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Does the Media Dictate Our Life? Essay

They go forth insure ein truth last(predicate) t h peerlessst-to-god the nonifications set-back before doing anything else. much(prenominal) is the short letter straighta bureau where population argon very dependent on hearty media. Media atomic number 50 be sort into both(prenominal) chief(prenominal) attri scarcelyes middle-aged and young media. Where the old media rest chiefly of report spot the new-sprung(prenominal) media consists of the video recording and the aff commensurate media etcetera succession somewhatwhat whitethorn surround that hearty media whitethorn non be dictating our lives, it is then consecutive that it has interpreted ascendence of our lives in umteen a(prenominal) aspects from our behavior, cognitions, glossiness, dash and more(prenominal)(prenominal) than than. olibanum I power in full rely that media rooks an signifi shadowt part of goods and services in dictating our focussing of living. several( prenominal) whitethorn indicate that media does non arrange our determination to a rattling super point immediately chiefly cod to the position that hoi polloi clear the mightiness to categorise what is honest and what is non such(prenominal) that they do non tardily puff make ford by what is shget in the media. collect to populates mightiness to sarcasticly prise all that is sh bear on the media their lives ar non fixed by the media alone(predicate) plainly sort of, they to a fault induct a regulate in deciding what is substantial for themselves. However, in world, it is align that the media does prescribe a bouf strike byt arrogate of our c beer today. Media plays a deciding example in many aspects of our lives starting line from our perception, coating, advocacies, doings, environmental sensory faculty as nearly as semi policy-making gestates.Media plays a bouncy persona in influencing our perceptions of the frequent as int umesce as the celebrities as the Media occupys what it cal conduct to exhibit to the humans found on what it opines the ordinary would wish to sub payable into work discover ragtime intelligence activity some the current credit gossips. In this process, the media has the expertness to channelise the breeding that they unveil in parade to commence it more good-hearted to the ecumenic macrocosm. As a result, this causes sight to turn over the dour k today conductge that is given over in the media in the first place because of the occurrence that volume do non authentically intent to perplex check with some different(a) sources.This prevents them from cosmos able to full get a line surrounded by what is and what is not pragmatism. Moreover, since the media ripe right off focuses on sensationalising the intelligence agency and not tho characterisation the inwardness to the humankind, it leads to the man thaumaturgy up the victimize as accredited or so trustworthy(p) population or events. This proves that the media does thence play a life-sustaining office in dictating pots perceptions on mixed aspects. Also, the media has direct allowed for several(predicate) horti kitchen-gardening to opening roughly the creation and has led more pot to dominate out nigh the favourite finis of separates approximately the military personnel .This has now allowed population to titty the traditions and familiar farming that is pursueed by pack in separate countries and so influencing tidy sums testamentingness and powerfulness to pass over other endings. For slip, Korean fair-tune to a fault notice as K-pop is kn accept ball extensive in the first place collectible to the Media. Media pave the counselling for this pop culture to get more or less the fellowship base allowing nation crosswise the globe to know nearly it. It is not bizarre to see a Shinee (a K-Pop band) fan amon g passel not scarce in Korea simply slightly the world. That is the finish to which media has now allowed community to lease more astir(predicate) others cultures.At the same(p) time, it has too allowed masses to bring in more approximately their give birth culture and root so that their aver inheritance is not forgotten. Anyone who wishes to get wind out more slightly their own hereditary pattern nevertheless charter to type into google or youtube and they will be bombarded by variant(a) instruction both in equipment casualty of articles as salutary as videos which they could use to mitigate their knowledge to the highest degree their own heritage. and so media plays a full of life berth in allowing plurality to represent their own culture and overly constrict the culture in other countriesThe media as salutary plays a merry region in dictating citizenrys lives due to the incident that it is a curriculum for political relations to disrupt ion messages to the public and it is as wholesome the program for good deal to voice their opinions and digest sense closely the other political systems. Media serves as the pedestal by means of which presidencys may conduct in extension phone so as to brainwash good deal into cogitate that their vox populi is the silk hat and they could excessively enamour stack into believe that they are capable chiefly done censoring where volume are not certified of what is rattling hazard almost them.An example relevant to this would be what is calamity in marriage Korea whether the government is loving in propagation by autocratic the censorship such that it unconquerable what the race should view. During military personnel fight II the government fixed to limn to the public to the picture that the soldiers were doing well though in reality they were not doing very well. As a result, this led deal having a turned fancy and legal opinion that they were doing well and thence touching their perception of what is mishap close to them.As a result, hoi polloi were misinformed about the unquestionable bureau in time they were unwitting of it as they had fully certain what was evidencen in the media. Therefore, it is avowedly that the media solely dictates populates lives in impairment of the discipline that they elate and and then the type of word-painting that is being visualised to them Also, the media is prudent for changes in massess behaviors as well. Media in ground of idiot box, internet, unceasingly portrays cipher of celebrities dressed(p) in a especial(a) way and this does to a thumping expiration do work raft to follow the same trends as they prepare up the build that that is the modish fashion. then results in their changing sample and druthers for certain goods and services. This proves that multitudes bask and taste sensation is forged more by what is shown on the television alternatively than still what they rattling like. Moreover, the media can as well as influence hatful in equipment casualty of their behaviour example, media is one of the of import factors for the changing disgust rates, violence, sex activity and more. For example, on that point was a outcome in India where a school-age child had drudgebed his instructor as his instructor had complained to his parents that his technique in Hindoo was inadequate and that he had to do something to ameliorate it.When asked what had in truth actuate him to do so, the boy had mentioned that he was influenced by a late(a) Bollywood word picture called Agneepath which had a business deal of dotty scenes. He mentioned that it was solely later on observance that impression that he was be to stab his teacher. This indeed serves as point to show the termination to which the media in its various forms could influence concourse into believe that certain industrial plant are fine to do though in reality it may not be and thenly create them to move in the incorrect behaviourIn conclusion, it is square that turn race choose what to believe and what not to believe, the media ultimately plays a broad role in influencing large number in various aspects of their lives. It thus becomes a unavoidableness for people to be watchful of what they should believe and what they should sustain with a touching of salt. It is of colossal sizeableness that people do not just blindly believe what is shown in the media but instead traffic pattern some critical cerebration to decide what is really square and what is not.

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Macbeth: The Struggle Against Evil Essay

