aim of CBT is to identify and alter these maladaptive cognitions as easily as any dysfunctional behaviour that might be impart to depression. CBT is intended to be relatively brief (16-20 sessions) and is focused on current problems and current dysfunctional thinking Thought Catching- individuals are taught how to see the link between their thoughts and the way they feel. By challenging these dysfunctional thought s, and replacing them with to a greater extent constructive ones, clients are trying out new ways of behaving. Behavioural Activation- this is based on the common sense idea that being active leads to rewards that act as an antidote to depressionEffectiveness of PITRobinson et al (1990) meta-analysis found that CBT was superior to no-treatment control groups. However, when these control groups were subdivided into waiting lists and placebo groups, CBT was not significantly more effective than the placebo condition. CBT appears to be less suitable for people who have high levels of dysfunctional beliefs that are both rigid and resistant to change.- (Elkin et al 1985)


What do I expect from you?1. Be prep bed. Roughly go through the material in the textbook before the class. 2. I am going to spoon-feed you with lots of questions These questions are designed to arouse your interest and to help you to figure out well-nigh of the stuff by your own thinkingYou will have childs play by actively participating in thinking and discussing these questions. It will be a waste of your sentence if you just want to passively list to the answers. 3. Do the homework assignments by yourself.You give notice discuss the questions with your classmates.solely do not copy and paste4. Please Use Anonymous Feedback in IVLE Tell me what you want from meWhat is the most important technology invented in twentieth century? The digital data processor.How does the digital data processor process information?The information processing system performs binary operations according to a listof instructions (program)How numerous operations can your laptop execute in unrivale d sulfur?CPU speed of 2 GHz 2 billion (109)What is the windy speed of the supercomputer now?Chinas Tianhe-2 (2013)33.86 Petaflops (1015)USAs Cray whale (2012) 17.59 PetaflopsJapans K Computer (2011) 10.5 PetaflopsHow many operations can a computer (with one CPU) execute at any inclined instant? Only ONE The operations are serial one after anotherThe modern computers are so fast that it whitethorn appear that many programs are running at the same time even though only one is ever executing in any given instant.EE5904/EE5404 Neural NetworkEE5904/ME5404 Neural NetworksCan computer beat the human brainiac now?Yes and No.What are the tasks that the computer can beat the human brain? Playing chessthe orphic Blue defeated the world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. Solving equationsBut there are certain things that we can do much break down than computer Can you list some of them?Pattern recognition such as recognizing one familiar face among a crowd half a century ago, artificia l-intelligence pioneer, Marvin Minsky of MIT predicted that computers would exceed human intelligence within a generation. Recently, he admitted The worlds most powerful computers lack the honey oil sense of a toddler they cannot even distinguish cats from dogs unless they are explicitly and painstakingly programmed to do so. Can computer rival the human brain 1000 years from now? Is Terminator ever possible? 9EE5904/ME5404 Neural NetworksHow about the brains of other animals?Are they also good at pattern recognition?Pigeons as art experts (Watanabe. et al. 1995)ExperimentPigeon in mule skinner box

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Anaylse “The Thing”

The centenarian indemnify was published on the video tape of the characterization. The naked as a jaybird concealment was published on a DVD. The obsolete covers was published by PolyGram company and the new one was published by Universal Studios.The intend audience for the sr. cover is people over the age of cardinal. I neck this because the certificate on the film is twelve. This is in contrast to the old one where the certificate is eighteen. This reflects the advancements of technology, cameras be more than powerful and be passkey than they were forty historic period ago and are capable of putting more affects in order to make the film to place extra horrific.The old flick may not be suitable for over twelve because of it will require a long attention span and this shows that the movie is created for people who leave longer attention spans. And the subject that is covered in the film will not be designed for under twelves and they may loose interest. Both films are for people who are fond of accomplishment fiction (sci-fi). I think it is designed for the entertainment of both(prenominal)(prenominal) sexes and irrespective of your level of education you shouldnt have too much intricacy apprehensiveness both films.There are thought processs on both of the covers. The purpose of the opinions is to bear the reader to buy/watch film. All the opinions are overconfident and the establish this has is to make the reader think positive things around the film. On the old cover the opinion is Howard Hawks splendid jell-fi thriller has become a huge cult classic and it is chilly as it is now as it was forty age ago. Chilly is a play on word with 2 definitions it can indicate that it is rattling cold and also terrifying both definitions apply to the text. The purpose of both texts is to run.Its a horror/sci fi so it has to appear to be bloodcurdling and the language should reflect this. Long sentences are apply on both covers. The use of ellipses creates suspense and the reader would want to know more. Lots of alliteration is used through come forward both texts. Cult real re-emphasizes the feature that the film is one of a kind and that its not to be missed. Strange Spaceship and Superb Sci fi are also examples of alliteration, alliteration helps you to remember and it sounds better on the tongue. Alliteration can also aid in memory and it provides additional emphasis.The text is their to show the positive light and to persuade the reader to watch/buy the film. The producers of the film do this because their ultimate subscribe to is to make profit.On both covers there are facts and opinion. Old Cover- A government station near the North Pole detects the crash of an un-identifies aspiration and asks the air force to investigate. Captain Hendry locates a strange spaceship and a secret figure is frozen in the ice This is a fact as it tells the reader what is going to occur in the film.Howards Hawks superb sic fi thriller this is an opinion not everyone will think the same.On the new cover, evil meister John Carpenter (Halloween Escape from New York) teams Kurt Russels heavy(p) performance with incredulous visuals to build the chilling version of the whole classic thing This is a positive opinion of the film, this again is their to persuade the reader to purchase the film. This opinion also promotes the actor (Kurt Russels) and this in turn will make his fans lacking to watch the film. They use hyperbolic language when describing his acting as outstanding.John Carpenters name is frequently repeated and his high-quality horror making skills are re-emphasized frequently. In the winter of 1982 a twelve man research at remote Antarctica research team at a remote Antarctic research Station discovers an noncitizen buries in the snow for over 1,000,000 old age. This is a fact, it tells you what will occur in the film, and it makes it sound as sympathetic and alluring as possible. The us e of the word remote makes you sympathize with them as they are alone and isolation with a terrifying monster/alien on the loose.There are various number of people quoted in the covers of the film.In the New cover John Carpenter is described as a horror meister. Film-fans who have viewed any of his previous films before and are a fan of his work also want to view this one. In the old cover Howard Hawk is described as producing a superb sci fi thriller and his previous films are used to his credit (they appear to be sooner successful) so that is another favourable impression of the film.The writer is very pleasant, slaphappy and blithesome. His writing tone is very spirited and refreshing this is probably because they are not talking about a serious issue, they are promoting a film. They are bias because they are only focusing on the positive things about the film. I am sure the film is not flawless. What about the film critics what about the negative comments that they have made ab out the film? Kurt Russels outstanding performance not everyone will agree.The actors are illustrated on the both of the covers rather than the brains behind it all. On the new cover the illustration of a strange man with a beard on engages the viewer. This image is proficient next to the blurb. The slogan is Man is the warmest place to hide. There is mysterious image of someone (alien or human?) on the front cover with this person is faceless, and this again engages and captivates the viewer.The new cover has blue and white on it, perhaps this is a connotation for ice and arctic weather as it is freezing in the Antarctic.The title of the film (The Thing) is in very big bold print and its in upper case letters. The old cover is mainly black and white and the text and title of the film is in red print. Red as colour is very bright and stands out especially when the background is back and white. Perhaps the colour red is a connotation for blood and danger. The alien is portrayed as being long compared to them and its made to look very intimidating and threatening with very razor-sharp lengthy fingernails.For forty years ago the old cover would have almost certainly have been the finest for the time period. The fact that they wouldnt be as much competition as there is now than forty years ago would also help conspicuously.The cover of the new film is very extremely attractive and I would unquestionably be interested regard it. The old cover perhaps the older generation would like to view. I prefer modern movies but then again this is a payoff of personal opinion.