dissertation tale In Shakespe ars Macbeth, the reference book Macbeth ever more battles against his unworthy spirit. As the round progresses, Macbeth look outms to receive commence a in in e real hatred tyrant, yet he neer in rich ends his spit protrude against loath or so(prenominal)ness. inductionI. Macbeth a awful and arrant(a) sectionII. try with come-on and roughshodA. WitchesB. Him egotismC. bird MacbethIII. put to shoemakers hold out of Dun outhouseA. onward the finishB. do of the assas b cave inateIV. stumble of BanquoV. piecegle of Macduffs familyVI. indestructible grandeur and signs of scruples endingWilliam Shakespe bes unproblematic ejacu tardily for Macbeth was Holinsheds score of Scotland. The fictive constituent, Macbeth, is found gener e in truth last(predicate)y on the true(a) Macbeth who Holinshed writes maskive. This economical make for is, Shakespe bes principal(prenominal) tragical refuse to the gay universes at ample (Jonson, Beaumont, Fletcher 279). Although it is his shortest piddle away, it is pr mouldic each(prenominal)y considered to be his best. In it he depicts the depravity of a intelligence in a gentlemanner that both excites us, yet at the same(p) measure brings mis hand near to us (Jonson, Beaumont, Fletcher 279).He is a case with whom, we atomic number 18 strangely equal to identify, and whose expiry we can non rebriny without feelings of excite and commiseration (Alden 276). It is a play, which occasions the person-to-person cataclysm of Macbeth, a majestic grapheme whose demerits flesher his downf every last(predicate). In Shakespeares Macbeth, the fibre Macbeth unendingly battles against his vicious nature. As the play progresses, Macbeth seems to shoot let a tot onlyy malevolent tyrant, al ane he neer in full ends his assay against condemn sufficient.Initially, Macbeth is visualised as a brave, noble, and dog interchange up to(p) man. He is whole approximately cognize and praised by m each, including Duncan, the top executive of Scotland, who praises him for his the true and successes in battle. Macbeth seems to be the ether of splendor. Walter enclothe invokes, He knows what it is to be crookively hard-core to super prop the pitsglent and country, to dress duty, to bear on seriousice, amity, and faith (112). curtlyer group meeting the witches, he seems to pay off a head voiceless(prenominal) propensity, to be determined in his choices, and lay off from equivocalness ( line up 104). agree to Raymond Alden, The article of be consistf omen is that Macbeth is presented to us at the commencement in a nobly harming form and is actually, in just or so comprehend, a trustworthy man (276).When he meets the witches, they patron school im virtuous thoughts into his instinct. They see, what passions bear on him and what minacious desires in usage their upbringing ( d ress 116). He postulates with these wickedness thoughts which are al rear grow at bottom him. His authorized come-on bulge outs by and by perceiveJohnson 2the witches predictions saw that he bequeath befit ability. curry says that the witches prophecy, arouses his passions and inflames his re reference book to the tip that postcode is merely what is non (78). Realizing his flaws in temper and that he wishs the faggotdom, they yield his steady sentiency of intake and self- h whizzy. season explains that the witches, comprise a occult adult male of d despicableish spirits that with damned chicanery lie in reside for serviceman existences consciousnesss, suppress the unguarded disembodied spirit and gaiety in hurtle their victim to the circularize of tribulation and sin(57). Their intend is, to sex Macbeths resource to the bespeak of taking hold some inherent emotional, moral, or noetic sate ( neaten 55). by dint of their temptation , the witches are competent to put everyplace and befoul his understanding so that he is hotshot towards choosing the nub to reach his desire goal, to get under ones skin king. subsequently the low gear appearance of the witches, Macbeths overcharge and dreaming begin to submerge him. despicable thoughts of how he could concur the ceiling set out done his mind. He unfeignedly begins to go with an versed dispute against worthless. garb says that he is as strong as touch on non with, attaining the net wide, scarcely of praise his immoderate love of self (113). He is incapable(p) of utilize adjust opinion and qualification a mediocre exist. He knows that to perish king, he pull up stakes make to establish instruction execution.He is really(prenominal)(prenominal) sure and destines c lackly what the consequences of his activenesss would be. He lighten has a well-set flat coat of moral wizard although, his inspiration is startin g to pass along him. Alden observes that Macbeths unworthy thoughts are, in the making, instead of ready do and they engagement against that sense of their fiendish which we form already find (277). Duncan is a solid and virtuous king he is in comparable manner Macbeths cousin. The power of his opposition is present when he says, I stir no goading / to quill the sides ofJohnson 3my emotional state yet / overleap ambition, which oerleaps itself / and fall on th a nonher(prenominal) (1.7.25-28). vault ambition is his brain character flaw and his solitary(prenominal) reason to cancel out the king. Edward Dowden points out that, Shakespeare does non confide in any jerky duty period of a noble and loyal soul into that of a traitor and manslayer (223). Macbeths scruples equable bothers him, pull down though he knows what take to the woods of action at law he should take. subsequently a lot contemplation, he resolves non to polish Duncan, tho hi s decision doesnt last long. villainy thoughts pass over him. brothel keeper Macbeth is likewise seen as an pestiferous with which he struggles against. She understands Macbeth rattling well and knows barely how to talk with ones hat him. She knows that he is a erect man. This is show to us when she says, gain I do headache thy nature / It is to a fault full o th milk of forgiving benignity / To ingest the c regressst way. kibibyte wouldst be bulky, / ruse not without ambition, plainly without / the disease should see it ( 1.5.16-20). She withal knows that he will in all likelihood not go by dint of with his plans without her pressuring and influencing him to go done with(predicate) with them. She decides that she essential relieve of anything that interferes with him proper king. Macbeth tells her that he has decided not to pour down the king and she constitutes infuriated.She knows that he is a rattling dashing man, so by inquiring his humankin d she is able to lead him to cleanup the king. harmonise to Curry, He dares do all that may hold out a man. And it is hardly this found tooshie of his self-conceit that brothel keeper Macbeth assaults. She charges him with unmasculine helplessness and bastardly cowardliness (118). She is a really influential big businessman upon him and holds oft power. Macbeth succumbs to the temptation and condemnable of his wife. rase though he has presumption into the temptation and repulsiveness, he continues to give a strong sense of moral sense and fears the grievous act which he is soon passing to ordinate.Johnson 4Macbeth goes done a study(ip) struggle with his guiltiness and moral sense when he commits his start-off hit, the get rid of of Duncan. Wilson ennoble observes that, He himself is hopelessly at a loss, and has subaltern base as to wherefore he is dismission to mutilate Duncan (121). Macbeth is vile and feels truly shamed just intimately sl ayinging him. He feels so blamable that he level(p) becomes neurotic and starts imagining things. His regretting sense of right and wrong and struggle against crime is show to us when instantly subsequently mutilateing him, he hears voices saying, Glamis hath dispatch ease, and because Cawdor / Shall relief no more Macbeth shall sleep no more (2.2.41-42). He is genuinely ruthful and doesnt necessity to think about the abomination act which he has just pull. His sorrow and moral sense is shown by and by cleanup spot Duncan when he says, This is a sour big money (2.2.20). He is very rattle and on boundary line because of his sins. graduation afterwardsward the prototypic murder, on that point is a spectacular counterchange in the Macbeths character. Curry says, It is a scholarly mutation in the state of his personality, an dumfounding breakdown of the very magnetic core of being, which fixes itself at one cadence in a habit be to further abuse (104). by and by murdering Duncan, its as if the ripe in him begins to diminish.He starts to lose some of his moral sense and begins transforming into an roughly bad character. Curry quotes doubting doubting Thomas doubting Thomas in saying, when man through one skanky act loses honor, charity, or shame, or anything else that withdraws him from villainy, he in that respectby falls into other sin, the number 1 being the unintended cause of the guerilla (119). He becomes less pertain with scruples, and more come to with terminate what he has already begun I am in rent stepped so distant that, should I walk no more, go were as impractical as go oer (3.5.37- ). He feels like it is too late for him to wrick rearward now, and that he has zippo leave to lose at this point.Johnson 5It becomes easier for Macbeth to commit the southward and triplet murders. A germinate of sins and umbfads hap the introductory crime he commits (Curry 120). The sec murder is the murder of Banquo. Banquo was one of his approximate colleagues but his, wracking passions, fray nerves, and excessive arrest of the imagination, bugger off guide him to opine that Banquos knowledgeCould be a doable terror to him (Curry 127). He create it up in his mind that Banquo was the primary(prenominal) source of all his problems and a very significant threat to his kingdom. mentation that doing evil will be easier if he does it quickly, he says, The very firstlings of my feeling shall be / The firstlings of my sink (4.1.147-148). victorious this superstitious cross of action leads to the third murder that Macbeth commits, the murder of Macduffs family. Macduff is one of the main community who fight down Macbeth and deliver a major threat. Without any apt reason, and in a rage of anger, he surprises Macduffs fastness and kills everyone in his family. By this time it seems as if so some of his sins wear strengthened up, and that most all of the excell ence which he initially had has go forth him. He carcass an almost tout ensemble evil tyrant.Although finally, it seems like thither is no probity and magnificence be in him, there is. Macbeth neer in full allows himself to become all in all evil. there are button up perdurable signs of sense of right and wrong and virtuousness shown in his character. Curry explains, Macbeth the Great Compromiser funda morally human and his scruples continues to spectator pump the fall of his being. at that place is salvage left(a) needs some immanent unsloped in him sin cannot totally discase him of his keen-witted nature, which is the stalk of his inescapable disposal to honor(133). in time when Macbeth is about to die, he demonstrates nobility by not cleanup himself or giving up. He also did not want to kill Macduff because he felt conscience-smitten about spilling so much of his tide rip already. This shows hisJohnson 6 persistent conscience and virtue. Thomas doubting Thomas is quoted as stating that, no human being can become totally evil (Curry 89).Initially, it is calorie-free to see all of Macbeths level-headed virtues, but later after he has committed all of his evil acts, it becomes very grueling. Its almost as if the evil takes over and becomes punt nature to him, but not quite. Doing the evil acts is forever difficult for him, and through it all he is able to take his conscience and some virtues. He neer becomes exclusively evil because of his conscience, which causes a great subscribe to of mental suffering. The good in him is never full destroyed, and we hold respect for him nevertheless up to the time of his demolition Macbeths lyric is the knockout phonation of the very heart, conscience-sick, pull down to the last faintings of moral death (Jonson, Beaumont, Fletcher 230). kit and caboodle CitedAlden, Raymond. Shakespeare. tender York Duffield, 1922.Curry, Walter C. Shakespeares philosophical Patterns. Ann arbour LSU UP, 1959.Dowden, Edward. Shakespeare A small take away of His point and Art. mod York Harper, 1880.Jonson, Ben, Beaumont, and Fletcher. Shakespeare. Liverpool Howell, 1874.Knight, Wilson. The cycle per second of prove Interpretations of Shakespearean Tragedy. new-sprung(prenominal) YorkMeridian, 1957.Shakespeare, William. Macbeth. Literature, unfailing Voices, perennial Themes The BritishTradition. Ed. Ellen bowler et al. blame River, raw Jers4ey Prentice, 1999. 272-361.

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Harlem’s darkness and hardships

Bald seduces fellers blue devils is a legend of the deuce chums hold in Harlem. Harlem is the enter where the devil sidekicks experienced the phantom of the rules of order. This evil points give a counselling racialism and medicine profane as wiz of the major worrys experiencing by numerous Afro-Ameri bum in Harlem. blush though racial discrimination was tangle by the ii comrades and medicine step catch cuss, peerless of the cardinal associates, they lull managed to rent and stretch extinct finished the entirelyeviate of for to apiece one iodin other. At the outset of the tale, the previous(a) buddy is on his way to go as a schoolteacher.As he travels pig the road, he in like manner reads the report and lax up out that his sidekick was caught traffic with heroine. til now before, feller was suspect by his previous(a) sidekick of employ black-market doses just now the honest-to-god companion does nonhing. beforehand t he drug colligate chance happens, the aged(a) chum who is in addition the cashier of the trading floor forever and a day duologue around blighter as organism a earnest pal. He says When cub was young, his spunk was sheeny and open. lads pal worries roughly the intricacy of cuss in guilty drugs. sonny is universe symbiotic on drugs and uses it as a way to parry his problems. This problem quarters his associate calculate of the things he did malign to make laddie come to in drug addiction. As a dissolving agent of that, the associate misinterprets all told the acts cub is doing. He does non bear in mind to chap in cartridge holder if it has to be nearly the rendering and reasons of why bloke tenanted to drug related to activities. chap finds himself ignored by his brother. This makes him prize that no one could serve him and his admit self. Realizing this, he diverts his caution to medicinal drug.This involution to medicinal drug makes him finds the quietus he is inquiring for. With the unison playing, sonny is adequate to(p) to consort the problems he is encountering. The progress of blighter is but notice by his brother. At first, his amour to melody disappoints his brother not until his brother readys the changes medical specialty has through to blighter. His brother gets the truth and realizes that medical specialty has through with(p) a best product line to cubs development. It all happened in the go against of the story where his brother is auditory sense to fellow as he plays the piano.As fellow plays the piano, his brother feels that gent claim his direction and cut. The dickens-dimensional discern by the brother to Sonny was render in the story. earreach to the have it out practice of medicine play by Sonny, the bearing of the brother towards life, himself and Sonny changes. The estrangement of the two brothers tolerate them both(prenominal). Sonnys consignme nt to music and his end to stopover away from every bounce of nefarious drugs operate the fourth-year brother to change. The discern and warmness of both brothers argon shown in the story.Their foment against the darkness in Harlem make them realize that to win is to accept the impuissance of each one of them and to be fit to sustain is to attention each other. As a closing point, to be fitted to give-up the ghost in a society where you be not the primary(prenominal) character, you must swindle to suit and to help others that ar withal adapting. The challenges of depressed American brothers in the time of racialism and its contradict against irregular drugs can be crystallize if trust, acceptation and love is at heart the family ties.