Community Corrections Essay

Introduction1. department of department of corrections and the tools used to punish and reconstruct offenders.2. publish Community Corrections.3. Introduce Thesis- A conjunction corrections sentencing strategy applies a range of mean(a) punishments and would better collect the require of the penal arrangement, convicted offenders, and the community by lowering speak tos and prison house overcrowding, while move oning median(a) crime offenders show up of jails and prisons.Body Paragraphs1. How Community Corrections provides alternatives to imprisonment. 2. How Community Corrections is designed to consider some(prenominal) the safety of local residents as well(p) as the treatment and rehabilitation take of the offender. 3. How Community Corrections reduces prison overcrowding.4. How Community Corrections allows judge a much graduated sentencing agreement that offers an selection of mean(a) sanctions including fines, community service, electronic monitoring, house a rrest, intensive probation and conjure up inhabits.Conclusion How a Community Corrections sentencing strategy is effective in its ability to help rehabilitate offenders and keep prisons clear of intermediate offenders. fiber PageAPA formatted reference page.Using community corrections to better meet the needs of the penal system, convicted offenders, and the community.The United States correctional system serves two of import specific functions in relation to criminal offenders. The correctional system serves as a tool for punishing offenders and forcing the offender to pay for their crimes, it also serves as a means for rehabilitating offenders and preparing them for successful reentry into society. The correctional system today uses probation, parole, imprisonment, and the oddment penalty to both punish and rehabilitate offenders. A community corrections sentencing strategy applies a range of intermediate punishments and would better meet the needs of the penal system, convict ed offenders, and the community by keeping intermediate crime offenders prohibited of jails and prisons.Community corrections describes programs that provide alternatives to the imprisonment of offenders in jails or prisons. These programs embarrass activities located in the same areas in which offenders live and work. Community corrections options are designed to consider both the safety of local residents as well as the treatment and rehabilitation needs of the offender. According to (Morris & Tonry, 1990), a more comprehensive sentencing strategy that relies on a range of intermediate punishments including fines, community service, intensive probation, and electronic monitoring would better meet the needs of the penal system, convicted offenders, and the community.Community corrections shadow be very unspoilt to the individuals who are placed on probation in a sense that it gives them a second chance to redeem their wrongs in society. (Foster, Burk, 2006). Community correctio ns set forth from city to city and suppose to state, and were originally decentralized under the govern of local courts. (Foster, Burk, 2006). Currently, community based alternatives to prison are either state run programs, or county run programs subsidized by the state. Community corrections affect society in a number of positive and prohibit ways. The positive effect is that probation cuts down on prison and jail costs, and can save hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars that it would cost to feed and house offenders if they were sentenced to prison or jail. A negative effect on society is that you aboveboard cannot determine whether, the probationer or parolee will abide by the terms of release.Most prisons are experiencing overcrowding. Several states in the south were uniform by federal mandate to either relieve the overcrowding of the prison system or adapt to other forms of corrections (Petersillia, 1998). This created the concept of intermediate sanctions. interce de sanctions are the end result of the idea that imprisonment and probation are both used excessively. (Morris and Tonry, 1990). It was argued that intermediate sanctions could relieve overcrowding, enhance public safety and rehabilitate offenders while producing cost saving to the jurisdictions that imposed them (Petersillia, 1998). (Morris and Tonry, 1990) argued that imprisonment and probation are both used exceptionally, with a near emptiness of useful alternatives in between.They argued that judges should be allowed a more graduated sentencing system that offers an selection of intermediate sanctions including fines, community service, electronic monitoring, house arrest, intensive probation and upsurge camps. This, they felt, was crucial as different punishments are viewed differently by various criminals. Boot camp prisons were designed to relieve the overcrowded prison system by reducing the financial costs to the state with the secondary goal of rehabilitating offenders ( Mackenzie and Shaw, 1990). (Mackenzie and Shaw, 1990) found the majority of boot camp participants showed stronger positive feelings about their prison experience and were more incite about the possibility of personal change rather than those who served their sentence in traditional prisons.(Hermes, 2008) stated, From 1987 to 2007, the amount that states spent on corrections increased 127 percent, more than six times the 21 percent increase that states directed to higher(prenominal) education over the same period, according to the report. The report written from the pew Center stated that, the church bench Center on the States also shows that increases in states corrections budgets are far surpassing those for higher education.(Hermes, 2008). The report from the Pew Center also showed that Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, Oregon, and Vermont spend more on corrections than on higher education.Corrections expenses are higher than ever and are on the rise. If the corrections system d oes not change it will continue to cost states more and more every year. Funding these prisons this way takes money away from higher learning universities and colleges and the students of our future, the time for change is now. A community corrections sentencing strategy is effective in its ability to help rehabilitate offenders, keep prisons clear of intermediate offenders, all while serving the community by lowering costs of prisons and leaving room for the most violent offenders out in the community.Reference PageCommunity Corrections. (2002). In World of criminal Justice, Gale. Retrieved from http//, E. & Petersilia J. (1994) . What punishes? Inmates rank the severity of prison vs. intermediate sanctions. federal official Probation, Vol. 58 Page 3Gale. (2008). Wests Encyclopedia of American Law, Edition punishmentHermes, J. J. (2008). 5 Sta tes Spend More on Prisons Than on Colleges. Chronicle Of Higher Education, 54(27), A17.Mackenzie, D. & Shaw J. (1990). Inmate Adjustment and Change during reverse Incarceration The Impact of Correctional Boot Camp Programs Justice Quarterly, Vol.7 1125-150Morris, N., & Tonry, M. (1990). Between prison and probation Intermediate punishments in a rational sentencing system. modernistic York Oxford University Press.Pearson Education, Inc. (1995-2010). Sentencing and the Correctional System Summary, Chapter 11.Petersilia, J. (1998). A Decade of Experimenting with Intermediate Sanctions What Have We well-educated Federal Probation. 627-20.Schwarzenegger, A. Governor (2010).http//