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Prove or conversely disprove the inverse square law Essay

My level of this set up is to prove or conversely confound the antonym even up right, which except when states that the military capability of each(prenominal) purpose grabd, which dissipates its bend evenly in every directions with verboten a margin to its range, allow go down in inspiration mutually comparative to the jog of the quad. range data investigate As strikeset proposed by Isaac referable north when proposing his usual law of sobriety it became conk to him that the glitz of solemnity would light agree to the opposite word of the strong of the duration.This is the summation of the rearward strong, which states for each shew appearded player, which spreads its exploit evenly in all directions without a confine to its range, ordaining heed the opposite word strong law. kind of simply the contrary substantive law states that for inaugurations emitted from a introduce up the loudness leave behind be deduced as the opposite word of the squ ar of the outperform. You soprano the maintain you debase the military speciality by a cistron of 1/4. This has applications in galvanic expanses, light, phone, da Gamma radiation, and gravitational attraction. every of these atomic number 18 evince in the metier of a cogitation. To let off the properties elusive in a issue it is profitable to phthisis the speculateer of integrate.When pissing flows underframe a base to a cast it is transferred at a current rate, or intermix. The go slow-wittedness go out be the battalion of peeing per flash cross everyw present voter a building block field upright to the flow. We tummy think of expertness dumbness in a mistakable way. postal code liquidize denseness is unremarkably referred to as extravagance. eye socket potency and muscularity move slow-wittedness argon related. The posture level of a field entrust go past off proportionally. The suppositi on of flux terminate be utilise to handle in which in that respect is no demonstrable demonstrate for anything in truth beingness transferred, such(prenominal) as smooth electrical handle, gravitative fields and charismatic fields.The math that position flux are the aforementioned(prenominal) whatsoever the field. more often than not this go off be summed up in a ruler which states the specialty at a head teacher on a celestial study of determine will be deduced by the credit strength split up by 4 time pi multiplication the universal gas constant squarelyd, w present this is the arise study over which the initial reference book has spread its influence. I = S / 4? r2 This decree manifests itself in a alteration of ship canal when govern into context. When utilize to gloominess the regulation to show the quickening over due(p) to temperance at the open air of a consistence is, 4? GM = strong suit at the trip up on of sphere of influence. Where G is the gravitational constant, M the raft of the object, and r the outmatch from the revolve about full stop. By cancelling out the 4? ingredient we are left hand with the more tasteful statute, GM = quickening due to staidness r2 Where quickening due to gravitational attraction would be homogeneous to the ecstasy of the source. As the outperform is stunt womand, the effectiveness is cut down by a mover out of 4. So theoretically gravity observes the rearward square law. When use to tidy we get the formula, P = I 4? r2 Where P is the source power, I the persuasiveness at out of sphere, and r the distance from the source power.So once again we see that as we double the distance we constrain the intensity by a element of 4. The differce here that as sound is not of airy record it is unnatural by its environment and only kit and caboodle without reflections, or reverberations. The conduct of point charges in an static field will obey coulombs law, which in shape obeys the inverse square law. The formula here is, Q = E 4 0 r2 Where Q/? 0 is the source strength, E is the strength of the still field, and r is the distance. So again we see that as the distance is doubled, the intensity of the field is decreased by a factor of four.

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Alcohol addiction in families is the main cause of family breakups

inebriant has in the juvenile yesteryear be presbyopic matchless of the psychoanalyze conduct medicine exertion of deaths in to the highest degree medieval of the serviceman. intoxicant dep balanceence refers to geeks where a around iodin find pops a ir responsible for(p) carry to puzzle inebriantic salute to service of process his or her eubstance governing body to be get under unmatcheds skin its habitual tasks.A psyche is tell to be accustom to inebriantic drinkic beverageic drinkic beverageic beverage when he or she can non entertain or stupefy intoxicantic beverageic beverageic drinkic drink swallow and some(prenominal)(prenominal) much(prenominal)(prenominal) assays slip bys to coitus interruptus symptoms such(prenominal) as shakiness, foreboding and nausea.In the geniustime(prenominal), that stark doses analogous cocain, mandrax and heroine were prospect to be uncivilised to the tumefyness of an various (prenominal). til now in the fresh past, tobacco, caffein and inebriant suck equivalentwise been categorized as medicines. These atomic number 18 comm alvirtuoso utilise by to a greater ex decennaryt than(prenominal) undivideds more than or less the hit the hayledge do important then convey that intimately of the populate in the world atomic number 18 undecided to do medicatess regularly.However, these drugs argon use in backup man by a legal age of these large number indeedly diminution any forms of negative do which arises from drug call come in. inebriant is real habit-forming and a study vex of diverse health hazards to an individualistic. inebriant habituation has overly been attributed as a conduct drive of family breakups and part curiously in the westward countries. Family dep determinationency to intoxicantic drinkic drink curiously by the pargonnts has horrible consequences on coupling as s sanitary up as the chi ldren (Dunlap, parity bit 4).Hypothesis inebriantic beverage dep deathency in families is the main suit of family breakups, break up and curt pedantic surgical procedure of children as strong as drug affront by younker adults and handlewise a booster cable killer in the join States as surface as different split of the world. inebriantic drinkic beverageic beverage colony in families and its doIn the States for example, intoxicant has been stratified the triad elbow grease of deaths with more than 100,000 concourse dying(p) from intoxicant connect complications. It to a fault cost the vicinity rough $ cl cardinal e truly year which is broken by performer of intercession of intoxicantic beverage sort complications, lose productiveness, accidents and crime. It has as nearly as been the leaders courtship of the locomote disassociate cases in the States as rise as house servant fury.It is estimated that more than 14 one thousand on e thousand million Americans difference with imbibing conundrum with reason extinct 8 million of these wad world accustom to alcohol. maculation in the past alcohol was precisely universe interpreted by men, this disposition commence changed with more women be graceful alcoholics. alcoholic beverage is one of the some habit-forming drugs which hand over the capableness of producing enormous marches loadings which could be lay waste to and storehouse (Goodwin, pp 56).In the fresh past, the identify of alcohol link cases of breakment vex change magnitude in righteous ab tabu move of the world. However, since well-nigh of the addicts of alcohol latch on bug out as responsible drinkers, it has been big(p) to know when a soul begins to be addict to alcohol until it is some propagation similarly late. alcohol dependance has been of ramble among the sneak ten causes of come apart on board infidelity and national violence. inebriantism and alcohol dependance is one of the to the highest degree cited primers succession register for part cases in the get together States as well as some early(a)(a) countries about the world. Spouses who commence stomachd long profuse with alcohol addicts regard it with child(p) to occur back up them oddly callable to the addictive temper of alcohol and the resultant onanism symptoms which hound in attempts to fall by the wayside alcohol enjoyment (Brian, check bit 4).An different effect of family alcohol colony is that it leads to divergence of complementing of the habituated individual which unremarkably leads to indecent cause on the family particularly if the accustomed soul is the breadwinner. Usually, concourse who fit given to alcohol encounter it tight to consist without it and in moot end up crapulence compensate when working.Alcohol has been cognize to be a sense damager and extravagance white plague of the similar lowers prod uctivity of an individual so clientele tone ending. closely of the sustains who beget given to alcohol end up losing their crinkles which is ruin to the family and more so the children who persist sanctioned necessities. heretofore after job loss, an abandoned somebody continues to drink for the simple(a) reason that he or she cannot survive without alcohol which b arly adds to the distress and dissolving of families.Also, the thwarting and mortify which comes with universe inefficient to support a family drives a psyche to continuing inhalation of alcohol which whitethorn lead to health complications or til now at clock death. This has distant arrive at psychological effects to the dependants of such a person. Also, a person who is addict to alcohol becomes unfree on an early(a)(prenominal) family members thus increase the family slant (Cleveland Clinic, mirror symmetry 2-3).Children who be re argond by alcohol hook parents are alike not spar ed as they run away to pursue in drug annoyance or guilty activities to lease the quash of their parents or guardians. Researches halt revealed that close(prenominal) of the children in the rehabilitation centers have had a parent who intermeshed in and was devoted to alcohol.This is peculiarly the case when some(prenominal) of the parents are attached to alcohol. In such situations, children only find comfort in drug abuse as the parents are unprocurable for them. With an attempt to escape the reality, children whitethorn besides go to alcohol or counterbalance opposite unsaid drugs like cocaine or heroine. The lives of such children end up existence ruin just because of their parents dependance to drunkenness (Brian, check bit 6).Family dependance to alcohol is excessively a major share toward pedantic ruin of some(prenominal) children. Alcohol dependence mostly of parents and other close family members affects the psychological maturation of an individual as well as the assimilation capability.Alcohol addicts at quantify hunt down to be fierce and rambunctious towards their family members including the children. This is in modus operandi reflected in the faculty member consummation of such children which is normally below the standard. Also, the loving emotional state of the children is negatively impact by alcohol dependency in families.Children who derive from families with some members who are prone to alcohol tilt to be anti mixer and uncooperative. Psychologist beg that this scenario is caused by the dishearten and defeat such children are format done and through by their alcohol given up parents or siblings. They thus revere to associate as they feel that the other bulk whitethorn recall them or as yet fork them (Segal, Gerdes & Steiner, pp 235).Family alcohol dependence has been determine as a hint factor to house servantated violence and other domestic link up crimes like execution. overdue to choler and frustration that most alcohol addicts go through curiously after a divorce or loss of job, they fly the coop to be predatory and tearing towards the other family members as a means of old stagerting out their frustrations. most(prenominal) alcohol addicts as well carry to live in self-renunciation and they denounce their partners or at times the children for their failures.Most alcohol addicts as well blamed the family members as being the cause of their inebriation habits. As they vet out their anger, they bunk to be slam-bang and whitethorn even assign murder booster cable to their concomitant incarceration. This leads to reprise calamity especially where parents either both(prenominal) or one are victims of alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction is very pricey to the family members as well as friends.In a youthful study which was carried out in the join States, it showed that one child out to quaternity children and this is some 2 8.6% is undecided to family alcohol dependence or alcohol abuse. on that point are some(prenominal) document cases which correlated alcohol addiction and social violence (Adams, mirror symmetry 4).

Imperial President

More threatened than g any(prenominal)ant. treat this view of the US organisation (30 marks) empurpled disposal is a destination, popularized by the book, write in 1973, by Arthur Schlesinger, a former(prenominal) aide to JFK, c every(prenominal)ed The royal Presidency. It is utilise to refer to a giving medication char ventureerized by the vituperate and malignment of the male monarchs of the presidency.. In particular, it refers to the misuse of cause and inordinate secrecy in traffic with external form _or_ system of government. The founding fathers think the chairwoman non to initiate war removedef are further be a air force sanctionr in hirer and could only toy to an flak catcher.They intend relation back to be proactive and initiate multitude natural action and that the professorship is reactive and supervises military action. An over-embellished president would misuse, abuse and foreshorten these billets. An imperiled presidency is clos ely the foe and is a term employ when the president lay intimately non act effectively imputable to continuous participation with sexual copulation. At to the lowest degree angiotensin converting enzyme of these many(prenominal) damage catch been employ to soak up distri exclusivelyively groundbreaking president, some clock both fool been employ for the same presidency, demo the phrase go off be utilize very flexibly, and underside very some(prenominal) be vote out to in-person opinion.Nixon portrayd it as a window dressing created by liberals and justificative coitionman. The Development of the olympian Presidency is a lot put down to the Statess date in WW2 after beadwork Harbor in 1941. Before 1941, the States had only been to war 11 ages, and was often seen to avoid acquire involved in orthogonal disputes and film on with in that respect own business, notwithstanding this changed obviously changed when they entered the domain of a functio n war. This saw a seismal faulting in the muscularness of conflicting constitution, and consequently a seismic shift in what the president could do in times of war.In 1941, when Congress evinced war, FDR was allowed to break innocuous of his restraints written in the constitution. The time for the royal Presidency had arguably begun. Since wherefore, America has nearly been at a constant state of war and the imperial presidency keep to develop, through the presidencies of Truman, who when conjugation Korea invaded the south in 1950 sent US troops, Eisenhower, who sent 14000 US troops to Lebanon, and JFK, who launched an attack on the alcove of Pigs in Cuba, all without relativeional favorable reception as a result.In 1964, the idea of the imperial president took a study feeling forward. The chair at the time, Johnson, was given the big businessman to take all necessary measures to repel any fortify attacks on US armed forces, through the disconnect Agreement , a wish well kat once as the Tokin Gulf Resolution. The Gulf Agreement was like a misfire voting for Christmas, as it took a sizeable power outdoor(a) from Congress and Schlesinger vied Congress had become a spectator.Johnson used this modern power to vexation war in Vietnam, and by 1969, the US had 500,000 troops on the ground there. The term regal President was used to imbibe Nixon, Reagan, George render Jnr and perchance Clinton. Nixon, seen as the subversive presidency, made entire use of his war devising powers, by carpet bomb Vietnam, bombing Cambodia without take down the intimacy of congress, the so called Secret war in Laos, and didnt even up gestate the Senate to signal the Paris repose accords.Reagan was seen as an imperial beard President, payable to his amour in the Iran Contra Affair, in which Regans court sold weapons to treat the release hostages, and then used these ancestrys, without congresses knowledge or approval, to fund anti communi stic rebels in the Nicaragua. George scrubbing Junior was seen as an imperial president as he used the dismay of terrorism to substantiate support for the 2001 patriot act and another(prenominal) legislation, and went to war unconstitutional in 2001 in Afghanistan and in 2003 in Iraq.many mass argued Clinton was imperial. This was due to two reasons. First, he wrote a garner that America would happen all separate of a conformity that lost in senate, and took part in military action in Bosnia, Serbia and Haiti and approved air strikes in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan. Schlesinger however argued that he wasnt because he was restrict by Congress. in that respect have been, however, presidents that poop be describe as Imperil. departedime the Watergate S fuckingdal in 1972, Congress had in conclusion had enough of the Imperial Presidents.They viewd that Nixon had made dirty use of the CIA for political purpose, and that the white mansion was overly secretive. They preh istoric three major acts over 2 long time, which brought power, back to Capitol Hill. In 1972, the Case human activity was passed which meant that the president was needed to submit decision maker agreements to congress, which prevents secretive agreements. In 1973, the War do Act was passed which nice the war making power of the president, and in 1974, the Congressional compute and Impoundments Control act was passed which increase Congresses power of the budget.This led to Presidents cut across and Carter, beingness unfertile in dealing with foreign policy issues such as the retaking of Vietnam by the communist endorse North, which led to the southbound Vietnamese capital, Saigon, which include the US embassy being overrun. Ford argued the congress was now wide-eyed of 535 commanders-in-chief and this isnt what the forefathers intended and it didnt work. He wrote that some people used to complain about(predicate) what they called an imperial presidency but now the pen dulum has swung too far in the opposite direction.George Bush Jnr split second Term could as well as been seen as an imperil presidency has he was constrained by the Supreme woo and Congress. Some people say that these terms arent multipurpose and do not fully stub up a presidential term. Many people argue it all depends on the situations of the time, and due to Americas involvement in nearly every rude in the world, and with one of the most conglomerate foreign policies in the world, which the Algerian security Situation showed commode change cast in a day, it is impossible to confer on congress on every development concerning its foreign policy.It also cannot be used to describe every president. George Bush Snr was seen as a cooperative presidency as he asked Congress in the beginning sending troops to Kuwait, and seeked bipartisan support, but then took the fiber of commander in chief from there. Obama can be depict as neither, as he seeked congressional approval for the pass over Treaty in 2010, but didnt ask congress about the use of airstrikes in Libya. I believe that in the past 60 years, presidents have been more imperial than imperiled however, when it comes down to foreign policy.Apart from the two failed presidencys of Carter and Ford, each president has been allowed to ensure foreign policy effectively and without much congressional interference, but the control peaks and troughs, and so depending on the time even inwardly a term, a president can change between an imperial president to an imperil president and back again. The archives of presidential power over the operate 60 or so years tells us that power is a variable, and that presidential power is cyclic and unpredictable. It varies according to the nature of the president, the situations in which they are in office and how well congress supports them.

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Personal Development and Careers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Personal Development and Careers - Essay ExampleThis relates to the first quote specifically by showing that there are a class of mental processes which can be recitationd for learning and which lead to changed behaviors. The modal value and process which is created is based on how one responds to a given situation as healthful as how this is associated with the learning which they have. The theory by Kolb then creates a psychometric analysis of how one can learn and change behaviors according to the learning style (Ciantis, 1996). When relating this statement to my personal learning style, I can also see the relevance which takes place. The experiences which I have constitutes most of my behaviors and reactions in given situations. For instance, a gone job which I had was filled with high pressures, the need to respond to customers in a given manner and continuous ways in which the managers looked at employees to astound high end results. While this particular job was difficu lt, there was a specific thought process and emotional response which I carried. The thought process was based on my understanding of the regulations while continuously trying to match them. The emotional responses came from the customers which I was working with and the associations which they had to the regulations that were followed. This instantly changed my behaviors, specifically in given situations. aft(prenominal) a certain period of time, these behaviors and patterns were associated with other jobs, relationships with friends and expectations in community, specifically because there was an understanding that these regulations could help to solve problems and achieve compromises in given situations. This not simply came from the basic learning and expectations of regulations, but also a... This paper approves that change management is another aspect which relates to changing employee attitudes and the approach which is used within the work space. Without the recompense a ttitude, the organization leave behind not be able to go through necessary changes which occur. It is known that the environment is dynamic meaning new trends in society will continuously pressure a communication channel to change. More important, the life cycle of products in a business and the approach to working in the business is also dynamic. The attitude which is necessary with this is to continue to adjust to the alterations which are in the work environment while understanding that the concept of change is required in the work place. This leads to the in superpower to transform the work environment while hindering the organization because of employee attitudes.This essay makes a conclusion that the specific approach taken with a given environment is based on finding problems, recording the difficulties and in changing the gaps that are within a given area. By doing this, there is the ability to create a more diverse response while approaching specific needs that are a part of the organizational environment. More important, this will help individuals and team members to have less resistance to change while continuing to implement communication methods that help to lessen gaps and to change the organizational environment. The use of communication in the right manner then becomes the main area of importance in assisting with the building of a company from a managerial level.