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Alternative to GDP

Topic in that location is rising criticism of the widespread practice session of gross domestic product as an index finger of the health of an economy. In fact, expert about experts argon of the opinion that gross domestic product proceeds is making the society poorer. critically analyse this opinion in view of the concept of sustainability and as well as prove round alternate musical rhythms being suggested and their implications to the businesses? GDP as an economical step of the economic get on of a farming Gross domestic intersection (GDP) is considered one of the most important factors that determine the economic activity and and thusly the go on of the development of a earth.It is the monetary hold dear of all the terminal dandys and services produced by a country in a condition time. Therefore, it is considered that if the countrys economic production increases, other factors remaining positive, then it positively benefits all the citizens of the count ry. It is hence apply as an indicator for the countrys standard of living1. Therefore, greater the GDP, better the health of an economy and hence better the lives of the citizens.Reasons for criticism on the use of GDP as an indicator of economic ramp up As GDP measures the monetary value of the terminal goods and services produced, it means that the money spent on the countrys welfargon for example, millions spent on manufacturing fancy electronic gadgets, constructing a prison, stinger forests to use wood for production of further goods are all considered at par while quantity the GDP. There is no emphasis on the fictitious character of the output, the progress of the country in hurt of the social ground of affairs, human happiness, etc.As these are essential ingredients in find the health of an economy, the concept of using GDP as a measuring scale of the economic progress of a country if criticised. Disadvantages of GDP GDP is criticised on many aspects it obscures growing inequality, help depletion of resources and one of the most conspicuous criticisms is that it measures intake on education at par with expenditure on cigarettes i. e. it does non differentiate whether the pass that aids the GDP percentage is thatton towards a positive or negative cause. GDP does not measures the economic services that nature provides for example, prevention of floods and landslides by existence of dense forests it does not story for health, clean environment, etc. i. e. GDP falls short in taking into account equally important things that exist to make a country liveable by fostering social cohesion, along with just the monetary value of goods and services * GDP takes into account the government spending, alone from where the funding is sourced and where it is utilized is not taken into account.Hence, government borrowing is considered good for a country as far as GDP sl receiveess is concerned * Money transactions that take place unofficially and go unrecorded are not accounted for in the numeration of GDP. Hence it does not help in avoiding taxes or prevention of illegal transactions and spending of such huge amount goes unnoticed * Harmful side set up like, contamination is not accounted for in the GDP.No deductions are made from GDP for their harmful effects just addition to GDP is made by market transactions that aid in removing these harmful effects. Hence the calculation of GDP is not balanced * The GDP takes into account the goods and services produced but not ex diversityd for money. For example, volunteer work or growing own food and consuming it is not included in the GDP whereas expenditure on buying food from the market is taken into account 2.unseemly effects of using GDP as a sole measure for economic advantage As GDP takes into account only some value created in the country and does not take into account some(prenominal) key transactions, GDP often increases at the expense of real growth and progress. T he result is that GDP fails miserably as an indicator of economic success on the sustainability scale. The environmental and social aspects are not covered by the GDP. Alternative measures & their business implications There are several substitute indicators of the progress of a country.These measure economic activity, environmental or social activities, well-being or changes in environmental, social or human capital. * Genuine leave Indicator (GPI) It provides a complete picture of economical and social progress. There are several indicators utilise to calculate GPI that are broadly separate under three categories economic, environmental and social. The economic category indicators are correspondent to gross product measurement. The environment factors measure cost of pollution, cost of change to natural resources, cost of climate change, etc.The social indicator includes the value of education, lost leisure time, cost of crime, etc. This indicator has been adopted by the sta te of Maryland and is altered to include the impact of income inequality on the economy of the state. This indicator indicated the need to focus on reducing the take aim of income inequality in order to improve Marylands boilersuit economic and social growth. Hence, this indicator has been successfully implemented that includes all the factors of well-being in a society.This leads to modified business practices in order to lose weight inequality and improve economic, environmental and social spheres of the state * Human learning Index (HDI) It is used by the UNDP to show how the improvement in economic growth and human development is improving conditions of the human in the divers(a) countries. The HDI is defined as process of widening choices available to humans in order to live an educated, long and healthy life and to have recover to resources to have a healthy and decent standard of living.It makes use of semipolitical freedom, human rights and self-respect to measure the index but as they are difficult to measure, the index uses longevity, knowledgeable and decent standards of livings as indicators in posture of prosperous and long lives. * Gross National Happiness (GNH) It is frequently used as an utility(a) measure of progress. It was originally suggested by Bhutan to be used instead of using GDP as an appropriate measure of progress. It measures quality of life or social progress in consistency with Bhutans culture and spiritual values rather than focusing more on economic activity.It measures seven types of wellness economic, environmental, physical, mental, workplace, social and political. Several conferences have also been held on use of GNH and it was primarily used to base the progress of the country on reflections of the countrys Buddhist origins3(Coztanza, Hart, Posner & Talberth, 2009). Conclusion There are several alternative measures that are suggested to be used to measure the progress and the social well-being of a country.GDP is f lawed such that it aids detrimental activities and does not take into account the positive activities of a country. Hence, an alternative that measures not only the market value of final goods and service but which also takes into account the social, economic and environmental factors while calculating the progress of a country is imperative to lead to sustainable development. The current use of GDP leads to more consumption of harmful cigarettes with no emphasis on the environmental degradation from the industrial and business rocesses. Hence, although the economy is progressing in certain(a) spheres of economic activity, it is indeed lagging on sustainable development which requires pollution control, reduced resource usage, better social and income equality. Therefore, alternate measures that take into account all the factors that impact a nation should be developed and the alternative measure that is a composite of all the factors should be used to tick off sustainable develop ment of the economy that reflects progress in daily lives of its citizens.References1. http// 2. http// 3. (Coztanza, Hart, Posner & Talberth, 2009) http//

Case Texas Instrument

RAISA AYU LESTARI 1091002047 Case 13. 4 Texas Instruments 1. Summarize the major features of Texas Instruments guidance musical arrangements. 2. How does Texas Instruments ensure that its operating(a) managers appropriately allocate their time between short term and coherent term? 3. Why do you believe the OST System worked so in effect for TI in the 70s? why was not working effectively for friendship in the mid-to-late 80s? 4.Would strategys like these be appropriate in new(prenominal) organizations, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as Harvey-Hudson Electronics? What implementation problems would you foresee? ANSWERS nary(prenominal) 1 Texas Instruments (TI) is considered to be the broach of the American electronics industry. TI was out result established in 1951 as an electronics companion serving the American defense industry. In 1958, TI developed the first semiconductor integrated circuit.TI has three main lines of business in 1984 components, which include semiconductor integrated circuits, semiconductor subassemblies, and electronic control devices digital products, which include mini computers, personal computers, scientific instruments, and calculators and government electronics, which included radar outline, projectile guidance and control administrations, and infrared surveillance systems. The major management system of TI is OST System, which is Objective, Strategies, and Tactics System. OST System is a system for managing change and innovation.The system was employed to define the strategies the company intended to follow for further growth and development and to identify the tactics required to successfully implement such strategies. The OST System can be more easily understood if viewed in three strategies 1. Presentation of the hierarchy goals 2. Dual responsibility of line management 3. Impact of matrix organization composed of strategic and operating modes The other main management system of TI is resource allocation system. This syst em included intend cycle, strategic fund, operating fund, and timing f think cycle. The next major management system of TI is incentive recompense system, which is included the Key Personnel Analysis and stock-option plan. Planning and control system on TI encourage the development of new product. Strategic planning systems are more critical to survive the uncertain environment. Budgeting systems are use as short term planning tools that are flexible to suit to a fast-changing environment. Reporting system are concentrated on insurance policy issues. Performance evaluation system highlight the uncertainty in the environment. NO. 2

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Interperative Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci

E Interpretive Biography da Vinci protoactinium Vinci is considered one of the superior geni social occasions of all time. He was the epitome of the term Renaissance Man, which meaner a person with many geniuss. During the Italian Renaissance Dad Vines accomplishments throw upd from many field such as anatomy, engineering, mathematics, nature ,philosophy, picture show, sculpting and architecture. His achievements in these fields stem from an archean age, Dad Vinci was an illegitimate child born of Seer Piper, a notary, and Catering, a peasant woman who were unmarried.At the age of 15 Dad Vinci was direct to Florence to be an Prentice of an aspiring artistryist named Overarching. This is where Dad Vines talent for moving picture was premier seen it is utter that Overarching was so impressed with Leonardo addition to Veronicas impression that he break his blushing mushroom brushes and said I will n eer paint again. According to Giorgio Vassar, Leonardo branch demonstratio n of his talent in painting was succession he was an apprentice in Veronicas studio.Leonardo helped in painting Veronicas Baptism of messiah he painted the left handed angel, which do the early(a) figure look His contri only ifion, the left-hand angel, made the other figures look prostrate and dull. It is said by Vassar that Overarching was so impressed by his apprentices painting that it was said that he took his paint brushes and snapped and said that he will never paint again since Dad Vinci surpassed him.After this stage in Dad Vines life he was accepted into the painters guild of Florence, a guild was a medieval tie-up of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power. After leaving Veronicas studio, Leonardo talent became widely known throughout Florence, however gained a reputation for not completing jobs he was commissioned. A commission that he received while in Florence was The veneration of the Magi in 1481 it was an important work for monks of San Donate from a monastery At Scope Leonardo left this work undone in 1482 when he left for Milan.During his time in Milan he was commissioned other work which was from the Church of Francesco Grandee which asked him to paint The Virgin of the Rocks which was not done until twenty- quintuple years latishr. It was during this time period that he wrote to Duke Oxfords in which he express that he was a military inventor and engineer that could ground long-wearing bridges and safe chariots, at the end of the letter he in like manner declared that he was an architect, sculptor and a painter. An excerpt from Vicars book stated that He also painted in Milan, for the Friars of S.Dominic, at S. Maria dell Gracie, a Last Supper, a most beautiful and marvelous occasion and to the heads of the Apostles he gave such majesty and beauty, that he left the head of Christ unfinished, not believing that he was able to give it that divine aura which is essential to the image of Christ. This work, remain ing thus all but finished, has ever been held by the Melamine in the greatest veneration, and also by strangers as well for Leonardo imagined and succeeded in expressing that anxiety which had sized the Apostles in indirect request to know who should betray their Master.For which reason in all their faces are seen love, fear, and wrath, or rather, sorrow, at not being able to understand the meaning of 550) this showed his exquisite views and how he displayed images as an art master. Leonardo Last Supper, painted in Milan, is a brilliant summary of fifteenth-century trends in its organization of space and use of perspective to depict subjects three-dimensionally in a ii- dimensional medium. (Spiegel, 2009) Leonardo splendor wasnt realized till the High Renaissance where he was presented as a transitional figure in the shift to High Renaissance principles.He carried on the fifteenth- century experimental tradition by studying everything and even dissecting homo bodies to see more clearly how nature worked. But Leonardo stress the need to heighten beyond such realism and initiated the High Renaissances preoccupation with the perfectization of nature, or the attempt to generalize from realistic portrayal to an ideal form. (Spiegel, 2009) Leonardo exhibited a period of the Renaissance where artist tried to make a realistic portrayal to an ideal portrayal.A description given by Giorgio Vassar in his biography of Leonardo Dad Vinci named The Genius of Leonardo Dad Vinci shows a firsthand source of how others thought of him In the normal race of events many men and women are born with various remarkable qualities and talents but occasionally, in a way that transcends nature, a single person is wondrous endowed by heaven with beauty, grace, and talent in such copiousness that he leaves other men far behind, all his actions seem inspired, and indeed everything he does clearly comes from God rather than from human art. (Vassar, 1 550) shows the valuate that L eonardo received from there artist during his lifetime. Leonardo most famed work is the Mona Lisa which was commissioned by Francesco Del Giaconda to make a portrait his wife and after(prenominal) toiling over it for four years, he left it unfinished. Leonardo had one of the greatest minds of the Italian Renaissance. He tried to understand the knowledgeable workings of nature. Majority of his inventions and scientific ideas were ahead of its time. Leonardo was one of the first people to study the flight of birds and make an invention that modeled after how they glided in the wind.He also made drawings, schematics and designs for tanks, helicopters, and a parachute. Leonardo importance to art was even greater than his importance to science. He had a strong trance on many leading artists, including Raphael and Michelangelo. Leonardo balanced compositions and idealized figures became normal features of later Renaissance art. Painters also tried to imitate Leonardo knowledge of p erspective and anatomy, and his accurate observations of nature. What most impresses people today is the wide range of Leonardo talent and achievements.He turned his attention to many subjects and mastered tight all. His inventiveness, versatility, and wide-ranging intellectual curiosity have made Leonardo a symbol of he Renaissance spirit. (Bin) Leonardo most important successes were the two techniques that he created which were suffuse and chiaroscuro. They are both painting techniques that deal with utilize shades of light and dark colors. Kauffman in painting or drawing, the delightful shading that produces soft, imperceptible transitions between colors and tones. (Britannica) Chiaroscuro is a technique employed in the visual arts to represent light and shadow as they define three-dimensional objects. Some evidence exists that ancient Greek and roman letters artists used chiaroscuro effects, UT in European painting the technique was first brought to its full potential by L eonardo Dad Vinci in the late 1 5th century in such paintings as his Adoration of the Magi (1481). (Britannica) Other important successes that Dad Vinci made were in engineering advance defenses for Milan.While he was working on the last supper he also made plans for mortars, battering rams, scaling ladders halberds and other defenses. Leonardo had many inventions and designs that were not know till his notebook was found and deciphered. Dad Vines notebooks with his diagrams of engineering have drawings of the machines and picture notes that explain them. Dad Vinci was thorough in his anatomical diagrams and dissections, dissecting dead bodies were interdict in Florence so that is why Dad Vinci was only allowed to perform dissections on criminals.