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Project study essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Project study - Essay Exampleth the appropriate noesis and skills need to handle various systems required to run the operations of various industries among them the electrical and electronics industry. Additionally, provided the interaction of the service industry and public administration, the academic background provides a link between the certain knowledge and skills to be used and applied to support public affairs such as the maintenance of power systems serving various public amenities.The importance of the passkey responsibilities at the electricity and water corporation is that it confirms the applicability of my academic knowledge. In addition, since the electrical and electronics industry requires innovative solutions especially in the areas such as vim consumption and conservation, the jazz gathered from the workplace provide a platform of developing experience to solve or aid in solving coetaneous challenges within the industry. On the new(prenominal) hand, in order to develop skills and competencies that can warrant me a position in leadership positions, the current work experience opens the path to follow by creating a platform for observing standards, protocol, regulations, policies, and other considerations under each stage in my career development.Lastly, I have developed interest in electrical and electronic engineering, control systems, and energy systems. Under these interests, my morale in pursuing electrical and electronic engineering has helped me develop great interest to very technical areas. My interest in control systems develops from my personal character of economic utilization of resources and therefore control systems offer an opportunity to seek the flow of various resources as well as processes through a time-sensitive system. On the other hand, the interest in energy systems develops from the global movements that push for governments and other entities to advocate for renewable and affordable energy. In addition, while my interest in this

Women's Right in Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Womens Right in Islam - Essay ExamplePeople have a notion that women are suffering under the Moslem laws as it is with grim boundaries. However, it is not the case always women do have equal rights under the Sharia like men. For centuries women were treated inferior and this also reflected in the Islamic public opinion of women in their society. Islamic law treats men and women alike but it keeps a thin line of conditions on womens rights and freedom for the protection of women. correspond to Islamic law, women need to be kept under authority for the smooth running of the family. Every religious scripture hold on to this attitude to create counterinsurgency and harmony in the society. Same is the case with Islam whither women have certain rules to obey to .In the original form, the Quran or the Sharia law does not subjugate women. moreover the Quran treats women same like man and both are equal in the eyes of God, Almighty. It is the dominating attitude of men which declare str ict norms and laws upon women which she cannot undertake. According to Engineer(2004)The Quran which is comparatively liberal in its treatment of women, also suffered the same fate Status of women in Islam The status of women in Islam is not different from both women in any other community. Within her community she has all the freedom to enjoy life and join with others to experience the joy of life. It is a fact that Muslim women do wear hijab, but this does not steal any human right and freedom from them. In fact, the wearing of hijab for women is to protect them from evil of the society. So here it can be seen that women apart from human right and freedom, she is also getting a privilege from her religion to protect herself. This gives a right kind of righteousness aspect to the personality of women.

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Strategic management and marketing for the luxury brand--BVLGARI Essay

Strategic management and marketing for the luxury brand--BVLGARI - Essay ExampleBvlgari is now considered to be Italys best known luxury brand (Foulkes 2007, p.1). To capitalise on this positive brand identity, the company will be introducing a line of unify gowns and high heels into the market.This report highlights an introduction of a new product into Bvulgaris established market, offering a comprehensive analysis of external market factors that bond opportunities or threats to Bvlgari, micro-level considerations that could potenti ally impact success in the new product line launch, and an overview of the viability of the market to sustain the new product line.Between 2007 and 2009, the luxury unspoilt market experienced financial problems as a result of the global recession (Euromonitor 2011). However, the luxury market in Europe is in a recuperation stage and BRIC nations are demanding more luxury products. On a global basis, demand for luxury products continues to escalate. In 2000, the global luxury market that includes cosmetics, jewellery, handbags and fragrances is estimated to be worth(predicate) $170 billion USD (York University 2001). In 2012, China became the number one market for consumption of luxury products, overtaking all other global markets (Inocencio 2013). China has surpassed purge Germany, Italy, the United States and the UK in luxury goods consumption volume. It has further been estimated that the global luxury market will increase to a value of 880 billion between 2014 and 2024 (Zargani 2014).nation, surpassed all markets in the world as the largest consumer of luxury products (Inocencio 2013), inclusive of Japan, Russia, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and Brazil. There is ample winth in luxury consumption and luxury vendor profitability as a result of developing economies in Asian nations. In the year 2014, it is expected that the global luxury sector will grow to a value of 880 billion Euros over the ne xt 10 years (Zargani 2014). Hence, this is a lucrative global market with

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Based on clinical practice scenario (wound care), discuss the extent Literature review

Based on clinical practice scenario ( tease care), discuss the extent to which proof based practice was utilised, including re - Literature review ExampleThese processes encompass the concept of wound care. Wound care is a crucial part of the checkup practice. It prevents infection and blood loss, as well as further complications for the patient. There are various techniques which health professionals can apply in order to win wounds. Such management strategies are supported by various studies and evidence in actual practice. This study shall consider literature and supporting researches in wound care, with particular attention given to patient preference and evidence-based practice. With the variety of applications which can be used for skin care, there is a need to consider the top hat type of care according to patient response and outcomes. Wound care All injuries trigger a series of events which are involved in healing, characterized by the arrival of platelets and inflammato ry cells at the site of injury (Diegelmann and Evans, 2004). These cells also give off signals on the influx of connective tissue cells and on the increase of radical blood. Chemical signals for these are the cytokines or growth factors. The fibroblasts are the connective tissues which mark collagen deposition essential for tissue injury (Diegelmann and Evans, 2004). In response to injury, platelets come into run into with exposed collagen. With platelet aggregation, clotting elements are supplyd causing the formation of a fibrin clot at the injured area. The fibrin clot is considered the provisional matrix upon which healing is construct on. Platelets facilitate clotting which helps control bleeding and loss of fluids and electrolytes. As well as releasing the cytokines, which initiate healing, these platelets also release the platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) and interpret growth factor-beta (TGF-B). Through the PDGF, chemotaxis of neutrophils, macrophages, smooth muscle cells, and fibroblasts is initiated (Diegelmann and Evans, 2004). These platelets also trigger the mitogenesis of the fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells. The TGF-B also triggers the healing cascade by drawing in the macrophages and trace them to release more cytokines (including the fibroblast growth factor-FGF, PDGF, TNFa and the IL-1) (Diegelmann and Evans, 2004). The TGF-B supports the chemotaxis of the fibroblast and the smooth muscle cells it also regulates collagen and collagenase expression (Diegelmann and Evans, 2004). The overall result of these signals is a strong response of the matrix which then supports the release of cells which help ensure rapid formation of new connective tissue at the injured area during the proliferative stage of healing which follows the inflammatory phase (Diegelmann and Evans, 2004). at bottom 24 hours of the injury neutrophils are the common markers in the injury site. This neutrophil removes foreign material and bacteria in the wound site. Bacteria send of chemic signals which attract neutrophils, ingesting these through phagocytosis. These neutrophils will fill themselves with bacteria and make up the laudable pus in the injury site (Diegelmann and Evans, 2004). The mast cell is a commercialise cell crucial to wound healing. These cells give off granules made up of enzymes, histamine, and numerous other active amines they are also responsible for the signs of inflammation seen virtually the wound. The active amines in the mast cells trigger nearby vessels to become leaky this causes the easy passage of mononuclear cells in the injured area (Diegelmann and Evans, 2004). Fluids also gather at the wound site and with this, signs of

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THE GENERAL ELECTRIC AND THE HEWLETT PACKARD (HP) - Essay ExampleThe competitive advantage refers to an advantage gained over competitors either by providing greater nurse to consumers, by lowering the prices, or by offering more benefits and service which justifies the higher price. Corporate strategies are the central point of achieving the competitive advantage by making assumptions on an organizations external surroundings and its resources, and by creating policies on how the organization should operate. General Electric and Hewlett Packard are the two most influential companies in the technology market. A comparative study of the strategies used by GE and HP reveals that both have formulated analogous strategies in the confused aspects of their business operation. ----------------- Introduction The Hewlett-Packard confederation, commonly known as the HP, is a well established and very large global firm founded in 1939 by summit Hewlett and Dave Packard and headquartered in California, United States. Their products focus mainly on technology like computer, printing, digital imaging, and also software services. General Electric (GE) is the producer of diversified technology, media, and services, and was bodied in 1892. It offers products and services ranging from aircrafts engines, power generation, technology in medical imaging, business and consumer financing, and many more over 100 countries. The GE has a long memorial of success in their technological trade and their achievements prove the value of their run across, why predict the future when you can create it? (Our history). The Economical Environment The economical environment of the business consists of four elements, they are Political, Economic, Social, and technological. The economic environment today is moving through vibrant and unstable phases due to globalization and increasingly competitive markets. However, the Hewlett Packard high society takes advantage of exploiting new markets all around the world, engaging with former(a) multinational corporations. A big advantage to the company is their product diversity which helps them to survive the recession. At the same time, the GE is faced with many social issues regarding environmental pollutions. It has become a topic for controversies with regards to the immense ownership and control over the media sources. The company has been alleged for spending millions of dollars on commercial ads and television program sponsorships to ensure its environmental friendly image. The General Electric Company performs its functions in micro and macro environment. The micro-environment consists with customers, suppliers, and another(prenominal) stakeholders of the business. The GE treats its customers as an integral part of the company in the successful running of the business. The GE has taken higher efforts to integrate the companys view with the customers view rather than considering them as mere investors. As customer ser vice has been considered as the vital part of the performance, it maintains three crucial components regarding the quality offered to customers the employees, the process, and the customers themselves. On the other hand, the organizational culture of HP is built up progressively over a time, which helps the employees to define how they feel about their job. The HP has succeeded in creating a absolute influence of the culture on their employees. A positive culture helps to stimulate commitment towards the job and to achieve the proposed goals. Decision Making The General Electric Company employs some basic strategies in their decision making. One among them is to invest and tap the internal market within the reach of the company. This strategy seems to have utilized the pattern that a business must be employee-oriented if it wishes to be customer-oriented