Visitor Motivations to Attend Events

Table of contents Introduction1 pabulum and fuddle feast2 diversion impression3 medicine feast5 heathenish offsprings6 psychoanalysis of indispensableness8 Common pauperization actors8 Unique indigence comp unrivalednt parts9 Need for arranger9 Conclusion10 Bibliography11 Visitor Motivations to Attend subjects Introduction Motivation is the force. Pinder, cited in Gallstedt (2003), defines motivating as a set of energetic forces that originate both at heart as swell up as beyond an idiosyncratics macrocosm to initiate work- colligate behaviours, and to understand its form, direction, intensity, and duration (Gallstedt, 2003).Mullins (2008) describes motive as this force which drives whatever person to show a specific behaviour towards slightly(prenominal) educate or situation or things. There be mainly cardinal distinct natures of motif wholeness is come from persons inside go for to do action. It is al miens self-applied and self accomplishment in in dividual. This openhearted of want is referring to the intrinsic pauperism (Bratton et. al, 2010). While we controvert about the pauperism of aftermath visitant it withal ignite on this types of want visitant figure in the point to fulfil their personal appetite.But at that place ar variant meanss of motivation which fulfil visitants desire. In the other(a) hand adscititious motivation works on impertinent level of individuals. Every individual maintain got expectation of external tangible outcomes like financial rewards, bonus, leave incr peace, profit sh atomic number 18, and promotion in their job (Bratton et. al, 2010). The fiesta and aftermaths rich person extensively increased in number. Along with that its visitor also increased (Lee, 2000). right off a days concomitants and feasts giving economy support to the hosting community or party. Its becoming an important tool for development for the community.Every form feasts and issues atomic number 18 universal and visitor travel a long journey to participate. There ar dissimilar kinds of situations and feasts for example playfulnesss, Cultural, touristry, medicament, Religious. Visitors of the items and feasts have their own purpose to refer on it. Each single visitor has motivation to ensue on any kinds of incidents. In other words visitors motivations to come after way outs and feasts ar antithetic. We can gravel visitor with different motivation in the same event. There are also just about common motivational factors for visitors to attend different kinds of event above mention. e there are to a greater extent or less common motivational factor in different kinds of events and different motivation factor in same event. There are almost unique motivational factors for round events which we cannot scram in other events. Here we are going to discuss about the common motivation factors of different kinds of feasts as Food festival, gambling festiva l medicine festival and ethnical festival and their unique motivation factor in each kinds of festival. Food and fuddle festival Food and wine festivals have becoming an important part of the special festival. It also an get oution points of phaeton.Many tourists attend nutrient or wine festivals to taste nourishments and wine. They fix special types of diet and wine from these kinds of festivals (Hall Mitchell, 2001) . As it is one of the important touristry activities Food and Wine festivals targeted to the tourist from international and local as well (Chang, 2011), (Chartersa Ali-Knightb, 2002). Chang 2011 contemplate on the visitors motivation to attend a food festival in the Old Town Spring SpringFest which is a regional food festival in Old Town organized any year in March. The town located 20 miles north of Houston, Texas. Old town is a historic 1900s railroad town.He studied the motivation of the visitor in 10,000 populations which is the number of visitors in the festival every year. After study of motivation of visitor from different demography like age, gender, marital status, education, income he came with some(prenominal) motivations factors in food festival. The top five dimensions of motivation and more than than other motivation factors are playfulness, to get out in the open air, perceive about festival and it sounded like fun, for variety of things to see and do, to have a change from daily routine. He also found more activities which instigates visitors to attend in the festival.These are wine, send off, food, get alongn sort societalization, external socialization, art and so on Kwang-Soo, Park Yvette Reisinger Hyun-Jung Kang studied to identify the major factors that motivate visitors in wine and food festival. The objective of this study was to identify the major factors that make visitors to attend the south Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami Beach, Florida, and determine whether these factors varied among the visitors from the United States, Canada, southbound America, Europe, and Asia. They survey on 475 visitors to South Florida. In this study Forty-four motivational items were analyzed.The top most motivational factors were the desire to taste pertly wine and food, enjoy the event, enhance social status, escape from routine life, meet new people, spend time with family, and get to know the celebrity chefs and wine experts. Yuan et. al (2004) were also done one look into on visitor motivation on wine festival and conclude that most important single reason for visiting festival was wine testing. According to their study, education and ascertaining about wine, meeting the winemaker, socialising and having a day out and entertainment were reasons for their attendance at the festival (Yuan et. l, 2004). From above studies we can understand some important motivational factors of food and wine festivals which are testing food and wine, knowledge about food and wine, socialization, fun, family togetherness, escape, change from daily routine etc. mutation event Sport events help to generate revenue. Sports events represent a major area of event revenue contri simplying economic benefits to cities and regions. Whilst explain that attendance at sports events is recognised as an important leisure and entertainment activity (Shamir Ruskin, 1984).Funk describe that visitors desire to watch sport event occurs within five stages which are exigency recognition, tension reduction , drive state, want pathway, and goal behaviour. Here this necessitate illustrates how a need recognised fulfil by seeking way that satisfy the need and received benefit from them (Funk, 2008). John Hall, Barry OMahony and Julian Vieceli (2010) study about the motivation of the visitor in sport event . Their study identifies the antecedents of sports event attendance among 460 respondents who were surveyed in Melbourne. Their study was related to the motivational factor for the sport.They c ombined the motives of visitor in heptad different dimensions as entertainment emotional arousal, back room, genuine buff, bm room, event and social factor there are fun, excitement, the arousal, friend and family. They found that financial and frugal condition also influence to the motivation. Price of tickets or perceived nurse of the sport product are fall into controlled factor which can controlled save the average income of the population and economic condition of the country are fall into uncontrolled factor which cannot controlled by event organiser.There are also some factors which called front room and back room factor. Back room factor are factors amenable to management control that contributes to the overall experience this includes parking, ease of getting a seat and stadium accessibility. Front room factor Facilities or elements of the event experience that are under the control of management. These front room factors relate to factors, which could be said to dir ectly influence the attestants enjoyment of the event experience, which include alcohol and smoke light zones. True fan factor Attendees for whom the enjoyment of the game itself is most important.They are interested in the warring nature of the event, the process the outcomes and the performance of the police squad or individual that they support. Kevin Filo, Daniel C. Funk and Danny OBrien investigate motivates of the participants attachment to a almsgiving sport event. They come with four findings in which first was hobby of charity giving , second was social, reciprocity, self-esteem, need to help others in which they focused more on the benevolent cause. Third group of attendants also motivated by the factors of second group but they are less focused on the charitable cause.Fourth finding of the study was the motives for charitable giving make a stronger contribution to attachment for an event with a more prominent charitable cause, while the recreation motives make a st ronger contribution to attachment to an event with a less prominent charitable cause. Overall sport events have five to six dimensions of motivation to attract its visitors. Socialization, escape, result attachment, Family and friends etc. moreover there are some more motivational factors as true fan, drama, etc which we will discuss later. Music Festival Numbers of melodyal festival organised every year.According to Bowen, and Daniels (2005) melody festivals are unique and special event which attract visitor to hear and view the performance (Bowen Daniels, 2005). They had done the research to find more about the motivations for attending a large, multi-day music festival. To find out motivation they conduct interview with visitor on the event site of Celebrate Fairfax, an annual music festival held in Virginia (USA). In the study difference factors of visitors motivations were analyzed by dividing into three categories as Discovery, Music and Enjoyment.Factors included in these three categories were Increase knowledge of local market-gardening, be with people from community, experience new and different things, recovery from hectic pace, hear to music, special appeal , family and friend togetherness, other non musical attraction, and party and have a fun. From the same study they try to find out whether music matters in musical festival or not? In the termination of this question authors conclude that music is important to music festival but there are some visitor for them music is not more important.This study betokened that it is better to other non-musical factors in musical festivals. Because musical is no more important for some visitors attend on musical festival. To attract non-musical visitors event need to have some non-musical motivational factors such as socialization, fun and etc. along with musical performance. Gelder and Robinson also agreed with Bowen and Daniels that music festivals need some non-musical experience. When completed the comparative study of visitor motivation for music festival from Glastonbury and V Festival two largest music festivals in UK with 200,000 visitors.They suggested to V Festival, that it needs to include non-musical components on it as socialization, fun, and enjoyment (Gelder & robinson, 2009) . genus Formica and Uysal (1996) were analyzed Twenty-three motivation items including them into five different dimensions of motivation as excitement and thrills, socialization, entertainment, event novelty and family togetherness while comparing festival motivations of residents and non-residents for Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy.As a result they found socialization factor scratch to the residential visitor and non residential visitor are motivated from entertainment factor (Formica Uysal, 1996). Cultural events There are different literatures and researches have done on motivation of visitor for heathen festival. In 1996 Schneider and Backman have done one study on motivation of the ethn ical festival visitor in Jerash Festival for culture and art festival of Jordan. In the study they assay to find out if the motivation factors are applicable for outside of matrimony America or not?In that study they analyzed twenty three factors of motivation in five different dimensions as family togetherness/ socialization, social/leisure, festival attributes, escape and event excitement. The result how that in spite of differences in immensity of factors of motivations, the scale developed in United State was also current to other parts of the world like Arabic country and South Korea as well (Schneider & Backman, 1996). Formica and Uysal explored the motivation of visitor for Spoleto Festival, a cultural festival in Italy in 1998.In the study they investigated on twenty-three motivation items with six factors as socialization/entertainment, event attraction/excitement, group togetherness, cultural/historical, family togetherness and &site novelty. In the conclusion of the study they suggest that there are different in motivation among loyal and fair tally to their age, income and marital status. (Formica & Uysal, 1998). In 2000 Lee compared the motivation factors of cultural festival amidst egg white and Asian visitors in the Asian setting of the Kyongju piece Cultural Expo.In the expo there are performances from 48 different countries. In his research, he studied on 32 motivation items categorising on seven different dimensions. The seven dimensions which studied by Lee were cultural exploration, family togetherness, escape, novelty, external group socialization, event attractions and known-group socialization. From this study Lee found that the motivation level of Caucasian visitors was slightly high then of Asian visitors at Kyongju World husbandry Expo. There was high motivation in regarding to cultural exploration and event attractions for both types of visitors.But the factor family togetherness found little bit weak to motivate in that e xpo (Lee, 2000). Lee et. al (2004) studied on the festival motivation by nationality and satisfaction. Purpose of the study was to find out the immenseness of festival market segmentation based on visitor motivation for promotion of event or festival. To study about segmentation of visitor they select the 2000 Kyongju World Culture Expo organised in Kyongju, South Korea. In the expo over 9000 artists from different countries performed for 87 days betwixt September to November. According to this article More than 1. million visitors visited the expo in 2000. In this study authors identified six motivation dimensions for visitors attending the 2002 World Culture Expo as cultural exploration, family togetherness, novelty, escape, event attractions, and socialization. Among all dimensions cultural exploration found the high portion of motivation in visitors (Lee, Lee, & Wicks, 2004). digest of motivation Common motivation factors After reviewing the work of different authors on motiv ation of events visitor, we can conclude that most of motivation items in every kinds of events are common. e can combine them in five to seven different dimensions as socialization, family togetherness, novelty, escape, event attractions/ Novelty, learn and explore culture and upheaval or thrills (Chang, 2011) (Bowen & Daniels, 2005) (Formica & Uysal, 1996). Socialization socialization is a desire to interact with a group and its members. There are two types of socialization internal and external socialization. Internal means cosmos with friend or the people already know. External means meeting new people. Family togetherness this is the desire to enhance family relationship.People motivated by this factor attend event to seek the opportunity to be with family, relatives and friends. At the same time they have desire of doing things together. lean Escape from daily routine and the things which we see or do everyday. It is a believe to have change in usual demands of life, and d esire to have some change to minimize the lifes stresses. Learning or exploring cultures learn about or explore other cultures. Visitors motivated with this factor have a desire to gain knowledge on different kinds of cultural practices and celebrations. Excitement or thrills desire to do some stimulation things.People wound up to do these kinds of activities. Event novelty this is the desire to do unique and new things. Every this is related to the curiosity of person. Visitor wants to do new and different things and or attending a festival that is unique. Sourse (Foster & Robinson, 2010) (Bowdin et. al, 2011) Unique motivation factors In spite of common motivation items in every kind of events, there are some unique motivation factors for different events. For example the motivation item food testing is only applicable for food festival. Visitor may not motivate to attend in cultural expo with this motivation.According to Chang (2011) study more then one third visitor of food and wine festivals motivated with food and wine items. They have a desire to test, purchase, being familiar, increase knowledge about the food and wine (Chang, 2011). Sport event have also unique motivation factor called true fan (Hall, OMahony, & Vieceli, 2010). In the words of Allison 2001, True fans stand on terraces, they rallying cry and sing and sometimes fight they talk of the club as we or us and measure their lives in remembered result they get as much chastisement as joy from the whole thing (Allison, 2001, p. 51). For true fan attendees for in the event it is most important. Mostly they are interested in competitive nature of events (Hall, OMahony, & Vieceli, 2010). Bowen and Daniels (2005) wrote about the music festival that attract audiences for a variety of reasons but enjoying the artists performance is popular motivational factor for music festival or event (Pagg & Patterson, 2010) Motivation Need to Know by Organiser As a event organiser or passenger vehicle its important to understand the motives of event visitor.There are different researches, and studies which have suggestions for event coach-and-fours which make clear why a manager or an organiser need to know motivation in order to organise events or festivals. Manager need to include more activities that not specifically related to the main Purpose of the event. For example Bowen and Daniels study on the topic Does Music Matter? and come with the result that music is important to music festival but there are some visitors for them music is not more important.So its better to make festival environment where visitor can socialize, fun and some non-musical experience along with music performance (Bowen & Daniels, 2005). Manager need to understand and offer key motives of events. From above study we find some key motives of visitor to attend events. As an event manager taking into custody of motivational factor is important to design and serve the product tally to visitors desire to receive or being served (Gelder & robinson, 2009). It is important for event manager to Analysis of motivations for festival attendance for market segmentation and effective promotion.Lee suggest manager that for planning events and festival, motivation analysis is important to identify different needs and to segment target markets (Lee, 2000). Conclusion After study of motivations for different kinds of events, here we can combine the common motivation items in some dimension as socialization, family togetherness, novelty, escape, event attractions/ Novelty , learn and explore culture and Excitement or thrills. Which we can say the common factors that attract the visitors to attend for every kinds of events. in spite of this common factor there are some unique motivational item for each events or festival.For event organiser it is important to know the about motivation of event visitor. It helps event manager to design the event, serve the visitors and make better understanding bet ween visitors and organisers. Bibliography Allison, L. (2001). Amateurism in sport an analysis and a defence(Sport in the global society). colossal Britain Routledge. Aswathappa, K. (2007). Human Resource And Personnel guidance. New Delhi Tata McGraw-Hill Education. Bowdin, G. , Allen, J. , OToole, W. , Harris, R. , McDonnell, I. (2011). Events vigilance (3 rd ed. ). Great Britain Elsevier Ltd.Bowen, H. E. , Daniels, M. J. (2005). Does the music matter? Motivations for attending a music festival. Event Management , 9, clv164. Bratton, J. , Forshaw, C. , Callinan, M. , Sawchuk, P. (2010). Work and Organizational Behaviour Understanding the Workplace. Palgrave Macmillan. Chang, W. (2011). A teste of tourism Visitors, motivations to attend a food festival . Event Management , 15, 151161. Chartersa, S. , Ali-Knightb, J. (2002). Who is the wine tourist? Tourism Management , 23 (3), 311319. Filo, K. , Funk, D. C. , OBrien, D. 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The Importance of Having an Identity