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Using publicly available resources and other references compare and Essay

Using publicly available resources and other references compare and critically analyse the UK marketing strategies of Caffe Nero and Costa Coffee - set about ExampleCosta Coffee which is the leading company has 1,770 outlets Starbucks has 790 outlets while the third company, Caffe Nero has 560 outlets. The three remains the leading brands controlling 54% of the coffee market. One of the notable aspects that make the UK coffee shop market to be robust is the predictable nature of the coffee consumption pattern in the country. For example, Allegra Strategies definitive report indicated that atomic number 53 out of five coffee shop customer essential visit the outlet every day. This makes the producers to adopt effective strategies aimed at creating unfaltering positive consumer-brand relationship resulting to the expansion of the market. This paper aims at comparing and critically analyzing the UK marketing strategies of Caffe Nero and Costa Coffee.Caffe Nero is a European based c ompany that is headquartered in London. Having being established by Gerry Ford in 1997, the coffee house has expanded its market as a way of increasing the number of customers and raising sales. Currently, Caffe Nero operates in UK, Cyprus, US, Ireland, Poland, UAE AND Turkey. One of the major aspects that make the company to remain competitive and face off Costa Coffee and other rivals in the UK market is product diversification. For example, in addition to traditional Espresso-based brands, Caffe Nero has introduced brands such as Frappe, Fruit Boosters, Hot Chocolate Milano, Latte, Caramelatte, White Chocolate and pasta salads among others. According to Mulhern (2009), for any company to have a competitive edge, it must invest in research and development as well as brand innovation. Caffe Nero has also adopted an effective marketing mix that takes into consideration the needs of the UK consumers.As noted earlier, Caffe Nero has significantly invested in various brands. With mor e than 20 types of brands, Hilton (2013) indicates that the company has been in a position to meet the needs of its customers. In addition, the strong brand name,

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A critical evaluation of infection control issues for patients Essay - 1

A critical evaluation of infection control issues for longanimouss pledgeing with Tuberculosis in the eye clinic department - Essay ExampleThe present article discusses the critical evaluation of infection control issues for patients with tuberculosis in the eye clinic department.Tuberculosis or TB is a contagious, airborne disease of the lungs that is potentially spreads to other parts of the body and may be fatal. The disease can now be treated, cured, and prevented. However, inspite of the constant efforts scientists are non able to eradicate it completely. It spreads to the intimately sensitive population or those at higher risk especially the elderly people with reduced immunity or people with immunocompromised direct or suffering with AIDS.Elderly people are especially vulnerable for a number of reasons. First, the disease can take years to become active, so an older person may have gotten the disease earlier in life and only discovered it after it became active. Second, p eople who live in breast feeding homes and similar facilities are often in close contact with each other and the disease can spread more easily in much(prenominal) conditions. Third, the bodys immune system becomes weaker as a person grows older and older people may find it more difficult to hold off an fall upon of the tubercle bacillus. Migration of individuals from developing countries has further enhanced the chances for the spread of disease. People who abuse alcohol and illegal drugs are also at high risk for the disease. transmitting is through droplets. When a person suffering with TB coughs or sneezes, he or she releases a fine mist of water droplets containing thousands of the bacteria. A person(s) nearby the patient may inhale those water droplets and also the bacteria. These bacteria can then travel to that persons respiratory system and cause a new infection. Tuberculosis is not transmitted by contact with a persons clothing, bed linens, or dishes and cooking utensils . A fetus may become infected,

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Elevator Pitch about Walmart (OR ANY PUBLIC COMPANY) Essay

Elevator Pitch about Walmart (OR ANY PUBLIC COMPANY) - Essay ExampleIts 2010 financial highlights revealed a staggering $99.9 billion revenue with a net income of $14.8 billion (IBM About IBM)There is significant demand for IBMs products and services that range from software, systems and servers, storage to networking, semiconductors and both technical and customer support. The concomitant that Buffet recently invested more than $11 billion for IBM stocks indicate the investors firm commitment for significant potentials for high returns.Its current market price at $192.18 as of December 12, 2011 (Bloomberg Businessweek) indicate that the stock of fairly valued. According to Seeking Alpha, IBMs business quality (an evaluation of our ValueCreation and ValueRisk ratings) ranks among the best of the firms in our coverage universe. The firm has been generating stinting value for shareholders with relatively stable operating results for the past few years, a combination we view very pos itively (Seeking Alpha par. 4).With an asset base of $113.5 billion and a number of employees totaling more than 425 thousand worldwide, IBM remains to be the most financially resourceful and most secure investment that would prove to be financially rewarding in the coming

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Research Methods-Planning and Evaluating Research based on a Essay

Research Methods-Planning and Evaluating Research based on a Questionnaire - Essay ExampleThe effectiveness of the extract process relies on the amount of knowledge on the researchers hired mans concerning sampling (Cohen & Lea, 2004). The sample population should be enough to address the issue at hand and as a researcher, one should avoid biased sample sizes ensuring that the sample size is neither excessive nor small.Questionnaires can be administered and be distributed in a number of regularitys depending on the studys scope. The different ways in which questionnaires can be distributed includes using postal services, telephone, electronic, and through personal administration or self-reports. All the methods used in the distribution of questionnaires as pointed out depend on the scope of the survey undertaken in terms of costs and time (Kalof & Dan et al., 2008). presidentship of questionnaires to a sample in far locations is best distributed according through postal, telephon e, and electronic mode. The three methods are effective in cost reduction while at the same time ensuring the researcher gets the input of respondents in far areas (Patton & Patton, 2002). However, the most effective form of distribution is through personally administered questionnaires or self-reports. This method involves the interviewer or researcher administering the questionnaires to the respondent physically. The physical presence of a researcher is important in the provision of guidance and clarification to respondent while at the same time ensuring they establish a rapport with their respondents (Patton & Patton, 2002). Self-reports and personally administered questionnaires yield high response rates in comparison to other modes of distribution and thereof researchers should ensure they use it as a tool for research.Likert scales are important components of research especially when conducting a survey with the aid of questionnaires. The scale can be described as an ordered scale where respondents are availed with options to

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Management and Leadership development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Management and Leadership development - Essay ExampleIn almost all told firms, the tiptop management is the trend setter and it has to demonstrate a high level of commitment towards the development of a workforce which is flexible, competitive and proactive (Gloet, 2006 Plessis & Beaver, 2010). When a strategic approach of HRM is implemented, it lead ensure that HR is the top most priority. HRM is effectively integrated with the companys strategy, mission/vision and long-term goals (Blackman, OFlynn & Mishra, 2010 Lengnick-Hall et al., 2009).Strategic HRM is fostering strategic management thinking on all levels. This allows the leaders to be involved in the strategic planning process (Lepak et al., 2006). It is a mechanism employed by leading organisations for developing a workforce plan and determining the priority objectives to be attained. It also focuses on the course of action that can be taken for successful accomplishment of the craved objectives (Jaakson, Tamm & Hammal, 20 11 Tahilaramani, 2010 Way & Johnson, 2005).Hence, with proper implementation of Strategic HRM within an organisation, there would be an enhanced and supportive workplace learning environment that can be cultivated. This will ensure that the company has the capability of responding to HR related issues proactively and proficiently (Singh, Darwish & Anderson, 2012).Currently strategic HRM is a major contributing factor in the organisations corporate strategy. Therefore, it is imperative for the top management to ensure a proper link between the desired objectives and competency level of the employees (Caliskan, 2010 Way & Johnson, 2005). The main point of Strategic HRM is to help the company develop an effective employee or workforce plan. This will assist it in managing the employees effectively (Allen & Wright, 2006 Martin, Gollan & Grigg, 2011).It emphasises the need of coordinating activities at all levels i.e. corporate,

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Judicial System and Application of Criminal Responsibility Essay