Henry Lawsons poetry Second family unit Wait Here (Second Class) shows that when an identity is agonistic upon an individual (an outcome of class labelling) they may struggle to feel a positive sense of belonging. Gordon Bennetts three-panel canvas artwork Triptych Requiem, Of Grandeur, Empire (Triptych) exemplifies how potently accepting nonpargonils identity under difficultcircumstances leads to a orphic and enriching sense of belonging that may extend out to others. Through the guard Corin, Shakespeare shows that a strong sense of identity can overshadow the derogations do by others.When Touchstone claims in Act Two that he is one of Corins betters, Corin replies contentedly Or else are they very wretched. Further on in the play, Touchstone uses simile to describe Corin like an ill cook egg, cooked all on one side when claiming Corin to be wicked having never been to court. Corin, happy with his bucolic lifestyle, shrugs off each remark stating Thou lay down too courtly a wit for me Ill rest. Contrastingly, Lawson in his poem Second Class shows how a lack of acceptance to ones identity leads to a negative outlook on ones circumstances.At the railstation Lawson works he feels surrounded and held back by signboards stating Second Class wait here. To Lawson, the signboards become metaphors for social labelling and cause him At suburban railroad track stations you may see them as you pass There are signboards on the platform verbalize Wait here second class And to me the zoom along and thunder and the cluck of running gear Seems to be forever saying, saying Second class wait here https//www. oppapers. com/join. php? join_type=free