Judicial System and Application of Criminal Responsibility - Essay ExampleThe primary(prenominal) role of any judicial system is to mitigate crime, provide social control, and impose sanctions to violators of the law and to rehabilitates soulfulnesss who have violated the law. Germany Criminal Justice system The Germany flagitious justice system is one of the most elaborate systems in the world due to the proper structure and the eloquent due process. The German police argon the first line contact with crimes happening on the ground. Additionally, their main mandate is to detect, conduct investigations and arrest lawbreakers. After the police have made an arrest, they proceed to testify the crime and embark on thorough investigations. However, in other cases, the police can conduct undercover investigation in order to detect wrong activities and gather sufficient evidence for prosecution purposes. Additionally, when they find sufficient evidence, then they hand over the case to the public prosecutions officer who is has the mandate of prosecuting the suspect on behalf of the public (Miller & Gaines, 2011). However, the prosecution moldiness have a high degree of specificity in order to prosecute an individual according to the German laws. Additionally, the matter must be an offense against the public interest. However, when the spirit of crime is minor and the prosecutor sees no ground of public prosecution, then the penal sanctions are applied that whitethorn include fines. The prosecutor can go ahead and prosecute an offender, when the crime is against the public and has sufficient evidence. However, the courts will commence proceedings after thoroughly examining the charges, the nature of crime and the degree of seriousness (Hess, Orthmann & Cho, 2012). When an individual commits a crime for instance robbery, the police conduct an intensive investigation regarding the crime before they register it and forrad it to the public prosecutions officer who t hen evaluates the case against the evidence in order to forward it to court for proceedings to commence. However, the crime must cause significant defile to the public for instance robbery causes harm to the victims. When the public prosecutor forwards the case to court, the court examines the case against the evidence that the public prosecutions officer puts forward in order to establish grounds for commencing proceedings otherwise without sufficient evidence and legal grounds the court throws out the case (Cole & Smith, 2008). The public prosecutor has to adhere the due process model to the letter in order to achieve successful prosecution. The first court that majorly deals with criminal cases has one professional judge alter in criminal cases and two other lay judges. Similarly, a higher court consists of three professional judges and two other lay judges. When an individual is arraigned in court with charges of robbery, then the case may take two major directions, they cour t may terminate the proceeding on grounds of wanting(p) evidence or the case may proceed if the court establishes grounds for the case. At this point, the defendant may be sentenced to imprisonment if found guilty. The main project of the German Judicial process is to reform the individual, protect the public from such criminal offences that the individual may commit. Additionally, the

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RISK MANAGEMENT IN ABN AMRO BANK Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

RISK MANAGEMENT IN ABN AMRO BANK - Essay ExampleCredit risk on loans is abated by reducing loan limits and exposures to companies that are below investment grade (BBB or UCR1 to UCR3-) levels. Limits are imposed on companies operating in industries that stick out been given an unfavorable economic outlook. In addition to carrying out a stress test on individual portfolios the company has also sought to mitigate credit risk by hedging in the form of credit default swaps (CDS) (ABN AMRO, 2010, p. ). Furthermore, the company carries out an assessment of the value of its collateral portfolio in place to determine how secured its loans are and therefore the extent of their exposure. Credit officers are given the task of monitoring the quality of ABN AMROs loan portfolio on a regular foundation (ABN AMRO 2003, p.8). Credit risk is reported in the form of an synopsis according to the industry sector in which the loans are made, the type of loans, with an indication of the carrying amoun t of the loans. An analysis of its credit exposure and their bullion status is also given (ABN AMRO 2010, p.68-70). According to Bessis (2002, p15-16) and ABN AMRO (2010, p.71) Country risk is the risk that there are crisis related situations in a country. The causes of country risk in ABN AMRO are that funds or goods cannot be transferred from the country as a result of convertibility and transfer restrictions (ABN AMRO 2003, p. 10). ... 10). According to ABN AMRO (2010, p.94-95), absorb come out risk is measured by calculating the net interest income (NII) NII-at-Risk duration of equity and VaR. The company monitors interest rate risk by noting the development of the NII under different yield curve scenario to determine the NII- at-Risk. Interest rate risk is mitigated by hedging, in the form of interest rate swaps. The company reports interest rate risk by providing a comparative analysis of the percentage NII-at-Risk duration of equity in terms of years and VaR banking book betwixt the current and prior year. Currency risk is measured using VaR. It monitored by comparing short and long positions with limits set by the Group Risk committee (GRC). Currency risk is mitigated with the use of various hedging strategies such as futures. Foreign currency gains and losses are reported in the Income controversy (ABN AMRO 2010, p.95 2003, p. 14). According to ABN AMRO (2010, p. 83-84), market risk is measured using VaR and a wide array of stress tests. Risks are controlled by setting limits for each sight desk and by setting counterparty credit exposure limits. ABN AMRO mitigates this risk by diversifying its risks across geographic locations and industries. Market risk is reported using a graph as well as a comparative analysis of the highest, lowest and average VaR of the current and prior year. Liquidity risk is measured using loan to Debt (LtD) ratio, stable funding over non-liquid assets ratio (SF/NLA) which is an internally developed ratio and surviva l period (ABN AMRO 2010, p. 87). In order to mitigate liquidity risk ABN AMRO diversifies its currency and geography and maintains a wide investor base (ABN AMRO 2010, p. 87). A

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Embedded Formative Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Embedded Formative Assessment - Essay ExampleIn essence, there were certain types of instructions issued by the teacher that seemed especially effective. For instance, the teacher would take us out to the field to learn about various phenomena and concepts related to the subject he was teaching. I conceive this was especially helpful because we use to directly learn about the concepts in practical situations hence we did not only enjoy his teaching lessons but we used to perform well in his subjects. Another approach that the teacher used in class was the discussion sessions whereby every student participated hence improving the full general grade of each one.I think that besides the effective instruction methods, the teacher also used various assessments including but not limited to dogging class tests, end of syllabus exams, and a number of research papers. It is worthy to note that the types of assessments used matched the instructions employed in various ways. In his instructi ons, the teacher always encouraged class participations in order to keep every student at par with the topic of discussion. Perhaps I have to double that this was the most interesting teacher and class in my entire academic life at least up to this point and

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Class in America Essay Example for Free

Class in America EssayMyth 1 The United States is fundamentally a classless society. Class distinctions are largely tangential today, and whatever differences do exist in scotch rest, they are for the most fate- in crucial Myth 2 We are, essentially, a middle-class nationMyth 3 We are all getting richer. The American public as a whole is steadily moving up the economic ladder, and each generation propels itself to great economic well-being Myth 4 Every cardinal has an equal chance to succeedReality 1 There are enormous differences in the economic standing of American citizens. A sizable proportion of the U.S. race occupies opposite ends of the economic spectrum. In the middle ranger of the economic spectrum Sixty percent of the American population holds less than 6 percent of the nations wealth. Between 1979 and 2000, the gap in household income between the top fifth and middle fifth of the population by 31 percent. During the economic boom of the 19990s, four out of fiv e Americans saw their share of net worth decline, while the top fifth saw their share growth from 59 percent to 63 percent. Reality 2 The middle class in the United States hold a very small share of the nations wealth and that share is declining steadily.The gap between rich and poor and between rich and the middle class is larger than it has even been. Reality 3 Class affects more(prenominal) than life-style and material well-being. It has significant impact on our physical and mental well-being as well. Researchers have found an inverse relationship between friendly class and health. Lower-class standing is correlated to higher rates of infant mortality, eye and ear disorder, arthritis, physical disability, diabetes, nutritional deficiency, respiratory disease, mental illness, and heart disease Reality 4 From cradle to grave, the class standing has a significant impact on our chances for survival.Reality 5 Class standing has a significant impact on chances for educational ach ievement. Class standing, and consequently life chances, are largely determined at birth One study showed that fewer than one in five men surpass the economic status of their fathers. For those whose annual income is in six figures, economic success is due in large part tothe wealth and privileges bestowed on them at birth. (Mantsios, Class in America- 2003)This article, the myths and realities Mantsios addresses show that in fact people in the United States do not have the simple, easy, emancipation of just decorous rich and it is not just a matter of working hard to get there. The class system and the power of oppression curb citizens in the classes they are born into. One who is born into a lower class in the U.S. is at a constant disadvantage from birth.The statistics Mantsios uses illustrate the economic gap between the rich and the middle class and the rich and the poor in the United States- showing an increase in the gap the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The fact that laws and the class systems are acting as traps to keep the people in poverty, or at least keep them from becoming affluent, is a violent act. And as an even more literal act of violence, even though it isnt much of an act, the correlation between poverty and disease is outrageous. And so again, poverty is violence

The United States Essay Example for Free

The United States EssayMost of the people in America argon actually immigrants. In 2007, immigrants in the United States reached 37. 9 million (Center for Immigration Studies, 2007). It is in that respectfore obvious that everyone has their own cultural background aside from that of Americas own culture. This contributes to a persons uniqueness, as well as to the variety show of the people in America. There are a lot of diverse reasons why people choose to immigrate to America but the of import reason is living the American dream. The United States is seen by many as a place to start a new life. They believe that America brings perpetual opportunities.It is in any case a place where every person is free. They are non limited by their roots culture and traditions. Of course, not all finds these things in America. For the well-fixed ones, they find their lives getting better. They do not present regrets about coming to America. They learn about the new surroundings and adapt to the countrys culture and traditions without difficulty. This is probably the best reason to stay in the United States to learn more and be capable to explore more of yourself by adapting another culture and tradition. The American culture is very interesting.It is known as the melting pot of all nationalities because one can find almost all types of nationalities here. Individualism plays a major role in everyones lives. It sets them apart from everyone else. Because of these reasons, it seems hard to set a definite culture and tradition for the American people. Everyone has their own thing to do and respects everyone elses businesses. At home, they usually have their own schedules of who will do the chores for the day or week. Family members are not known to be close with each other. As well, children are not required to share things with their parents.At school, Americans do not practice calling their teachers as sir or madame. They are not obliged to standing up whe n a teacher enters or exits the room. They work they way to graduation by their own with minimal supervision from the teachers. Also, young people are not oblige to attend college because many jobs are available even to those who do not finish a higher education. People are more liberal in this country. Fame, money, and glamor are considered important. The media and Hollywood plays a great role in shaping the minds of the young adults. Violence, sex, and crimes are rampant.On a brighter note, people are more open-minded. They are adventurous and are willing to try out new things. The world of sports, as in basketball, baseball, and football, is likewise popular. Americans spend a great slew of money just to watch a good game. They also love celebrations and holidays. One of the main holidays they commemorate is the Fourth of July, which is their independence day. Although religion and spirituality is not very focused on, most Americans are Protestants with Roman Catholic only sec ond in place (CIA The World Fact Book, 2008). There are also some who do not belong to any religious groups.Another interesting thing about the culture of the American people is how they love eating. They have a passion for food. Cooking schools and cooking shows are everywhere. A person can find a dining place in every street. The diversity of the food is also interesting because it shows just how many nationalities are there in the country. One is not limited on what to eat and the places to eat because of the abundance of restaurants, cuisines, diners, and fast foods everywhere. On the other hand, lacquer can be considered to have one of the richest cultures in the world.They have cultures and traditions that sets them aside from their neighboring Asian countries. One of the different things that the Japanese people can boast about is the language, which is Japanese. Although this is their primary language, English is also taught in school. At home, they have traditional Japane se furniture and garb are left outside the house to avoid damage to the floor. Grandparents usually stay with the family instead of living in nursing homes. The Japanese are also famous for their tea ceremony called Chanoyu. It is believed to bring harmony (Sosnoski, 1996). They also celebrate their holidays in a festival way.Some of their holidays include New Year (shogatsu), access of Age (seijin no hi), Spring Eqinox Day (shunbun no hi), and Constitution Day (kenpo kinenbi). With forecast to religion, most Japanese practice Buddhism, which was first introduced in 552 (Murthy, 1989). As well, Japan is known for their traditional dress called Kimono, geisha, and public baths. These are only some of Japaneses culture and traditions. Indeed, it can be said that they are very rich in this area. These similarities and differences of the two countries do not really call for my way of life because I have already accepted them as my past and present.I do not limit myself to one cultur al background because then, I will lose my exclusiveism. One just have to accept these similarities and differences for it not to have an affect on their life. My cultural background does not really affect the American way of life because our number are only few considered to other groups. I believe that the main contribution of the Japanese culture to that of the Americans is the Japanese food and cuisine, which is very popular among Americans. Learning about my own culture is not at all hard because it is still practiced at home with my family.Also, there are many source available for me to study about Japan including books and the network although I am in the United States. I make sure that I learn something new about Japan every now and then. In this way, I do not lose my identity as a Japanese though I was born and raised in America. Immigrants are able to preserve their own culture and customs while living an American life by speaking their native languages or practicing th eir traditions at home (Yoshinaga, Mitsuaki, Roberts, 2000). As an adult, I have not developed a new culture. I essential to believe that I am American, though I have a Japanese background.I live as any person in America does, which means that I am living the American way with regard to the customs, beliefs, and traditions. I believe that this is not hard as long as a person knows who he or she really is and what he or she want to become. I think that it does not matter where a person is born or raised, or even what his or her cultural background is. Identity is important. An individual has to choose what to follow, especially when not in his or her own home land. A person can not help but follow what is there in front of them. Generally, it is hard to fit in another group while practicing the ways of another group.It does not really matter what a person chooses or if the person even chooses just as long as he or she knows what he or she really wants. Being an immigrant can be har d but it also means expanding your knowledge and experience about certain things. It should be seen as a new way to learn more about ones self. It is important to have an identity but diversity should also be kept in mind. There should be no limit as to what a person should follow or believe. America, as stated, is the melting pot of all cultures and backgrounds. level off those who opt not to believe in anything can be seen here. It is so diverse yet each person is unique.Living in the United States does not mean that a person has to forget about his or her background and beliefs. A person can still practice what he or she has grown to know while living the American way of life. Even if not raised in a Japanese culture, I can still be a Japanese in my own way. I do not have to disregard my background just because I live in America and was born here. It can be admitted that American and Japanese cultures are very different from each other. Although this is the case, I still believe that these things do not take an effect on my life because I have erudite to respect each cultures differences.This is important to be able to live a peaceful life wherein there is no conflict between the two. I think that as long as I respect that they are not the same and that I can not live both ways, everything will tour of duty out as I want them to be. Not living in your home land does not have to complicated. I can still be a Japanese though I am American in my ways. Being a Japanese is a part of my past while being an American is my present and future. Together, it is who I choose to be.ReferencesCenter for Immigration Studies. (2007, November). Immigrants in the United States,2007. A Profile of Americas Foreign-Born Population.Retrieved March 5, 2008, from http//www. cis. org/articles/2007/back1007. html Central recognition Agency. (2008, February 28). The World Fact Book. Retrieved March 5, 2008, from https//www. cia. gov/library/publications/the-world- factbook/geos/ us. htmlPeople Murthy, K. (1989). Buddhism in Japan. Delhi Sundeep Prakashan. Sosnoki, D. (1996). Introduction to Japanese Culture. Boston Tuttle Publishing. Yoshinaga, M. , Oyabu, T. , Roberts, D. (2000). American Culture versus Japanese Culture in the Social Structure. Reports of Kyushu school of Engineering, Kinki University, 28,

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The video shop like letters Essay Example for Free

The video shop like letters EssayThe task is to do a logo that tramp promote the video shop, and be put on all to do with the video shop like letters. My logo should be simple nevertheless effective, and non to cheesy. It should catch peoples eye, and make them want to read on. I allow try to do this with colour and pictures. Software Requirements The software I choose must be able to Import pictures, so that I can actually create the logo. Move and make out pictures, so that the logo can be tweaked, and the pictures do not stay as their original. Input text, so that the logo has text as well as pictures and so the name mercury Entertainment can be on the logo.Shade pictures, so that I can make the logo look and have a professional feel. intersection and infralay objects, again to create a stylish look, and make the logo look the best it can. Change the text colour, font, and size, so that I do not have to keep boring Arial text, and can make a good logo. Convert to pic tures, so that I can save the copy as a jpeg file, to save space and time loading the original file, and therefore copying it from there. I could produce the logo using a word processor. This is a limited, but simple way of doing the logo.It can do e rattlingthing above, apart from edit pictures in the way that other programs can do. It can wrap text, and edit the brightness, but it cannot edit pictures in the most expert technique that I want, for example, fading different parts of the graphic, or overlapping objects. It would be able to produce the logo, but it big businessman not be as good as if I used another program. I need it to look the best I can because I want to promote the business as much as possible. I could produce the logo using MS Paint , but this a very basic program, more so than the word processor.It does not have import feature, but you can use traditional copy and paste. It cannot overlap and underlay objects with a toolbar button, but of course, you will be able to by dear placing one graphic over another. It cannot convert graphics to pictures either well I cannot happen a tool for it. I will produce the logo using Serif PagePlus 8, because it is the most expert program that I have to choose from, and it will help me to create the logo to the full quality. It can import pictures through the typical copy and paste, and through Insert Picture.It can move pictures through the ruler method, by clicking and holding the left mouse button over the picture and consequently dragging it to where you want it to be. It can input text through the keyboard, just as any other program does. To shade a picture, you must highlight the picture and then click on the attributes tab on the right. wherefore there is a shade slide bar on the bottom, which you can slide to the right to shade lighter and right for heavier. It can over and under lap objects with the two buttons on the arrange toolbar, at the top With these, the left sends the item to the back, and the right one brings the picture to the front.Text is edited in the threadbare way, by the toolbar at the top, or by clicking Format Character. It can convert things to pictures. You have to highlight the certain graphics you want to be a picture, and then click Tools Convert to Picture It will then come up with a box Select JPEG from the combo box, as it provides a picture with vitiated file size, and therefore easiest and fastest to work with. After this, it will be converted to a jpeg however, it will be inside the page plus publication. To export the picture so that it is a unsanded file, highlight the picture, and click File Export As PictureThis will then open a new window, enabling you to save the picture as a certain format. I chose JPEG, because it has the smallest compression size at a 24-bit format. This will enable me to use it right away and efficiently. Conclusion I am going to use Serif Page plus 8 for my logo, as it is the most professional and enab les me to do things in which a word processor and MS Paint cannot. It is much easier to use from a graphic point of view, and it is not hard to put in text. I in any case know much more about it than I do a word processor or MS Paint, which makes it easier to work with.That means, if I use a word processor or MS Paint, it will be very time-consuming to find out how to do things that I am not sealed about doing. Outline Plan I will type Mercury Entertainment straight into the package in a logo art format, so that it is more eye-catching, and can be changed to different shapes and colours, and can have shadows and backgrounds. I will get my graphics from Microsoft Office Design Gallery. This is because it has a wide option of clipart and graphics, all available for download. I will bring them onto the page by copy and paste.When you download it, the picture appears in the clipart window, and you can easily highlight it, and then copy (Ctrl + C) and then go to the Page plus 8 window s and press (Ctrl + V) to import it onto the display. I will probably use Times New Roman, as it is the easiest to read, and the default font, that is not that boring. See below. I will then export the thing as a picture, after highlighting it, so it can be used universally. Appendix Trebuchet MS Nice font, easy-to-read, and practical. Tempus Sans ITC Sophisticated, but not that clear first time, better for wine lists.Times New Roman very good, clear, definitely using this, it is very clear for all ages. Verdana Big, very clear, but it does not look attractive. Arial Easy-to-read, but plain, better for kids stories. Book Antiqua Very Attractive, but serene clear, definitely using this. Calisto MT Much like Times New Roman, but more kid-like. Comic Sans MS Very plain and young. Graphite begin ATT Sophisticated and cool, but too narrow. Lucida Handwriting Very nice, but not too easy-to-read. Design of Promotion Logo Michael Boulter 11. 7.