Annotated Bibliography Cord Blood Banking

An nonated Bibliography W bother-Wise, Rene. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov. umbilical cord pile kin Information for Childbirth Educators, Winter 2011. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. The author, a permissiond clinical nurse specialist and childbirth educator, was driven to do seek and write this phrase beca handling she scarcely had the basic teaching for pile product line chamfering to offer to couples is her classes. She sh argons that the first recipient of a electric stackuroyuroy decline transplantation was a 6-year-old boy who was treated for Fanconis genus Anemia development corduroyuroyuroyuroy argumentline collected from his youngers sisters birth. She continues to list the disorders that obeisance carrel transplants freighter treat.She discusses the advantages of utilise umbilical cord argument report cubicleular telephones over bone spirit waist cells. A couple of reasons is that it is easier to collect and process and in that respect is a decreased luck of transmis sion of infectious disease. One point she mentioned that was kindle and that I was not aware of was that if the pregnant woman had a tale of group B streptococcus, active genital herpes, or prolonged respite of membranes and chorioamnionitis, the umbilical cord is not saved. A disadvantage that the author points emerge is that cord origin is discarded in about 50% or more than cases due to inferior volume.In addition to discussing clubby and national cord channel banks, the author brings to light the topic of direct-donation cord blood bank which accept autogenous donations and reserve them for the family whose infant has a sibling with a disorder. In this condition, the author in addition shares professional organizations s positions. She mentions that ACOG and AAP recomm give the axes the collection and banking of mysterious cord blood all if a sibling or a family member has a medical diagnosis for which hold cells are shortly being used for treatment.I found this member very helpful because not only did the author share the benefits of cord blood staunch cell transplantation, she brought to surface m all of the limitations. I result particularly use the randomness about the percentage of cord blood that is discarded due to insufficient volume. Also, I provide add the information about the conditions during pregnancy, labor and spoken communication that can affect the usability of the units. Percer, Beth. Umbilical Cord consanguinity Banking Helping Parents devote Informed Decisions. Nursing for Womens Health (Volume 13, Issue 3) 217-223. Print. In this hold, the author discusses the prob subject benefits and drawbacks of cord blood transplantation. One of the benefits that she discusses is that there is a reduced danger of acute graft-versus-host reaction. One of the concerns is that a cord blood recipient cannot go back to the same infant donor to receive further cord blood stem cells. Another concern is the odds that children will inquire to use their own stem cells range from 1 in four hundred to 1 in 200,000.It is because the cord blood stem cells may already realise a genetic defect to the disease expecting treatment. The author also lists the drawbacks for mystical versus familiar banking. The negatives for globe banking is that families will not have door to the stem cells in the future as they would have with private banking. This phrase also shows the different views of multiple respected organizations much(prenominal) as American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), and World Marrow Donor draw (WMDA).I will use the information in this obligate to discuss place points in my paper regarding benefits and negatives for stem cell transplantation and private versus public banking. In addition, I will include some(prenominal) of the organizations views in my paper. journal of Midwifery & Womans Health. Share With Women. jmwh. org. Cord r ake Banking Whats It All About, 24 Dec. 2010. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. This phrase breaks down exactly what Cord Blood Banking is. It looks specifically at what illnesses can be treated by stem cells, how stem cells are collected, and the reasons for not banking cord blood.It also answers parklandly asked questions relating to Cord Blood Banking such as what is the difference between private and public Cord Blood Banks and can a parent donate their own stem cells worry donating a liver or kidney. It also lists out some normal questions to ask yourself in order to determine if Cord Blood Banking is the mightily choice for you. The clause does a great job of explaining what Cord Blood Banking is in a simple and understandable tone that everyone can understand.The name was direct and gave an abundance of good information without going into a bus of discussion whether Cord Blood Banking is correct or wrong. The member stuck to the facts and depict some key questions to be asked onw ard making a termination on Cord Blood Banking. I will use information from this article to paint a clear picture of what Cord Blood Banking is. American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation. Guidelines, Policy Statements, and Reviews. asbmt. org. Collection and conservation of Cord Blood for Personal Use, 20 Sept. 2007. Web. 15 Feb. 2013.This article goes into more detail into the technical aspects of storing UCB (Umbilical Cord Blood) and encourages parents to caudex their newborns UCB in public blood banks. The article supports storing umbilical cord blood, which the ASBMT states is rich in HSCs (hematopoietic stem cells), exclusively it does not recommend private storage of cord blood only public storage. The reason for the articles position favoring public storage and opposing private storage is because the ASBMT states, that cord blood in public banks is 100 quantify more likely to be released for transplant than a unit in private origind. Although the article s upports public cord blood banking, it declares that expectant parents should review all information accurately and completely, including contracts and financial responsibilities, in order to make an cognizant decision. The article was published by the ASBMT (American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation), which is an global association that is responsible for the advancement of the field of blood and marrow transplantation. It only makes sense that the article is supportive of the cord blood banking indus generate besides surprisingly the article distinguishes between public and private cord blood banking.Furthermore, the ASBMTs Board of Directors developed a report based on particular(prenominal) review of published studies and interviews that acknowledges the potential for expansion in the future and stating that they will review their position on cord blood banking periodically. I will use information from this article to speak about the differences between public and private cord blood banking and to expound on the positives of public cord banking. March of Dimes Foundation. Get Ready for Labor. marchofdimes. com.Umbilical cord blood, May 2009. Web. 15 Feb 2013. This article is highly exposit and is more focused on the aspects of Umbilical Cord Blood relating to the actual stem cells. It defines stem cells as unspecialized cells that experience all blood cells including platelets for blood c sessting, red blood cells which transports oxygen, and white blood cells which help in fighting diseases. The article goes on to explain how stem cells are used to treat diseases such as leukemia, other cancers, and knockout blood disorders like anemia.After chemotherapy the radiation destroys a lot of the patients stem cells so after treatment many patients receive a stem cell transplant from either transplanted bone marrow, computer peripheral blood, and from cord blood. Stem cells from cord blood have advantages over stem cells from bone marrow beca use it is easier and safer to collect, stem cells from cord blood is more likely to be a match, its faster, there is a menialer risk of infections, and there is a reduced risk of GVHD (graft vs. host disease). GVHD is a condition that occurs when the donors cells attack the recipients cells and tissues.The article gives good examples of the advantages of using stem cells from cord blood in treating patients after chemotherapy or patients that need a blood transfusion. The article clearly states that cord blood is more beneficial over using bone marrow or peripheral blood. The article gives real-world examples of why using umbilical cord blood reduces risks of diseases, is significantly faster, and is a lot easier to treat patients. There is one section in the article that speaks to the disadvantages of using cord blood which is that cord blood contains a relatively abject volume of blood and consequently a small amount of stems cells.Besides that one argument against using cord b lood the article overall is in support of cord blood banking. I will use this article in my discussion of stem cells and to highlight the advantages of stem cells from cord blood over alternative treatments. Agovino, Theresa. CBSNews. com. Banking Umbilical Cord Blood, 11 Feb. 2009. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. This article is more individualized and explores the individuals private decision to store umbilical cord blood. It also examines the companies that are responsible for storing cord blood from a business perspective as well as the patients pecuniary and financial dilemmas.The article follows actual mothers and doctors on the front lines of the UCB debate. In the article an expecting mother named Marla Dalton says, It was really stressful. The marketing makes you feel guilty. There is this feeling that if you dont do it, you are not doing something to save your childs life. The article speaks about how the marketing divisions of these companies try to coerce patients into the service which can range from $1000 to $1740 per child. three years ago there were 12 cord blood storage companies and straightaway there are at least 27 such companies.The cord blood banking industry is fairly new and the research is not conclusive yet whether these private companies are even worth the money. Some research actually shows that the overwhelming majority of cord blood stem cell transplants (about 3,500) have been done from independent donors or from public banks. At the end of the article the author, Theresa Agovino, gives an example of how a mother chose to use a private blood banking company and it was ultimately the right decision because her son was diagnosed with aplastic anemia at the age of two.That son later died of an infection but it was without a doubt the right choice because at the time it gave him the best kick downstairs to live. The author is clearly in support of cord blood banking whether it be private or public but she is highly critical of the room in w hich some of these private companies advertise their services. Instead of pointing to the limitations of blood banking they fertilise on parents fear and perpetuate the myth that blood banking as a golden bullet for future diseases. This article was well written and contained a number of personal anecdotes that captures the readers attention.It was informative regarding the business side of blood banking and gives measurable numbers, percentages, and price points indoors the industry. I will rely on statistics from this article to go along with a couple of stories to add a personal connection to the paper. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. acog. org. Cord Blood Banking FAQ172, Aug. 2011. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. This article is by far the near informative of all the articles and is written in a question and answer format which makes it very easy to follow.In the article there are 10 bullet points discussing different topics including what is cord blood, what are st em cells, how are cord blood stem cells used, what are the limits to stem cell use, how is cord blood stored, how do public cord blood banks operate, how do private cord blood banks operate, how is cord blood collected, what are some situations when it is not possible to collect cord blood, and what should be considered when deciding whether to store cord blood. The author states the facts and gives to the point answers but does not interject any personal opinions.In the last section of the article some of the answers have a slant toward opposing the storage of cord blood. For instance, the article states that currently it is not known how long cord blood can successfully be stored. The article also points out that the chance that cord blood stem cells will be needed to treat your child is very low at 1 in 2700. In my opinion, these ten topics are the most important topics relating to stem cell cord blood banking. The author is oddly comprehensive and gives the reader good informat ion and exceptional questions to consider.I will use this article to add to my papers overall knowledge base of stem cells and cord blood and to point out some excellent questions that should be asked before making a decision on cord blood banking. U. S. food for thought and Drug Administration. Vaccines, Blood, Biologics. fda. gov. Cord Blood Banking Information for Consumers, 23 July 2012. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. This article focuses on FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations relating to Cord Blood Banking and gives additional information for consumers on where to find additional information.The FDA regulates everything from how cord blood is stored to whether the cord blood can be used for personal use or for family use. All public and private blood banks have to follow the FDAs strict requirements and the FDA will hire periodic inspections of any blood storage facilities. The article also outlines how cord blood donors are matched so that blood transplant recipients get t he right blood type or HLA (Human leukocyte antigen). The article is short but jam-packed with educational information.It is very specific as to the terminology and gives very detailed instructions on what the FDA considers appropriate use of cord blood banking. This article was posted on the FDA website and contains numerous links to other government websites that have supplementary information on cord blood banking such as the HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) website. I will use this article as a reference to let the reader know how cord blood banking is correct by the FDA.I will also use it as a glossary to site definitions of terms and abbreviations such as HPC (hematopoietic progenitor cells), IND (investigational new drug), and BLA (biologics license application). Revelant, Julie. foxnews. com. 7 Things You Should Know about Cord Blood Banking, 04 July 2012. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. This article was written by Julie Revelant and starts out by telling the story o f Jamie varlet and her husband in Illinois that saved their newborns cord blood after hearing about cord blood banking from their doctor.Just 4 weeks later the doctors found a grapefruit sized mass blocking her kidneys. Luckily, because they stored the cord blood they were able use the stem cells to do a complete transplant after chemotherapy which saved her life. The article seems to begin as an advertisement for cord blood banking with the fortunate story of the Page family but later the article brings up some concerns about cord blood pricing and necessity of it. The article hits on seven topics ranging from it could be life-saving to your doctor could be cashing in, which makes for a lot of contrast in the article.On one extreme the author points out that umbilical cord blood is an extremely rich source of stem cells that are used to treat more than 80 life threatening diseases and disorders including cancer, blood disorders, immune system disorders, and genetic diseases and on the other extreme she says that it is common practice for doctors to receive referrals for discussing the topic of cord blood banking with their patients. I will use this article to compare and contrast all the various points within my paper.